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These streets 28 December 2021:  Nandini asking Asmita to do her daughter’s counseling else she will go from her hand. Asmita says both parents have equal right on their child even if the parents don’t have any relation. Nandini says your daughter is listening and your bad doings can affect her in this age. She takes Shaan with her.

Chahat asks Shaan why did he participate with krishi’s mamma and says you left my Mamma and participate with bad krishi’s mother. She asks him to tell why did he do this? Nandini comes and says this is called Charity and tells that she didn’t feel bad at all. She smiles looking at Shaan. Shaan looks on. Mr. Shekhawat asks Asmita, how she can sit on Shaan’s back in race. ASmita says you have seen me sitting on his back, but didn’t see Krishi’s tears. She tells that she can do anything to make Krishi win in every race.

Chahat tells Nandini that she don’t want Krishi to get admission in her school and calls her Papa’s chor. Nandini thinks she has planned something so that Krishi goes from their house and has less time with her. She asks Chahat to help her a bit. Chahat calls Krishi and says you can’t win in this race and can’t get admission in my school. Krishi hugs Chahat and says we need to win this race. She says my Mamma taught that best will win and says best of luck. Chahat says my Mamma taught me to do anything to win the race and goes. Nandini comes out from the bushes and says today you will end and your parents’ big love story will end for forever. Krishi walks while thinking and thinks she will win the race and then asks Nandini to go from their lives. She thinks her parents will unite.

Nandini waits for krishi to get stuck in the pit. She shouts calling her parents. Nandini comes to her. Krishi asks her to take her out. Nandini says you have done a mistake and will be punished for making Shaan take part with Asmita. She asks her to go to her kanha ji and says we will meet in next birth. She says I have to go and cheer my Chahat for the race. Krishi asks her not to do this. Nandini and snaps her fingers asking the man to put soil in the pit and not to let the girl alive. Krishi gets shocked and cries. The man starts putting soil in the pit. Nivedita prays to God to help Krishi. Diya is about to set off, but Nivedita holds the diya.

Mashumi comes and thinks Nivedita is after the God now and praying for krishi. She asks her to clear from Shaan, how many marriage he will do and how many children will he have? Nivedita asks her to shut up and stay out of it. Mashumi says you are forgetting that Shaan is the dirt of Sona kachi and dirt comes out from dirt, says krishi is Krishna Bhagwan’s name, but she is not Krishna and can’t do anything. She says it is too much to expect life solutions from a little girl. She asks her to decide and goes.

Asmita worries for Krishi and thinks where is she? She goes to Teacher and asks if they can wait for 5 mins. Teacher says the competition is going to start and asks her to call her daughter. Asmita says ok and thinks where to search krishi. Chahat and Nandini smiles. Shaan notices Asmita’s tension and goes behind her asking where is Krishi? She calls Krishi. He says you are so irresponsible mother and can’t handle a kid. Asmita says she is handling her responsibility alone without her father who refused to take up the responsibility. She goes. Shaan thinks she is lying and Krishi is Shekhawat and Asmita’s daughter.

Nandini takes other parents to teachers and they ask them to start the race. Teacher explains the rules to the kids. Krishi cries as the man still putting the soil on the pit. She prays to Krishna ji and asks him to help her, as she has to take admission in school and patch up her parents. Asmita comes out of school premises and prays to Kanha ji to help her find her daughter and says she needs to run in this race, she will get admission only if she wins in this race.

The man fills up the pt and goes.. Krishi asks Kanha ji to help her. The gardener comes and throws water pipe there and goes. Krishi sees water filling up fast and tries to take her hand out. The race begins. Asmita is still searching her. Krishi says you are ruining my life rather than helping me and sits down. Just then she sees a rope coming down the hole. Krishi sees Kanha ji through the hole and smiles.

Krishi still stuck in the pit, while God Krishna comes to help her and throws rope. He asks her to hold the rope and come up. Krishi comes up holding the rope, while God Krishna pulls the rope. He runs away. Natkhat bansi wale….plays…Krishi realizes about the race and comes there. Teacher gets happy seeing her. Asmita comes back and sees Krishi. Teacher says Krishi appeared as a wonder kid and is one round behind the other kids. Krishi removes her shoes and runs. Teacher says if she will catch up with others and win. Shaan and Asmita cheer for her. Nandini gets upset seeing her back. She thinks if she wins and tells Asmita that I pushed her in the pit and tried to bury her then? She asks Chahat to run faster.

Teacher tells that Krishi is at the first position even though she came late. Shaan cheers for Krishi. Asmita looks at him and gets emotional. Teacher tells that Krishi is reaching the finishing line. Chahat falls down, Krishi stops running and looks at her. Teacher asks her to run. Krishi takes the flag cloth kept there and ties on Chahat and her legs. Everyone gets moved for her kindness. She makes Chahat walk with her support, while other girls’ win. Teacher appreciates her for her selfless behavior. Chahat gets touched and hugs Krishi.

Asmita thinks if her admission will not happen. Teachers give medals to the winners and call Krishi to stage. They ask why she chose to help Chahat, rather than choosing Victory. Krishi says she chose to help Chahat as she was alone and in pain. She says Kanha ji will give her medal. Principal appreciates Asmita for building good values in her. She says we shall learn from the kids that what is important is humanity than victory or defeat. She says they want to honor her with a special award and asks Chahat to give award to her. Chahat gives her award.

Principal asks her to read what is written. Krishi reads that she is admitted to the school under sports quota. Everyone claps. Asmita and Shaan look at each other. Principal says welcome to the school. Krishi hugs Asmita. Asmita congrats her and feels proud. Krishi thanks Shaan for his support and hugs him. Nandini gets upset. Shaan smiles looking at Asmita.

Nandini comes home and says this can’t happen. Krishi asks if she is feeling bad because of defeat. Nandini asks her to get lost. Krishi asks her to befriend her parents else she will tell everyone that she tried to bury her in the pit. Nandini asks what I have to do? Krishi asks her to make her mummy and Papa do the first aarti today. She says if I tell my mummy about whatever you have done, then she will take me from here and I don’t want to go, want them to be together.

Asmita asks the servants to do the decorations fast. She sees Shaan trying to apply ointment to his back and comes inside his room. Shaan looks at her. Asmita applies ointment to his back and blows on it. Shaan says I don’t need your help and asks why did you come here? Asmita says she really appreciates him for whatever he has done for Krishi in school. Shaan asks if she wants to thank him and asks her to say. He says your ego must be stopping you from thanking me. Asmita says thank you so much. Shaan is surprised.

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