These Streets update Monday 1 November 2021

These streets 1 November 2021: Asmita’s boss comes there. He says I think I came here on wrong time. Asmta says I am sure you came for something important. He says yes it is. If you don’t join duty tomorrow, you will be terminated. Asmita says but that baby.. I can’t abandon her like that. I can’t let her suffer in those dirty streets. He says you will make everyone understand. Best of luck.

Asmita sees a letter on her bed. It has some papers. It says this file has some very important papers of Shan. Someone is keeping an eye on her. Beauty peeks in. Neel says now it will work the way I want.
Asmita shows the file to bua. She says shan stooped so low. He named the house after him. Sir must be so angry. Bua says ask your heart do you think Shan can do this?Khurana comes to pub. He raids there with police and says stop all this. Shan says pathna baba find out who did all this. Police takes everything.

Shan coems to asmita and says you did all this? She says what? Shan says you showed your reality. He takes out his lighter. Asmita says stop it. He burns the papers. Asmita says stop. Shan shoves her.Nevi talks to the baby girl. SHe says do you know your papa would love you so much. Asmita comes there. Nevi says come with me . Shan says this baby is a hope for everyone. Pandit ji comes for her naming. Nevi says she is my daughter. I will tell her name. Shan comes and says stop all this. This drama wont happen in this house.

Shan says pandit ji leave. Asmita says you wont go anywhere. stop. Start the pooja.Pandit ji starts pooja again. Shan says asha please come in. She comes in with girls and bartenders. They start music. shan dances on tere ishq mein nachen gay. Bua says shan what are you doing. He pours wine in pooja fire. Arohi says stop it. This is for the baby. Do you have any shame? He says no. Bua says if you ever considered Ridoy your brother you will name this baby and let this pooja happen. You know how a child suffers.

How can you let that baby suffer? Shan recalls his moments with Ridoy. He asks his people to leave. Beauty says what is happening. This is Ridoy’s daughter. Shan picks the baby. He says her naming would be done like our rituals. I will give her a name. Beauty says Nevi how can he name her. He is Ridoy’s murderer. Ravindra says we should do the pooja.Bua says we will whisper a name in ear and the name she smiles on, we will name her that. Nevi whispers. She doesn’t smile. Bua says to the baby smile on Shan’s name.

Beauty takes the baby. She cries. Asmita takes the babby from her. Asmita says shivani. Bua says she rejected. Shan takes the baby from asmita. He whispers a name.. The baby smiles. Everyone is dazed. Bua says she liked Shan’s name. Asmita says what did you name her? He says Moni. Asmita recalls their childhood. She recalls they used to name their doll moni. Bua says that’s such a good name.

Everyone plays with Moni. Nevi says she will study like her dad. Jamai says but he never studied. Beauty comes to her room and breaks things in anger. Neel says calm down and focus on plan B. We can kill the baby.

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