My heart knows update Monday 1 November 2021

My heart knows 1 November 2021: Kalyani reminisces seeing Anu in different avatar/devi possessed, but she disappears and Aao Saheb scolds her and says it is her imagination. Athavra peeps via window and frightens her with ghost sound. She gets afraid at first, but then seeing Atharva relaxes and says she really saw Anupriya. Atharva says it cannot be Maayi at all and ass her to stop imagining. Once he leaves, Kalyani walks into room where she saw Anu and does not find anyone. Aparna and Pallavi lock door from outside. Kalyani shouts to open door and via door hole hears Aparna and Pallavi discussing that Kalyani must have fallen unconscious and good she will be locked inside room for sometime until situation gets stabilized. They continue their witty chat and walk away.

Kalyani senses them going and thinks she has to find out what happened to Anu. She climbs furniture and tries to get out of roof when Aparna opens lock to open door. Kalyani gets tensed. Aao Saheb calls Aparna just then and she leaves yelling. Kalyani then thinks where to search Anu. She touches wall and finds it making plywood sound. She breaks wall with the help of trunk and gets in and is shocked to see Anu possessed by evil and confined in chains. Anu attacks her. Kalyani runs back in fear. Anu shouts she has to go, runs and kicks wall. Wall breaks down. She gets into her room. Kalyani walks behind her and asks what happened to her.

Anu notices Kalyani and attacks her. Kalyani gets afraid. Anu lifts heavy trunks and tries to break door when Kalyani calls her again in fear. Anu throws trunk towards her and strangulates her. Kalyani gasps for air. Anu collapses. Kalyani sprinkles water on Anu and wakes her up, asks what had happened to her. Anu says she has returned. Kalyani asks who. Anu says servants and everyone say devi possesses her body.Kalyani asks Anupriya what happened to her. Anu says she loses her control and does not know what happens to her, villagers say Devi posses her body.

Kalyani is shocked to hear that. Anu sees scratches on Kalyani’s hand and panics that she would have done it. Kalyani says she got scratched while coming out of trunk, Anu did not do anything. Anu hears sound and pleads Kalyani to tie her, else she will get out of control and very powreful. Kalyani consoles her and says she will tie her. She chains back Anu and thinks what happens to Anu, she needs to find out.Villagers gather to view Devi in Anu. Aao Saheb asks them to have patience and keep their gifts ready till Devi enters.

Rao saheb warns Aao Saheb that she did not do right by locking Kalyani in a room. Aao Saheb says Kalyani may not able to handle Anu’s new avatar and it is better she is locked till Devi enters and gets out of Anu’s body. Anu is brought in possessed by devi by Pallavi and others, chanting Devi channawana ki jai ho. Atharva enters and seeing what is happening realizes Kalyani was right. Villagers discuss because of devi’s blessings, their problems are solved. Atharva asks what is happening with Maayi. Vijay stops him and warns to bend his head in front of Devi. Aao Saheb chants Devi Chanawana ki jai ho and performs Anu’s aarti. Anu starts dancing Lavni.

Anu enters wearing villager’s attire in Mahararastrian sari and sees everyone encouraging Anu’s dance. She silently enters and makes Anu smell slipper. Anu collapses. Kalyani pleads Anu to wake up. Aao Saheb scolds Kalyani. Villagers yell that Aao Saheb’s granddaughter insulted Devi, now whole village will bear Devi’s ire. Anu wakes up and asks Aao Saheb why she is touching her feet. Aparna yells Devi left without darshan because of this girl. Villagers yell they should throw this girl out of village. Aao Saheb shouts Poorna Viram/stop and scolds Kalyani to stop her mischieves, because of her Devi left their village, she has made a joke out of them.

Kalyani says it is a medical problem and called fit/epilepsy and has treatment, why did not they take her to doctor. Aao Saheb warns not to interfere between their religious belief. Kalyani says it is a medical condition and why don’t they understand. Aao Saheb challenges her to prove it then. Kalyani accepts challenge and goes to get doctor.Kalyani is mid alone to get doctor when villagers holding weapons surround her. She gets afraid. They pour kerosene on her. She warns them that because of them, Anu is deprived of treatment, they are provoking real devi with their heinous act.Villager warns if she will teach them religion and lights torch to burn her.

Villagers catch Kalyani and throw petrol on her to burn her. Kalyani shouts they are doing wrong in the name of religion. Villager warns if she is teaching them religion and is about to throw fire on her when she pushes villagers and runs into jungle. Villagers follow her. Atharva comes to her rescue and rolls down with her into grass. Villagers search her. Kalyani tries to shout. Atharva stops her and says villagers are around. Once she senses villagers are gone, she says she has to take doctor and prove Anupriya is having medical illness and not possessed by any Devi.

Villagers search them again. They hide. Once villagers leave, Kalyani says let us take doctor for Anu.Kalyani takes doctor outside house and burns crackers. Anu panics hearing sound and shouts to stop it. Atharva tries to console her. Aao Saheb says Devi is returning into Anu’s body and chants devi’s name. She walks out and scolds Kalyani that Anu’s condition is worsening because of her. Kalyani walks in with doctor who checks Anu. She says Anu is having epilepsy which is triggered with sound and agarbati smell. Doctor says Kalyani is right and there is treatment for Anu’s condition. Aao Saheb says she did a mistake and takes doctor’s number to reconsult her.

She apologizes Anu for misunderstanding her condition and not getting her treated and thanks Kalyani for enlightening her and accepts her as granddaughter. Kalyani emotionally hugs Aao Saheb. Anu feels angry seeing that.Aparna with Pallavi does household chores and yells they kept Anu here to let her work as servant, but she is enjoying as queen. She goes to kitchen and yell she has to go and bring vegetables now. Kalyani hears that and brings vegetables and says her parents taught her to help others, after all Aparna is her aunty. Aparna checks vegetables and finds catcus thorns in between and shouts. Kalyani says her parents taught to even punish culprits, it is her punishment for troubling Anu.

She then sees Pallavi yelling after bath with wet hair, gives hair dryer to Kalyani’s daughter and asks to give it to her mother. Pallavi switches on hair dryer and gets electrocuted. Kalyani laughs and taunts her it is her punishment for troubling Anu.Next morning, Kalyani gets ready to go to her Pune home with Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb teaches her ritual to take elder’s blessings. Kalyani performs ritual with Anu, takes her blessings and leaves. Aao Saheb drops her in a Pune bus. Kalyani says she does not want to go leaving Anu in that condition. Aao Saheb asks her to return soon with papers. Kalyani’s bus leaves. Villagers see that and say Aao Saheb is protecting Kalyani and sent her away.

Anupriya rushes to an injured girl thinking her as Kalyani and finding someone else gets more worried for Kalyani. Atharva consoles her. On the other side, Kalyani’s co-passengers wake her up. She wakes up and finds herself locked in a room with co-passengers, reminisces organizer giving her water and she collapsing after that. She shouts that man gave her something and she fell unconscious. Co-passengers says because of her adamancy to not get attend her nursing course in Dubai, they are all locked in this room. Kalyani says she did not get admission in nursing course, they are mistaken, and in fact organizer is fooling them and trying to sell them all, else who will take all their phones.

Girls realize that and says their flight is in a few minutes, how do they escape from here. Kalyani says she will thinking something.Anu returns home and tells family that Kalyani is not yet found, she is worried for her. Rao Saheb says even he is worried for her. Anu says she filed missing police complaint. Aao Saheb gets tensed and scolds why did she file complaint. Atharva brings villagers and says they wanted to kill Kalyani and police would reach anytime to arrest them. Villagers say Aao Saheb ordered them to do that and in fact she dropped Kalyani into bus. Anu stands shocked. Police reaches to arrest Aao Saheb. Aparna yells Anu is getting Aao Saheb arrested and warns inspector that Aao Saheb is ACP Malhar’s MIL. Inspector says Malhar sir ordered him to perform duty before leaving.

Anu pleads Aao Saheb to tell she did not do anything wrong. Aao Saheb yells that she protected Anu till now, gave her food, shelter, clothes, but she betrayed her for Kalyani. Anu pleads Aao Saheb not to disown her, but Aao Saheb pushes away. Rao Saheb asks Aao saheb where did she send Kalyani and scolds Anu that she is worried about herself and not Kalyani.Kalyani acts as having severe stomachache

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