Mismatched update Sunday 31 October 2021

Mismatched 31 October 2021: The Episode starts with Bhalla getting angry on Babli and asking about Anokhi. She says Anokhi has gone to Gurdaspur. He slaps her. He worries that the guests are waiting. Aastha says I will come with you. Anokhi says no, dad will insult you, I can’t tolerate it, I will handle it, I want to become independent and handle my life. Aastha says you have to cross the boundaries to achieve dreams, I have paid a big price for my self esteem. Shaurya is on the way. He thinks of Aastha. Bhalla says there is a prize distribution ceremony in college, Anokhi went there. Monty’s dad Khanna says its our insult that girl is missing when we came to see her.

Mismatched 30 October 2021

Bhalla says she will come anytime, stay back for some time, I m there to fulfill your demands. Khanna says we have seen your daughter’s character, she will get us insulted later. His wife says we don’t know if she has gone to college or with someone else. Bhalla asks Rama to hear everything and understand, its a result of her love. Bhalla asks Khanna to wait for some time.Khanna says we have seen your values. They go. Laali says Anokhi will never get any good alliance, keep her at home like a trophy. He goes. Aastha and Anokhi reach their town. Anokhi rushes.

The Saberwals see Kanchan’s dance video. Tej scolds Kanchan for dancing in someone’s party like this. Devi says you didn’t meet your parents for a year, so we permitted you to go there, you did this. Gayatri is tensed. Alok scolds Kanchan for insulting their respect he gets angry on Gayatri. Devi asks what do you want to show by uploading this video. Alok says its show off. Kanchan says my friend uploaded this video and tagged me, Kitty and Bebo are also active on social media. Tej says they are the daughters, you are the Bahu, don’t you know the difference. He asks Gayatri to call Kanchan’s parents.

Devi says I hope Yash’s friends don’t see this video, what do you want, Aastha did a drama and left this house, shall I ask you to leave the house. Kanchan sees Gayatri. Devi gets Shaurya and Aastha’s pic. She thinks how did this happen, how did they meet. Tej also gets the same pic. He signs Devi.Anokhi comes home. She says bus tyre got punctured, I came first in debate competition. She shows the trophy. Bhalla angrily breaks her cycle. She says you have insulted your dad, you want to come first. He shouts in anger. Biji stares at Anokhi. Bhalla says you are born here to insult me in front of everyone. He throws away the trophy. Anokhi recalls Aastha’s words. She says you can beat me, but not insult my trophy. Bhalla asks how dare you, I have a right on your everything. He beats Anokhi with a stick. Rama and Babli cry.

Anokhi bears the pain. Rama stops him. Anokhi says let him beat me, he has a right, I m his daughter. Anokhi argues and says I m ashamed to get born in such a house, where daughters are regarded a burden, when one asks for studies, then they are sent away. Bhalla locks her in the room. He says I will get your marriage done in one week. He warns Rama.Anokhi arguing with Bhalla and threatening him about the law. She tells about her rights to education. She refuses for marriage. Bhalla asks who teaches all this to her. Rama asks Anokhi to get quiet. Bhalla scolds her. Anokhi says this time, you will regret a lot.

Bhalla says I know who is teaching all this to her, Aastha madam is teaching her. He scolds Babli as well. Biji scolds Babli as well. She says Vineet will marry someone if Babli doesn’t give a good news soon. Devi sees Shaurya and Aastha’s pic. She cries.Shaurya comes. She says someone has sent this pic to Tej, so we got to know, else you would have not told us, I thought I lost you. He says you are my everything. She says you love me, but I m just your aunt legally, I m your namesake mum, I have no rights on you, when I saw you with your mum… He says she isn’t my mum. She says I m feeling scared, Aastha can claim her rights and make you away from me.

He says no, you did a lot for me, you raised me and gave me a life, you and Tej didn’t get a child for yourself because of my sake, you are so selfless, else I would have been an orphan, no one can separate us, you are my everything, no one will come in our way, I promise.Aastha writes her diary. She gets sad and thinks I didn’t tell anything to Anokhi. Rama asks Bhalla to unlock Anokhi’s room door. Biji and Babli also ask him to open the door. Rama says Anokhi can do anything wrong. Biji says yes, I don’t trust her. Bhalla goes and opens the lock. He doesn’t see Anokhi. Anokhi comes from the washroom.

Bhalla says I have opened the door, but Anokhi won’t be going to college from tomorrow. Rama scolds Anokhi. Anokhi says I m not anyone’s shadow, I m just Anokhi. She fills a form for aptitude test. Aastha gets her message. She sees her old parents and writes… one day Shaurya will know my truth and understand my sacrifice.Tej comments on the rotis. Shaurya says its fine. Tej scolds Kanchan. Babli comes and applies the lep to Anokhi’s hand. She says I feel like crying on one slap, you don’t need to hide your pain. Anokhi applies lep to her face.

She says dad hates me, he is afraid of my thinking, I regret this a lot, I love him, but I hate his thinking.Devi says no one wants to learn in this house, Kanchan will need to learn that one has to win hearts by making food. Bebo jokes on Kanchan and Yash’s relation. Gayatri asks did you step in kitchen till now. Devi asks why, they will learn in Sasural. Shaurya says its better to teach them here instead getting insulted in Sasural. Tej asks Devi to get rotis. Devi says one can learn anything if they want. Uncle asks Yash to change his wife. He says we did wrong in selecting bahu. Anokhi says the men want women to get silent, I can’t stay suppressed, I will not lose.

Devi asks Gayatri and Kanchan to see how the roti should be. She makes hot rotis for Tej and goes. Kanchan says if there are many problems in me, why did they get me here. Gayatri says their standard bahu would have run away, they find helpless women like us, our parents think they are lucky to get related to Saberwals. Anokhi says I don’t want to get married, I will answer dad’s insulting behavior.


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