These Streets update Friday 29 October 2021


These Streets 29 October 2021: Nevi says why did you touch me with your blo*dy hands. Shan leaves. He sees Asmita outside. Asmita looks at him in tears. Bua comes. Asmita says don’t console me. Bua says your love is still alive. I know something good is written for both of you.

Arohi gives Ravindra his medicine. Arohi says what are you thinking? He says look there in that photo. This was the land I got this house made on. I placed the first brick and became the most respectable man in the city and now.. Asmita says please take medicine. He says to live a life like this? I wanted to die with dignity in this house. Asmita says i am sorry I couldn’t save anything. Asmita leaves. Nevi comes. She says to Ravindra this baby is our hope not asmita. Ravindra says I have trusted the right person. Asmita is the right person.

Asmita comes to see a rental house. The owner misbehaves with her. Asmia says dont’ you have shame? he says why should I have shame for someone born in dirt like you. Asmita says dirt is in your mind. Shan comes there. Asmita says so you were behind all this? I didn’t know how could you stoop so low? Asmita leaves. Shan hits the owners. He says how dare you touch and misbehave with asmita. You said she is from dirt? He hits them.

Asmita says to Shan and says why did you do this. I know you planned all this. Shan pulls her and says i asked you to stay away from me. But you didn’t.. Now you see what I do next. i will crash your ego. Asmita says i will see you. He says i will break you. She says you can’t break my self respect and confidence. Asmita leaves.Asha says to Asmita you can’t go in this is Shan’s room. Asmita twists her hand and shoves her. She asys never dare coming in my way. Shan shoves asmita out. She tries to go in.

Shan holds her. They fall on the dressing. The son dil sambhal ja plays. Shan sees their photos together.Shan sees Asmita sitting alone. Asha says sir you are amazing, you bet Asmita would come to your bedroom and she had to. Asmita says wow so you are doing all this with planning? Shan says does it hurt you? Asmita says you can only play with other people’s lives. Shan says you kept those photos to play with my emotions. I will do what I want too. You are so small in worth and thinking. Asmita says it shows who is small.. Asmita leaves.


Nevi says Asmita think about sir and Shan. We can’t move out of this house. Ravindra says I see my whole life in this house. My son my family. Asmita says till you want you will live here. Shan can’t do anything. Ravindra coughs. Asmita gives him water. Shan sees chandelier falling on the baby. Shan saves her. Asmita says how dare you to touch. Ravindra says he saved her life. Asmita says he is so confusing.

Shan says to Asmita why aren’t you leaving. She says I am not. He says you can’t leave these facilities right? You can’t live in a small house right? You sold you dignity for this big house. Asmita is about to slap him. He holds her hand nd says it hurts right? Asmita says leave my hand. He says don’t try to pull it or I will break it. Asmita says do it. asmita pulls her hand. She says you didn’t break it? Shan leaves in anger.

Beauty says to Neel we have to do our plan. Make them hate each other. Neel says how will we do it? Beauty says you will see it.Shan is in the hall. He had made it a bar. Women dance around him. Asmita says to bua I know why is he doing his. Asmita comes downstairs. She says stop it. Asmita stabs his hip with fork. Asmita says enough. Shan says don’t interfere in my life. She says have some mercy on the yur family. He says this isn’t my family. Nevi says Asmita cant you shut up. Your love story ruined the house and now this hatred is doing more. Please stop it. Asmita leaves.Asmita comes out and criees.

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  1. It was really good, but I just wish Shan realizes the truth quickly before it is too late and I cannot wait for Shan and Asmita to get married


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