These Streets update Tuesday 2 November 2021


These Street 2 November 2021: shan says she will look very happy today. Bua says you were thinking how moni smiled on Shan’s name? Kids have a pure heart. They choose good people. Asmita says I don’t understand anything. I saw Ridoy dying from Shan’s hands. Bua says sometimes what we see isn’t right.

Shan plays with Moni. He says show me your smile. She holds his hand. Nevi asks Bua have you seen doll? Bua says her name is Moni. Nevi says I don’t like that name. Nevi sees her with Shan. She says give her to me. Moni cries. Nevi says Asmita take her from shan. She cries. Pandit ji says Shan you should keep her with you for pooja. Shan makes her eat the cake. Shan trips. moni falls. Shan and Asmita hold her together. Pandit ji says you put her in the cradle on right time. Nevi says it was my right. Shan’s ridoy’s murderer. She is about to slap him. Shan holds her hand and says stop it.

Asmita says you are getting it wrong. Nevi says you first killed my son and now his daughter? Nevi leaves with moni.Asmita’s dupatta gets stuck in Shan’s watch. He says you are so desparate you come near me every time. They hear ravindra coughing. They run upstairs. Asmita gives Ravindra water. Beauty says in heart now when he drinks this water he will die. Shan brings water. Beauty comes and says papa don’t drink this water. HE mixed something in it. Shan says are you crazy? Beauty says then drink it yourself. Shan drinks the water. He says done? Need more proofs? He leaves. Ravindra cries. Asmita gives him water. He says I hope everything gets fine between asmita and shan. Bua says love is very powerful.

Shan comes out. He faints. Asmita sees him. Asmita says Shan open your eyes.. She says that water.. There was something in it. aSmita gives him water. He vomits. He feels better. Shan says why did you save me? And first you gave me that glass? You tried giving me poison? Asmita says are you crazy. He says you can totally do that. Shan says I will ruin your life. He leaves. Asmita says please don’t do all this. I know you aren’t like this. He says I am like this.

Beauty says this isn’t possible. I added poison in it. Neel says we have to stop their love. We have to create a huge misunderstanding.Shan hits a punching bag. Asmita says stop it shan. You are weak. You have to rest. Please take your meds. He says don’t do this drama. You are nothing to me. Asmita says I am a human and I care for another human. Please take these meds. You are owner of this house, who will keep us if something happens to you. She leaves meds there. Shan takes them.

Nurse gives Ravindra injection. Beauty looks at him with smirk. Neel smiles too. Beauty says Nevi I want to talk to you. Beauty says for how long will we live under Shan’s favor. We have to get everything from Shan.Ravindra comes to Shan and says I want to ask you something. I know there is human in you. Will you be ours again? Shan says what a businessman you are. Ravindra says I am your granddad. Shan says where was your love when no one was with me? This is your selfishness.

Ravindr says to Shan you have to stop being so selfish. shan says I am selfish now. You are selfish too. I don’t care about anyone. Ravindra’s condition worsen. Beauty says this is the right time. She calls everyone and says please come and see how shan is ruining papa’s condition. Shan says yes I dont’ care. Ravindra falls. everyone runs to pick him. Beauty says yuo want to kill him. Neel says you asid so many things to papa. They rush to to room. Shan says I don’t care what you all think. He leaves.Doctor checks Ravindra. He says he had heart attack due to stress. Nevi says what.. He says we can’t save him.

Please pray for him. Bua cries. He says we need at least 25 lacs to operate. Bua says to Nevi where will arrange that money from. Nevi says that SHan ruined everything. We don’t even have money to get Ravindra treated. Bua says we can ask Shan for help. Nev says he is a murderer. Bua says for now we need his help. Bua says I know Shan wont say no.Nevi and Bua wait for Shan. Bua says thank you for meeting us Shan. She says Ravindra is in hospital. He is in critical condition. Shan says and you think I am responsible for it? Nevi says we need your help.

We have to save his life. Bua says we are begging for his life. Shan says you all thought I wanted to kill him and now you want me to save his life? You all made me a criminal. Asmita says no one can make anyone criminal. Your dada is fighting for his life.

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