These Streets update Friday 22 October 2021

These Streets 22 Oct 2021: Shan says tell truth about your drama or I will shove you. Ridoy says no no please. shan says now confess what you are upto. ridoy acts like a child and says please leave me. Shan says 3.. 2.. Ridoy laughs. He says yes I am an actor. What can you do? This will be fun when I touch asmita near you. Go close to you. shan says you have stooped so low. I can’t believe you are my brother. ridoy says you took my love from me. Are you my brother? No one can take asmita from me. She has to be mine all my life. You lost all love I had for you.

Ridoy says tihs time I will be close to asmita. You wont be able to tell her truth. You know where she is from. She will be used. Shan shoves her. Asmita comes running ther.e Asmita says shan stop. Ridoy acts like a child and says leave me. Ridoy says you can’t do anything Shan. Even if I shove you I wont go to jail. I will shove you then do what I want with asmita. He tries shoving Shan. shan defends himself. Ridoy falls in the water. Asmita coems running there. She says Ridoy.. Shan says he was trying to kill me. Asmita says enough. It’s too late. Why did you do this. Asmita says I have to arrest you.

Shan looks at her uniform. He says are you? She says yes. I am police offier. she tells him everything. Asmita says I was about to tell you. I was here on a secret mission for your case. Shan says I am so proud of you. Asmita says I am not proud of what you did. You have to come to jail with me. Shan says I will do what you ask.Neel comes. He says where is riody? Asmita says Shan has go with neel. I will handle everything. Neel takes Shan. Neel says why did you do this? Shan says I didn’t do this. It happened by accident. He tried killing me.

Asmita calls her team. She says it is an accident. aditya says are you sure this is an accident. Asmita calls Neel. He says okay. Neel says we have to go to police station. Police couldn’t find a body.
Neel bring shan to a deserted plan. Someone hits him. It’s beauty. Neel says Shan you are such a player..
Officer calls asmita and says shan didn’t reach police station. He has run.

Moushmi says asmita is it some fancy dress competition? Asmita says don’t touch an on duty police officer. Nevi says you lied again to this family. You are from sona gachi and now police? Msouhmi says this girl is on a mission to ruin our house. Asmita says we are here to arrest Shan.Neel says you make amazing plans. We have to work this out to get all that wealth. Everything that was mine was given to this shan? Beauty says I wont ever let Shan and asmita be one.

Beauty says we will rule that house. Neel hugs her.Nevi sits down crying. She says no this can’t be true. aditya says Ridoy has died. Nevi says asmita he is lying right? Asmita says he isn’t found yet and shan shoved her. Nevi says how did you let this happen? Why didn’t you save ridoy? Or was this your will too? Aditya says you can’t touch an on duty officer. Ravindra says shan didn’t come here. Asmita says then you will have to come to police station with us. Nevi says asmita where is my ridoy. You took my son from me. He is my only light in life. Aditya stops her. Asmita says I am doing my duty. Ravindra says I will come with you. Asmita says shan was with neel.

Ravindra says shan’s behavior had changed since you took that decision. Ravindra says shan named all property after Ridoy. An officer says to Asmita Shan’s phone is off. Neel says Shan ran from my car. Asmita says how can shan do this intentionally. How can he stoop this low.Shan gets up and says how am I here. He sees his phone. Neel calls shan and says stay where you are. Police is after you. Beauty says this is the real plan.

SHan runs on the roads, Police chase shan. Asmita and department look for shan everywhere. He hides behind cars.
The police jeeps stop shan. Asmita says you are under arrest. Shan says you are my puchki. She says I am only professor asmita.Asmita is applauded for arresting sham. Asmita says I never expected this from you shan.Shan in a very thug attire, enters a party. He shares a drink with his friends. He says the stumble I came across in love made me tis. Pathan baba comes. SHan says I only want the destruction of my love now. I will destroy this with my hate.

Scene 1
Shan is in pub. He recalls asmita arresting him. He said you are doing a mistake. You will regret this. Shan was locked Shan said I am your Shantanu. I can’t do this. Asmita says you killed him and then tried to run. I am an officer only doing my duty. Shan said get me out. asmita says I wont. I have to use the legal way. How can you stoop so low? Shan held her hand. Asmita said leave my hand. Officers hit him. He said look into my eyes and tell you think I can do something like this? asmita said yes and left.

Neel says to Asmita maybe Shan killed his brother for the property. A officer was hitting shan. Asmita came. Shan said how do you feel seeing me this way? I am in my senses now. You made me a killer. Asmita said you are paying for your sin. Shan said I don’t want to make any theories. You did this mistake. You wanted all of Ridoy’s property too. I could never understand you. Shan laughed and said rightly caught. Do what you want. I don’t care anymore. My heart is of stone. asmita said listenn..

He said I wont listen. go and tell people I am a killer. You played with Ridoy’s life too. Asmita said have you lost your mind? He said yes. There is no relation between us except for hate. Go from here, I don’t want to see your face. Shan said remember asmita, this hate wont convert into love ever.

Scene 2
Asmita receives a gift. It is a cactus. It says time to deceive you the way you did to me. Now its your turn to live life like a hell. Asmita says shan.. This means he is out. Asmita says I dont’ know what to do.

Shan says to pathan today is to celebrate. I will ruin her life. she taught me how to hate. Pathan baba says you loved her. Shan says I only hate her now. I will ruin her life.
Asmita throws away the card. She picks it and says I will keep it with me.

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