These Streets update Friday 2 July 2021

These Streets 2 July 2021: Beauty says in heart where are you neel? For you I have befriended Moushmi. Where is he? Puchki gives the juice to beauty. Beauty says you look so long. Puchki leaves. Beauty plays cards with Moushmi. she screams and says my drink is so spicy. Pucki laughs. Beauty says water. She screams and goes to kitchen. Moushmi says disgusting how was she reacting.

Shan sees Puchki. Puchki says are you mad at me? He says I miss my Puchki. I broke friendship with her. Puchki says sh must be bad. Shan says she is best friend. She is really nice. I really miss her.
He says I had to break her heart. Puchki says no worries you can apologize her. Write on paper and send it to her. Shan leaves.

Beauty comes to kitchen and drinks water. Raivndra sees her and slaps her. He says how dare you come here. Beauty says don’t be mad. I came here to find Puchki for your work. She slips. Neel holds her. e says are you okay? She says yes and leaves.
Shan says to Pucki don’t say against my mama again. NEvi brings them milk shake. She looks at Shan drinking it and smiles. Shan is about to faint. Puchki holds him. She takes him to bed.

Puchki goes to kitchen Nevi says Tinku.. what are you doing here? He says shan isn’t well. Was taking water for him. Nevi says go. The water falls on Puchki. Her wig falls. Nevi sees her. She is dazed. Puchki doesn’t know that she saw her. Nevi says Tinku is Puchki. What is happening in this house.

Next morning, Nevi says shan is asleep. I told him we can’t sleep late. ravindra says he has to be punctual. Let me check. He goes upstairs. Puchki is sleeping under bed. she tries to wake shan up. Ravindra shouts and says shan get up.

Nevi goes upstairs and says let me check. Ravindra throws the jug full of water on him. Shan wakes up. Ravindra says do you see the time. How can your sleep take over your routine. Being punctual is our identity. I thought you would learn. Nevi says he is a kid. And we forget he poor is adopted he doesn’t have manners in his blood. Puchki says its not his mistake he has fever. Ravindra touches and says nevi what were you doing? This is how you are taking care of our kids? This is the last warning.

Ravindra says Shan you should have told me. Let me call the doctor for you. He leaves. Nevi says in heart see what I do Puchki. Shan says mama I am sorry sir was mad at you. Nevi leaves. Puchki says shan sleep you have fever.

Rana brings a bag full of blood. Everyone is dazed. He says this is puchki’s body. Chanda screams noo. Everyone is dazed. Rana gives it to beauty. There is doll inside. He says I told everyone there is body. We will tell thaku ma the same. Beauty says she isn’t a fool. She will kill us. I don’t wanna die without marrying Neel. Go from here now.

Puchki takes care of shan. Shan says you are just like Puchki. She used to care for me. In bari.. Nothing. Nevi puts the table. Butler says i will do it. Moushumi says i felt so bad about the scolding you have from papa. Shan has a poor friend now. its strange. Nevi says you are right. This Tinku his body and height is just like Puchki. Moushmi says yes it is. You mean they might be the same. Nevi says it was in my heart. Moushmi says there is something. I noticed he speaks like a girl.

Puchki says bari? Who cared for you? Your mom. Shan says I have one mom only. I have no relation with my old life. Puchki says relations don’t break. He says they do. Puchki says mothers always want good for us. He says you don’t know what she did in party. I have only one mom nevi. My real mom tried to kill Ridhoy still nevi forgave her. Puchki says sometimes we can’t see reality. Sha says Nevi ma is really nice. You don’t know anything. My mom sent me here still Nevi accepted me. Mama was mad at me but she isn’t anymore. He leaves.

Scene 2
Puchki calls in bari. Murli picks. She cuts. She says how do I call and talk to Chanda. Moushmi and Nevi hear. Moushmi says this is Puchki. I will expose her. Moushmi puts water on Puchki. Puchki screams.. Beauty says Puchki is that you? Where are you talking from. She breaks the phone adn says Puchki is alive.

Moushmi takes her in all and says let me clean you the water spilled. Puchki runs. Moushmi tries to run after her. They clean her and try to take off her wig. Neel comes and says leave him what are you doing. Beauty says to Rana it was puchki. She is alive. You lied to us. Mamoni will kill you. I have to do something.

Ravindra says what is happening here. What is all this? Say something. Moushmi says this kid is not a boy he is a girl. Ravindra says are you in sleep? Moushmi says you can check yourself. Ravindra sees her face and says he is a boy. Stop saying weird things Moushmi. Don’t waste my time. He leaves.

Neel says thank God no one saw you. We have to be careful. Puchki says how will we do it? He says leave it on me.
Someone calls Shan and says where is Puchki? He says I don’t know where she is? is she not in bari? Rana says find her or we will tell ravindra that you come to bari. He says but that’s a lie. He says you looked for Puchki. Shan says please I dont’ know where she is. Rana says is she in your house? He says I would have known.

Rana says get us 10 lacs from your dada’s locker. Shan says stealing is a crime. Rana says then will get you kicked out of there and Puchki will be killed. Shan is dazed. Nevi hears all this.

Nevi says shan why are you so worried? He says nothing mama I am fine. She says don’t lie to your mom. He says mama will you be mad at me? Nevi hugs him and says I am your mom. He says mama I need some money. SHe says you need something? shan says I wanted to help someone. She says tell me I will talk to sir. He says please don’t tell anyone. this is donation. She says how much do you need? Shan says 10 lacs. Nevi says that is locker you have to take from there. I don’t have that big amount.

Nevi says to jamai I called beauty and told him Shan knows where puchki is. And they should ask money from him. Ravindra will steal and we will expose Puchki. So many things will be blamed on shan he would never come back to this house. My ridhoy will have everything.

Scene 2
Shan comes to locker room. He shivers. Nevi and Jamai look in. Shan is scared.
Nevi says he will do this for sure. Shan is crying.

Thaku ma says so rana you are saying you killed Puchki and showed everyone her body? Rana says yes I did. Annaro says so beauty can be believe him? She says he brought a body. Thaku ma says i wont believe. All girls say we saw blood.

Thaku ma says blood can be of anyone. ran says i shot her. Chanda says what.. This can’t happen. My Puchki can’t be dead. What did that kid do. she sits down and cries. Beauty wonders if Chanda knows.

Scene 3
Ravindra shouts at all the servants and says tell me truth. Who dared doing this. Shan is going school. Ravindra says shan stop. He says did you see someone near my study? Shan says no.
Chanda says to Neel Rana said he killed my puchki. She was your responsibility. Neel says Puchki is in my house. Relax. She is safe. Who said all this. I wont let anythign happen to you or her. You have to cme out too. Chanda says if I come they will doubt. Please go before they see me talking to you. He says I will take you from here. She says I will die here. Don’t show me dreams. Please save Puchki and take her away from here. Beauty comes there.

She says neel you are coming here a lot.
Ravindra says this never happened. We will check everyone. Come forward and tell me. I will call police. Moushmi says they aren’t new. Only new person can do this. I doubt Tinku. Ravindra says where is tinku? Puchki comes. He says you touched my locker? Shan says he didn’t do anything. i did. Everyone is dazed.

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