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These Streets 1 July 2021: Puchki says so much of tasty food. Everyone is having lunch. Ravindra says shan are you okay? He says yes sir. No problem. Ravindra says Nevi give this to Shan. He should eat this. Puchki says I am so hungry. Where is Neel? Puchki tries to steal a sweet. Neel comes and she hides behind him. Puchki eats it.

Chanda dresses her wounds. Beauty says how was he? The client. Chanda says was good. Beauty says you took so long. She says we have to keep customers happy. Beauty says how do you have so many lovers? Don’t ever dare running from here. Chanda says so you will kill me like Puchki? Beauty says how to do you know?
Neel dresses Puchki as a boy.

Chanda says if people talk in bari people will know. Beauty says poor Puchki. she should have listened to me.

Nothing is bigger then rules of bari. She leaves. Chanda says in heart God is there for he help. She is safest with a really nice person. Neel will take care of her.
Nevi gets a call from maid. She says Rama we can’t keep your kid here. I will do something. Where is your son and what is his name? Neel says his name is Tinku. Come in Tinku. Puchki comes in as Tinku. He says this is Rama’s so Tinku. Neel says he will live in our house. He will study as well. Ravindra says we can’t do social work in house. Shan says he can play with me. Mama he wont work. He will just play with me. Nevi says sure.

Shan says show me your face. He says chachu what is his name? Neel says Tinku. Shan looks at her face and feels something. Shan says will you play with Ridhoy? Puchki says yes. SHan wonders why he feels he knows him.
Neel says he is a kid. I have done background check. He can stay here.
Shan says to Puchki are you hungry? Come I will give you something to eat. Shan holds her hand and feels something.

Shan gives him sweets. He says you can eat more. Puchki hugs him and says thank you. Shan leaves. Puchki says he couldn’t recognize me? Moushumi says to Puchki go and do dusting of Shan’s room. Puchki says dusting? Moushumi says yes go and do it.

Puchki does dusting. She finds her photo. she recalls her moments with Shan. Shan comes. Puchki hides the photo. Shan sees it in her hands. He says don’t dare touching this photo. Puchki says why? He says my best friend. Better than the whole world. He leaves.

Scene 2
Neel comes and gives money to beauty. Beauty takes him to a room. Neel says what are you doing. She says who are you? He says I came here for Chanda. Don’t touch me. Beauty takes off his beard. She says I had doubts but I am sure now. Chanda has two lovers in that family.

Go from here I wont tell mom. You dont’ trust me? All girls here are my sisters. Humanity is bigger than everything. Go from here. No one is here you can sneak out. He leaves. Rana says why did you take him to your room? Beauty says dont’ worry. I have a bigger plan this time. You and mom think small things. I can live as Mazumdar’s daughter in law.

Puchki sees Shan picking so much stuff. Se says there are so many things in his house. She says let me help. He says mama asked me to bring all this up alone. Mama asked not to take help.
Nevi says to Ravindra our house is so dirty. Ravindra says you can get it cleaned. She says what about other stains he brought us? Ravindra says stop speaking against is. She says I care for this house. i want this house to be always dignified. I will go against anyone.

Ravindra says what are you trying to say? She says Shan brought meat in this house. Ravindra says what? She says I am not lying. Puchki hears all this. She says I thought he is like us. He brought his dirt with him. He has brought fish in this house and impured this house. Moushmi says fish? What? Nevi says he should be eating this in sona kachi.

Shan puts all the stuff in Nevi’s room.

Rana says what are you saying. she says I can’t be yours. Stop draeming abuot me. I will go out of this place soon. He says you are dreaming. They hate girls from here. I will marry you if you want. He says I will keep you as a queen. She says why would I marry a loser like you. Do what you are assigned too. Find Puchki. He says I killed her. She says bring her body then. Ravindra asks driver why did you get shan fish? He says Shan asked me to.

Nevi says sir you didn’t say anything. Ravindra says I gave him one chance. Nevi says glad you gave him a chance. Please don’t get me wrong. THink about what I said. He says please. She says we can teach him but can’t change his class. Ravindra says I will fill in class in his viens.
Puchki asks shan not to open the box. She says there is a fish in it. She says your mom was saying that to your dada. He says let me ask mama. She says don’t go. No one eats fish here. You can’t even talk about it here. Shan says then why mama asked me to bring one. Puchki says lets leave it in the pond. Puchki says you mom was talking ill about you in front of your dada. Shan shoves her out and says don’t dare saying a word against my mom. Pucki says we can leave the fish in the pond. Shan says I know what to do. Go from here.
Shan says why did ma did all this? No mama loves me.

Scene 2
Some guests come. Moushumi asks Puchki to bring glasses. Beauty says take my order too. Its beauty disguised as classy woman. Puchki is dazed to see her. Beauty says bring me juice. Beauty say go now. Puchki says beauty can’t know who I am. Now you see what I give you to drink.

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