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These streets 5 July 2021: Neel says thank God no one saw you. We have to be careful. Puchki says how will we do it? He says leave it on me.

These streets 2 July 2021

Someone calls Shan and says where is Puchki? He says I don’t know where she is? is she not in bari? Rana says find her or we will tell ravindra that you come to bari. He says but that’s a lie. He says you looked for Puchki. Shan says please I dont’ know where she is. Rana says is she in your house? He says I would have known. Rana says get us 10 lacs from your dada’s locker. Shan says stealing is a crime. Rana says then will get you kicked out of there and Puchki will be killed. Shan is dazed. Nevi hears all this.

Nevi says shan why are you so worried? He says nothing mama I am fine. She says don’t lie to your mom. He says mama will you be mad at me? Nevi hugs him and says I am your mom. He says mama I need some money. SHe says you need something? shan says I wanted to help someone. She says tell me I will talk to sir. He says please don’t tell anyone. this is donation. She says how much do you need? Shan says 10 lacs. Nevi says that is locker you have to take from there. I don’t have that big amount.

Nevi says to jamai I called beauty and told him Shan knows where puchki is. And they should ask money from him. Ravindra will steal and we will expose Puchki. So many things will be blamed on shan he would never come back to this house. My ridhoy will have everything.

Scene 2
Shan comes to locker room. He shivers. Nevi and Jamai look in. Shan is scared.
Nevi says he will do this for sure. Shan is crying.

Thaku ma says so rana you are saying you killed Puchki and showed everyone her body? Rana says yes I did. Annaro says so beauty can be believe him? She says he brought a body. Thaku ma says i wont believe. All girls say we saw blood. Thaku ma says blood can be of anyone. ran says i shot her. Chanda says what.. This can’t happen. My Puchki can’t be dead. What did that kid do. she sits down and cries. Beauty wonders if Chanda knows.

Scene 3
Ravindra shouts at all the servants and says tell me truth. Who dared doing this. Shan is going school. Ravindra says shan stop. He says did you see someone near my study? Shan says no.
Chanda says to Neel Rana said he killed my puchki. She was your responsibility. Neel says Puchki is in my house. Relax. She is safe. Who said all this. I wont let anythign happen to you or her. You have to cme out too. Chanda says if I come they will doubt. Please go before they see me talking to you. He says I will take you from here. She says I will die here. Don’t show me dreams. Please save Puchki and take her away from here. Beauty comes there.

She says neel you are coming here a lot.
Ravindra says this never happened. We will check everyone. Come forward and tell me. I will call police. Moushmi says they aren’t new. Only new person can do this. I doubt Tinku. Ravindra says where is tinku? Puchki comes. He says you touched my locker? Shan says he didn’t do anything. i did. Everyone is dazed.

Scene 1
Ravindra says everyone gets punished in this house. Your punishment is.. Puchki says he is lying. SHe says I know who store. Beauty says to Neel dont’ worry chanda will never run. She is very scared of thaku ma. Thaku ma is a very dangerous woman. She cries. Neel says I will help you and get you out of here. She says then marry me and take me out of here. I love you. Neel says what are you saying. Beauty says look at me. Make me your wife. Rana comes and slaps Neel. HE faints. Rana says have you lost your mind. WE have to look for beauty. I will kill him if you do this. Beauty says get lost or I will tell thaku ma beauty is alive. Beauty says babu ji get up.

Ravindra says who is that person? I will get them arrested. Puchki points at jamai. She says he did it.

Jamai says he is lying. Moushmi says are you crazy. Shan said he store. Puchki says I saw with my eyes. I saw a him going inside the room. He was going to locker. He took out the money. I know where he hid the money. Moushmi says he is lying. Ravindra says aru g and check. Aru checks in the vase. All money is there. Puchki says I told you. Nevi says this means shan didn’t steal? Moushmi says maybe he kept it here and accusing him.

Ravindra says Aru get finger prints traced on these. Aru says I don’t think a kid that young would lie. He is right. Ravindra slaps jamai. He says for this money you dared stealing. Moushmi takes him to room. Aru hugs Shan and says I love you. I know you can never do this. Pucki says papa is like that. WHy don’t I have papa. Nevi says I knew you could never do this. Ravindra says you still lied to save him. Our family name doesn’t mean anything to you. We don’t befriend with poor people we help then. You are going to boarding school and tinku wont live. Aru says give shan one chance. He says this is my last decision.

And tinku will live in servant quarter.
Shan cries. Puchki cries too. SHan says this always happens with me. No one wants to keep me with them. Puchki says don’t cry try fixing it all. Shan says no one wants to live with me. Puchki says come to temple with me. Puchki says whoever goes there gets their wishes fulfilled. He leaves. She says I wil make you eat bari ma. Nevi hears.. She says I will bring sir there on right time.

Scene 2
Puchki and shan come to the temple. SHan says what is happening with me God. Please help me. Chanda comes there. she sees Shan. Puchki says ask your mom what happened with junior and why. Shan says how you know all this? She says you will know that. Moushmi nevi and ravindra come there.

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