The Evil Eye Starlife update Tuesday 14 May 2024

The evil eye 14 May 2024: Scene 1Ans sees Mohana in college, she says I am your mother, arent you happy to see me? Ansh says you have Piya’s earring? She says yes. Ansh says how are you here? Mohana says I would die because of Shalaka so I used Shalaka’s knife so I came in past, I wont let you meet Piya this time, I will change past and Adi will not born.

Ansh says you cant stop me from meeting Piya, Mohana says you want her earring? She throws earring and leaves.

Vedsheree says to Shekhar that we have to stop Ansh from going out of house, he is in danger. Chitali says he is behind some earring. Ansh comes there. Vedsheree asks if he is fine? why did you leave? Ansh says I will tell you truth. Ansh sees Adi stoned, he runs to him and touches him, he says dont worry, your papa will bring your mom. Chitali says he is talking to an idol? what happened to him?

Piya says to Mohana that please leave me, you are mistaken. Mohana says I know who are you, you will go to your mother. Piya screams for help, suddenly trees cover Piya and protect her from Mohana. Mohana thinks that she doesnt know she is a devik, I cant let her get help. She says my witch stone will work now, she throws stone at her and says tonight you will burn and you wont meet Ansh. She leaves.

Ansh looks at Piya’s earring and says someone changed real earring, please touch this one. Vedsheree calls Nishant who ties him with his rope. Ansh says papa.. Vedsheree says he is a professor. Ansh says he is Piya’s father. He says my daughter is Saanvi only. He points arrow at him and says I can make you sleep. Ansh tries to leave, Nishant fires arrows near him. Ansh rush to Adi and glares at Nishant, he says what if anything happened to Adi? I have to leave. Nishant says I wont let you leave. Vedsheree sees earring on floor. Ansh throws Nishant away. Nishant takes trishul and asks Ansh to stop. He says I didnt want to use it but you are forcing me. Ansh says you cant stop me. Nishant is about to hit Adi but Vedsheree and Chitali stands infront of him and ask Nishant to stop. They had touched Piya’s earring and recalled everything. Vedsheree says to Nishant that no mother can see her son in pain, I remember everything now. Chitali asks Shekhar to touch it, he does and remembers everything, Avi does too.

Vedsheree hugs Ansh and says sorry, but now we remember everything. Family hugs him. Avi says sorry. Nishant says what is happening here? Shekhar says I will tell you everything. Nishant says I dont want to waste my time. He turns to leave but Ansh asks him to stay for his Piya, his daughter, Nishant is shocked.

Scene 2Mohana brings unconscious Piya near moon, she says when moonlight is its peak, Piya will become of ice. Moon is coming up. Mohana does mantras on Piya. Piya starts becoming of stone.

Ansh tells everything to Nishant and says we are in past. Nishant says I never heard such a big lie. Ansh says how do I know about your daughter? Nishant says dont lie. Vedsheree says please trust us, we remember everything, we touched Piya’s earring and recalled everything. Nishant says what nonsense? He touches Piya’s earring and recalls everything.

Nishant touches Piya’s earring. Ansh says this is your wife’s earring who gave it to Piya, do you still think I am lying? Priest says I am sure they are not lying. Nishant asks where is Piya? Ansh says Mohana is behind her. Nishant says she will try to kill her as Adi is vanishing. Ansh rushes to Adi. Nishant says we have to save Piya to save Adi. Vedsheree says where is Piya? Ansh says I know.

Mohana sees Piya freezing and says story will end and Adi will vanish too.Ansh and Nishant comes to jungle. Ansh leaves fireflies in sky and follow them as they lead them to Piya.Tree is falling near Piya to save her. Mohana says I wont let it happen, she asks tree to move away, it doesnt. Mohana says I have to teach a lesson. She takes witch avatar and uses her powers to break its roots, she takes it away and throws it from cliff. She sees Piya dying and says nobody can save her.

Nishant and Ansh comes to area where Piya is. Mohana senses them and says someone is here. She hides from there. Nishant sees Piya and says Mohana have tied her with witch tree roots. They try to rush to Piya but Mohana comes infront of them. Nishant points arrow at her and asks Ansh to run and save Piya, Ansh runs to her. Nishant says I will take revenge of my wife and my daughter’s killing, he shoots at arrow her but she jumps away.

Ansh comes to Piya and sees moon about to cast light on her. Ansh says I wont let anything happen to her. He becomes davansh and becomes big. He covers moon so it doesnt fall light on Piya.

Nishant tries to attack Mohana but she punches him and laughs.Ansh says Nishant told me that I can break spell using metal. He sees his metal ring and touches Piya’s ice covered body, ice breaks and Piya wakes up.

Mohana says to Nishant that you cant beat powerful witch like me now. Nishant throws arrow and ties her to a tree.

Ansh says Piya.. Piya moves back and says who are you? are you with a witch? Ansh says I am your Ansh, you dont remember me. Ansh says wait, he gives her earring and ask her to touch it. She says its mine. She touches it and says I remember everything now. Ansh rushes to her and hugs her, he says I found you, now I just save to Adi. Piya says who Adi? Ansh is stunned and moves back.

Mohana says to Nishant that your daughter is in danger as my son davansh is not safe for her. Nishant leaves from there. Mohana says I have to free myself.Ansh asks Piya who are you? where is my Piya? Piya says I am your Piya. Flashback shows how Mohana had hid real Piya in casket and made Dilruba lie there. Flashback ends. Ansh grabs her neck and asks where is my Piya? Dilruba laughs evilly. Nishant comes there and points arrow at Ansh, he asks him to leave his daughter.

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