Vani Rani update Wednesday 24 April 2024

Vani Rani 24 April 2024: Scene 1The client comes to Sid and says you have sold my information. This is why Vani didn’t come. You have lost my case. Nandani says what is he saying. He is mad. He says no we got him info. But who did this?Avinash says which photo should I send forward? Kaviya says you are such a good photographer.

He holds her hand and says you are so beautiful. Ask my heart how beautiful are you.Sid says info leaked from Vani’s office. Mama’s name will be damaged. She will be very angry. How will I answer her.Kaviya is shy. She says I am going. She leaves. Avinash’s other gf calls him later.

Rani says to Sartak why didn’t you come to eat? She makes him. Rani says what happened? He says I know what are you about to say. You know when there is tension between me and adi he sends you to convince me for sacrifice. Rani says Adi really loves Anjali. I know he did wrong but he really loves her now. He never cried before. Sartak says what about? Did I cry before? I loved Anjali. I am not Adi. Adi doesn’t listen to no. He is jealous of my happiness. Rani says he is your brother. He really loves Anjali. I saw them at Sid’s wedding. They love each other. Sartak says Anjali loves me and I didn’t snatch anyone’s love. Anjali says Adi is her mistake and she wants to forget him. I have sacrificed enough for brotherhood but won’t let Anjali go. I wont sacrifice Anjali go and tell Adi. Adi is overhearing.

Later, Anjali calls Sartak. She says did you make notes? How is everyone at house? Anajli says sartak are you angry? Share it with me. Is your anger because of.. She sees Adi in mirror. Sartak says ma.. Hello. Anjali Sartak adi is here. Adi takes her phone and throws it away.Anjali says what are you doing here. Anjali says are you mad. Adi says I love you. Why are you doing all. He grasps her hand. Anjali says leave my hand stay away from me. He says hit me. You are killing me already. Kill once and for all. Her dad says Anjali.. Adi hand on her mouth. Her head hits wall. She faints. Her dad comes in. Adi takes hides with anjali.Sartak comes home. He says where is ANajli? Her dad says she texted that she is out with her friends. Sartak says in heart I shouldn’t tell him he would get worried.

Sartak calls sid and says Adi has kidnapped anajli. Sid says what? Sartak tells him everything. He says Anjali is missing. Adi has kidnapped her. I won’t leave him. Sid says come to office. I am waiting for you there. Nandani listens everything. Nandani says adi kidnapped anjali. Sid says he is a child. Don’t worry. I am going.Sid calls police. He says to his friend I want to trace my brother’s location. Don’t tell anyone.

Adi takes anjali to a garage. She is faint there. Adi takes off his jackets. Sartak keeps calling adi. He says to sid I am really worried. Sid says I found his location. Lets go there. Adi comes near Anjali.Sid and Sartak are on their way. Sartak says this looks like a jungle. What will he do with her. Adi puts his jacket on Anjali. He sits close to her.Sid says i know he wont harm her. Adi says I love you Anajli. I can’t tell you how much. He touches her face. Anjali wakes up. She is scared. Adi says don’t worry. I wont hurt you. Just listen to me. She says is this how you talk? By kidnapping? Stay away from me. He breaks stuff and says you left me no other option. Just listen. I am sorry please. I love you. Anjali is scared and crying. Adi says I know you love. You are just making me jealoys with Sartak. Anjali says I love Sartak. He breaks stuff. Anjali is crying and sobbing.

Scene 1Adi says to Anjali you just love me. Anajli is scared. She is crying. Adi says I am saying sorry why don’t you understand. She tries to run away from him. He says can’t you see I have changed. Now I am sorry. Say you love me. Adi says I love and I know you love me. Don’t ever say that you love that Sartak. He shoves stuff. Anjali is scared. She says let me go. He says you are not going anywhere. Anjali is crying and sobbing. Adi sits somewhere.Saartak and Sid are on their way.

Adi dozes off and anjali runs from the shed. Adi stops her and says where are you going? She says I wanna go to wash room. He takes her out. There is a wash room. He says dont’ dare doing anything clever. Anjali runs from the washroom. Adi looks for her everywhere. SArtak and sid come to jungle as well. They come to shed but there is no one. Sid and Sartak look everywhere. Adi is looking for anjali in jungle. ANjali is running. Sartak sees Adi’s phone. He says I will call police. Sid says lets looks for Anjalo now. Anjali is running in the jungle. She sees a snake coming towards her.Sartak, Sid and Adi are looking for Anjali in jungle. Anajli gets scared of the snake. It bits her. Adi finds her. He says someone please help us. Anjali is crying. Sartak sucks the venom from her wound. Sartak faints. Anjali says Sartak. He faints.

Scene 2Doctor checks sartak. He says I have given him antidote. You can just pray that he opens eyes soon. Rani is crying. Ajay says don’t worry he will be fine. Anajli says its all my mistake. He did that to save my life. He is there in bed and i am standing here. Rani says he will be fine.

Prabha says what is wrong with this house. Adi went so extreme. Nandani says where is he?Adi comes to temple. He sits down there and says forgive me. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. He is crying. Adi says please take my life but save Sartak. Save my brother don’t give my punishment to him. Vani comes there. Adi says I.. Vani says just came here to say that if anything happens to Sartak no one will be able to save you. Remember that.Vani comes upstairs. Rani is crying. AJay says don’t cry he will be fine. Rani says jiji you came. My sartak. Vani says don’t worry he will be fine. He is a fighter and we all know that. And sid you, why didn’t you inform me? Parkash says I asked him not to talk about court to you. Vani says I am talking about the house and Sartak. Thank God Mishti called me. None of you bothered informing me.

Anjali’s dad is worried for her. He says whom should I call? Its so late. Kaviya calls her dad. She says its me Kaviya. I wanted to tell you anajali is here. Sartak was coming home and met an emergency. Anjali saw him. She brought him home she is here. SHe will be home soon. Adi says thank you.Sartak opens his eyes. Everyone smiles. Ajay says sartak open your eyes.

Sartak looks at everyone. Rani says don’t get up. Keep resting. See your brother is crying. Saartak is fine now. God listened to us. Adi says please forgive me Sartak. I shouldn’t have done this. What you did for Anjali I could never do this. you risked you life for her. You truly deserve her. Anjali I am sorry. No one can love you more than Sartak. You both please forgive me. Sartak says no one will forgive you until you don’t stop crying like a kid. Everyone giggles. Sartak hugs Adi. Adi says I am very sorry. Sartak says forget it all. Rani says my kids are so good. Anjali says I forgave you too Adi. Nandani is disappointed.

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