The Rules of Love update Tuesday 23 April 2024

The rules of love 23 April 2024: Harsh notices Sona messing with Maitree. Sona requests that Maitree never enter the kitchen or Puja’s room again. She asks Nandini not to let Maitree into the kitchen. Harsh speaks up for Maitree, telling her she can go wherever she wants.

Sona claims you’ve only known her for two months, but I’ve known her for many years and know how unlucky she is. Harsh makes a remark about her and tells Sona that Maitree came into this house as his wife. Harsh threatens Sona that anyone who raises a finger at Maitree would have their finger broken. Sona observes them and then departs. Harsh is grateful to Maitree.

Harsh encourages her not to feel important to him and adds he would do the same if someone else was in her place.Kamna tells Nandini that she doesn’t understand why Harshsoftened towards Maitree after seeing her in tears.

Sona tells Maitree over Bluetooth that her rage for her has subsided after witnessing her in misery. Maitree tells Sona that Harsh can’t be mad at her for long. Harsh, according to Maitree, still loves her. Nandini tells Kamna that if Harsh reconciles with Maitree, it will be difficult for them.

Kamna tells Nandini that she will make Harsh despise Maitree so severely that he will never love her again. Maitree is cleaning the house when Kamna and Nandini arrive. Sona hired Maitree as a housekeeper, according to Kamna.

Sona summons everyone to the Hall. She informs everyone that she has made the decision to accept Kamna as her Sautan. Om is taken aback and wonders why she has changed. Sona claims she did not finish her speech. She tells Harsh that she is willing to accept Harsh as their family son and to forgive Madan and return his rights in the house provided they agree to her terms. Om inquires as to the nature of the condition.

Maitree, according to Sona, must leave this house. Maitree places her hands on Sona’s feet and begs her not to separate her from her family. Sona disputes this.

Harsh claims Maitree is his wife and she would not leave him. Kamna requests that Harsh stay away from them. Harsh claims it is also tied to him. Sona claims you won’t obtain your rights then. She walks away. Kamna invites Maitree to spend some time at her parents’ house. Maitree inquires if she, too, believes she is unlucky. She appears to be in pain and requests Nandini’s help.

Harsh tells me that Maitree doesn’t need to go anywhere, and that I should go to the workplace and then return to talk to Sona. Kamna is powerless.

On the phone, Maitree informs Sona that their plan is operating flawlessly. Nandini informs Kamna that Ashish is not at home owing to High Court work and that now is the greatest moment to depose Maitree, but Harsh will not allow it.

Kamna claims Maitree has cast black magic on my son, but I will make him listen to me. Kusum dials Nandini’s number. Nandini leaves Kusum and asks Kamna to take care of the cooking.

Harsh reflects on his time with Maitree while driving. Harsh requests that Oberoi cancel their meeting. He arrives home early. He knocks on the door and requests that Maitree open it. Kamna appears and becomes enraged. She keeps her cool and takes Harsh with her. She attempts to provoke him against Maitree. Maitree on call requests Sona’s assistance in her final plan as well. Sona claims she has her and God’s support, and Maitree’s victory will be announced tomorrow.

On the phone, Maitree tells Sona that it’s time to use the last weapon. Harsh imagines Maitree being insulted. Sona orders Maitree to prepare meals for the Pandits without eating or drinking anything. Sona is seen torturing Maitree. Harsh volunteers to assist Maitree. Maitree claims she doesn’t require his assistance. Harsh keeps his distance. Maitree and Sona question why Harsh is silent and not intervening. Sona cautions Maitree and burns the pallu of Maitree’s saree. Sona yells “Fire!” Nandini and Kamna appreciate the scene and agree that it’s better if Maitree dies in the firefight.

Maitree is saved by Harsh. Maitree becomes disoriented and passes out. Harsh grabs Maitree and requests water. Om goes in search of water. Harsh tells Maitree that if something happenedto her, he will die. He promises that nothing bad will happen to her. He picks her up and leads her to her room. Sona is overjoyed.

Kamna notices Sona and realises that it is Sona and Maitree’s plot to transform Harsh. Maitree is forced to sleep on the bed by Harsh. He looks for a first-aid kit.

Kamna arrives and informs Harsh that it is all Maitree and Sona’s idea. She claims Maitree is acting erratically. Harsh does not believe her words and orders her to leave the room. Sona begs God to bring Harsh and Maitree back together.

Harsh applies ointment to Maitree. Maitree wakes up. She tells Harsh that his hand also burned and applies the ointment. She asks why he risked his life. He says how much she means to him. Maitree thinks she is doing all these things to make him see the real face of his mother. Kamna tells Nandini that it’s all Sona and Maitree conspiracy to change Harsh. Nandini says I already told you to not underestimate Maitree. Kamna says no one can save Maitree from her next plan. Nandini thinks it’s good to maintain distance with Kamna if Sona joined hands with Maitree.

She wishes all the best to Kamna’s plan and leaves.Harsh goes to Kamna. He sleeps on her lap and tells his mother that he can’t live without Maitree.

Kamna takes the phone and does something without his knowledge. Harsh apologises to his mom for hurting her. Kamna says she is proud of him and says she is not angry. Harsh thanks her. Kamna asks if will he give her anything she wants. Harsh says he will give her. The next day, Nandini receives a call. She gets shocked after attending the call.

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