The Rules of Love update Sunday 3 March 2024

The rules of love 3 march 2024: Everyone is dancing and Saransh is heading towards the venue with barat. Nandu is in immense excitement and calls Maitree to the show her the barat. Maitree also comes out and sees it. Sachin and Dinesh also decides to join and dances happily with them.

Nandu tells Maitree that she cannot resist herself from dancing. Maitree tells her take care and Nandu leaves. Nandu also gets in the barat and starts dancing. Sona doesn’t like Nandu’s dance in her pregnant state. Ashish signs Nandu to dance slowly. Nandu feels uncomfortable but she doesn’t tell anyone.

The wedding ceremonies for Maitree and Saransh begin later. Pandit requests the kanyadan from Maitree’s parents. Kanyadan is performed. Nandu loses consciousness. When Maitree notices this, she exits the wedding ceremony. Maitree is

told to cease by Sona. Everyone is concerned about Nandu. They should take Nandu to the hospital, Maitree tells Ashish. Maitree is asked to stop, and Sona advises against leaving before the marriage ceremony because it is unlucky. Sona doesn’t get Maitree’s attention. Maitree is also reminded by Sona that their sacred knot is coming undone. As Maitree walks away and collapses to the ground, the sacred knot is released. When Sona sees the holy chunri, she feels awful.

Om claims to have lost his automobile keys. When Maitree arrives in her scooter, they head straight towards the hospital. Joining Nandu in the hospital are Maitree, Ashish, and his parents. The physician examines Nandu. How is Nandu? Ashish and Maitree enquire. She is OK, according to the doctor. How is the baby, Ashish queries. To determine the baby’s condition, the doctor advises using sonography. Om requests Ashish to phone Nandu’s home and let everyone know she is doing well.

Sona is informed by Dinesh and his wife that Ashish called and informed them that Nandu was fine and wished the same for the infant. Sona claims that everything will be OK, but what about the slur we received at the mandap because of your daughter, and the impending end of the muhurta time? Calling Ashish, Sachin requests that he bring Maitree right away. He leaves the speaker on the phone. According to Maitree, Nandu is becoming conscious. When Nandu regains consciousness, she consoles everyone for being so tense. She is prompted to relax by Maitree. Maitree is asked to arrive shortly by Sachin. Maitree is asked to leave, and Ashish tells her that Nandu will be taken care of.

Nandu queries why the infant is immobile. She is concerned. The nurse comes there to take Nandu to sonography. Maitree mother asks Maitree to return. Nandu asks Maitree to stay with her. Maitree says she will return to the mandap once she learns the baby is fine.

Sona is informed by Dinesh that Nandu and Maitree are best friends, thus may the wedding go place at a different muhurta? Sona claims that she is ill. They request that she tell them. Sona breaks clay pots and asks the group to mend them before giving Maitree another chance. Visitors back Sona and accuse Maitree of wrongdoing. Sona gets upset and yells at Dinesh for standing up for his daughter. Sona claims that your daughter mistreated my kid. Sona is requested by Maitree’s mother. Sona queries Saransh about her use of the word. The sonography performed on Nandu by the doctor reveals that the infant is healthy. The doctor shows Nandu and Ashish the picture of the newborn. They are joyful and laughing. Saransh is asked by Sona if he wants to if he wants to marry Maitree even after knowing he comes last on Maitree’s list. Saransh tells Sona that he follows her decisions and asks her to take the decision. Sona says she already decided and breaks off the marriage.

Everyone is sitting in the hospital. Nandu asks Maitree that what will the baby call her, chachi or maasi? Maitree replies, maasi. Nandu says that she went through all the pain and still she wants baby to call her maasi, no way. Maitree tells Nandu that she can be maasi, baby is already going to call her mother. Ashish smiles. Nandu agrees with Maitree. Doctor laughs and says that the baby is very lucky to have two mothers. Everyone gets happy.

Sona takes Saransh with her from the mandap. Dinesh and his requests Sona and tries to stop her. Sona ignores them and continues to take him with her. Maitree, Nandu and Ashish shows up in front of Maitree. Sona tells them to turn around because the baraat is returning back. Dinesh tries to calm Sona down. Sona tells Maitree, Ashish and Nandu to move away and let them go. Maitree takes Nandu with and makes her settle down on a chair to rest. Maitree goes back to Sona. Maitree tells Sona that when she told her that she’s their daughter in law, since then, she always called her mother.

Maitree joins her hands and apologises to Sona. She tells Sona that she was helping Nandu because she’s her best friend, and that’s why she couldn’t stop. Maitree requests Sona to don’t break this bond. Sona tells Maitree that she carried her friendship, but cannot be their daughter in law. Sona gets angry on Nandu and Maitree. Pandit asks Sona if he should take out new Muhrat? Sona gets furious and tells him that there will be no wedding happening and continues to take Saransh with her. Om interrupts her and requests to not stop the wedding because of impulse anger, because it’s not fair. Kusum and Maitree’s parents also requests Sona to not ruin the kid’s life in her anger. Ashish tells Sona of she doesn’t want this marriage to happen, then it won’t be happening, but at least think about Maitree that how innocent she is, and all she did was save her friend. Sona gets angry and tells Ashish that she chose Maitree because of determination and how she respects everyone. Ashish tells Sona that if Maitree won’t have come with him, it would have been very hard to handle Nandu and her child. Sona asks Ashish to stop talking about the child who haven’t even born. Ashish tells Sona that she also cares for the child. He politely convinces Sona to let this marriage happen. Sona starts scolding Nandu to Ashish. Nandu feels bad. Ashish tells Sona that Nandu was also excited, but she also did some mistakes. Sona agrees with him. Ashish tells Sona that Maitree did all this because she cares for everyone. Sona feels better. Om asks Sona if she forgave kids? Maitree tells Sona that she will agree to any of her decisions, and asks Saransh that what does he want? Saransh gets confused. Ashish also agrees with Maitree asks the same to Saransh. Saransh starts revering past events. Sona asks Saransh that what is he thinking about? Saransh doesn’t say anything and moves back. Ashish asks Saransh that what happened to him? Saransh says that Maitree just act caring, but in reality, she doesn’t. She just carries a fake persona. Saransh says that Maitree is always planning something in her mind, and says that after this wedding she will covert his life into hell, so he refuses to marry her. Everyone gets shocked. Sona announces that the final decision is made. Sona tells Saransh she will bring a lot of brides for him like her. Saransh says that he doesn’t want to get married, and will be going back to London. Sona starts crying and asks Saransh that does he wants to leave her alone. Sona starts slapping Saransh. Dinesh grabs Saransh and says that he will take him to jail. Saransh starts apologising. Saransh comes back from his reverie. Sona asks Saransh that where is he lost, and why is he sweating so much? Saransh tells Sona that he got tensed and decided that Maitree is correct. Saransh says if Sona doesn’t want this wedding to happen, it won’t. He says that he wants to know Maitree, and if she comes in her his life, she will take care of everyone and everything. Maitree thinks that Saransh thinks very positively about her. Saransh thinks that it will be very profitable to marry Maitree because of the drug’s case.

Vasundhara and her brother is going to Maitree wedding. His starts explaining her about his dream where Maitree’s wife got spoiled. He tells her that he saw this dream in daytime. Vasundhara says that she already knows how to convert dream into reality.

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