The Rules of Love update Monday 4 March 2024

The rules of love 4 march 2024: Maitree tells Saransh that he has to take the decision if he can trust her or not. Saransh remembers about the benefits of marrying Maitree. Sona asks Saransh that what is he thinking about? Saransh says that if he marries Maitree, she will help in everything and will also take care of him and his habits.

Ashish and Nandu gets joyous and starts smiling. Saransh grabs Maitree’s hand and tells her that she’s very innocent and caring, and he will give her the same respect and relation Ashish and Nandu have between them. Saransh sits on his knees in front of Maitree and asks her if she wants to marry him? Maitree gets happy. Saransh jokes and tells Sona that if she again tries to stop the wedding, then he will runaway with Maitree. Everyone starts smiling. Sona says that she’s also happy with the decision.

Sona gives her blessings to Maitree and Saransh, and says that this wedding will happen no matter what. Sona asks Pandit to stop resting and take out another muhrat. Everyone gets excited.Vasundhara also arrives at the wedding entrance and thinks that today they will know what they actually did after taking Nandu away from her.

Pandit is taking out the muhrat. Saransh gets text from his friend which reads that Maitree and his visa and tickets ready, and they will be in London after 24 hours. Saransh reads it and locks the phone. Sona tells Saransh that, Maitree and Nandu’s friendship is the cause of every problem, and she will break their friendship after Maitree’s wedding. Nandu watches Maitree smiling. Maitree wishes for Vasundhara to arrive. Pandit is doing all the rituals. Nandu watches Maitree and Saransh sitting together in the mandap. Nandu thinks that her gathbandhan was also done by Maitree’s parents, because her mother doesn’t even care about her.

Sachin shows up and tells Maitree that there are no rasgullas. Sona jokes and that they should get rasgullas first, they can do the wedding afterwards. Maitree’s mother tells them that she will take care of it.

Vasundhara and her brother are standing outside the venue. Maitree’s mother is talking to catering company to get the rasgullas fast. She spots Vasundhara and goes upto her. She tells Vasundhara that Nandu will be excited to see her in this wedding. She takes Vasundhara with her.

Pandit is completing all the rituals and everyone is sitting with Maitree and Saransh. Maitree’s mother brings Vasundhara inside and on the way tells her that, they did Nandu’s kanyadan as she was busy with her work.

Vasundhara remembers everything and stares at her. She tells Vasundhara to let go off past events, and continues to take her inside. She brings her to the mandap and tells Nandu that Vasundhara is here. Nandu gets scared and everyone gets confused. Nandu remembers her wedding. Vasundhara walks upto Maitree. Everyone greets Vasundhara. Sona tells everyone to complete the rituals first. Vasundhara’s brother asks her if he should call the police? Vasundhara whispers something in his ears and he leaves. Nandu and Vasundhara stares at each other and remembers their past events. Saransh asks Maitree that who is she? Maitree tells him that she’s Vasundhara, Nandu’s mother. Saransh remembers Ashish telling him about her. Saransh thinks that she have his footage. Vasundhara walks upto Maitree and Saransh. Nandu thinks that Vasundhara is here to spoil the wedding. Vasundhara gives her blessings to Maitree. Maitree also greets her. Vasundhara gives her blessings to Saransh too. Vasundhara remembers Saransh’s footage and tells him to smile, because you never know what might happen tomorrow. Sona asks Vasundhara’s permission to continue the wedding. Vasundhara apologises and agrees with her.

Everyone is showering flowers on Maitree and Saransh while they complete their fere. Nandu tells Ashish that she thought that Vasundhara is here to spoil the wedding. Ashish tells her that Maitree went to invite her personally, and advised him to not tell her about this. Nandu gets shocked. Vasundhara’s brother comes back and tells Vasundhara that nobody and understand her. Vasundhara says that she switched her decision after coming here.

Vasundhara thinks that these all are the people who made Nandu marry Ashish without her permission, and Maitree took control of everything. Vasundhara tells her brother that she wants Maitree to ruin her life on her own by marrying Saransh, because she’s her biggest enemy here, and after this wedding when she will get to know about the true side of Saransh and regret everything.

Maitree and Saransh are completing there fere. Maitree thinks that everything is going fine, even after so many problems. Saransh thinks that their tickets are ready, and will be in London in next 24 hours. Pandit announces that the fere are completed and everyone starts celebrating.

Now, pandit asks Saransh to put Mangalsutra on bride’s neck. Saransh puts in on Maitree and completes few more task. Vasundhara thinks that now both the family will be destroyed. Vasundhara gives money to Pandit for Maitree.

Her brother calls the gifts for Maitree. Vasundhara congratulates them and says that she got some gifts for Maitree and Saransh. Sona thanks her and everyone starts clapping.

Vasundhara hugs Nandu and she gets uncomfortable. Ashish goes to Nandu. Vasundhara tells Nandu that she’s not upset anymore. Maitree, Dinesh and his wife are standing together looking at Nandh and Vasundhara. Dinesh tells Maitree that it’s take a lot of time to heal the wounds, and now their relation is healing. Maitree’s mother tells her to take everyone’s blessings. Ashish advises Nandu to forget about the past, like Vasundhara did. Nandu looks at Vasundhara and says that she can’t do it because she went through everything. She tells Vasundhara that Ashish, who was her assistant, took care of her daughter when she was never there. Ashish again asks Nandu to calm down. Nandu says that she will forgive her, only if she apologises to Ashish. Vasundhara says that she’s her mother, rudely says that if she wants her to apologise? Nandu says that she’s not talking like a mother, instead she talking like an advocate, who she hates and leaves after saying this. Vasundhara tells Ashish that everything happened because of him. Ashish apologises to her. Vasundhara tells Ashish that he learnt everything from her, and now is using it against her? Ashish again apologises and she’s a type of advocate who can help the criminals for some money, but he would never do it. Ashish tells her that he didn’t wanted to marry Nandu without her blessings, and he even tried to come at her house, but she kicked him out after cussing him.

Vasundhara says that she hates him today also, and would do the same. She tells Ashish that he ruined Nandu’s life by marrying her, if she wouldn’t have married him, she would’ve been a great lawyer like her. Ashish smiles and tells Vasundhara that Nandu is happy with him, and living her best life. He tells Vasundhara that he already knew that she’s not here to give the blessings. Vasundhara says that she’s here to give him a message that he will lose the case, and will also destroy his career. Ashish tells her that he will do anything to win against evil, and gives her an “all the best”. Vasundhara says, they will meet and court. Ashish agrees with her. Nandu sneakily listens to both of them.

Everyone has gathered for Maitree’s farewell after the wedding. Her mother and father remembers all the joyous moments they spent together. They both starts crying. Maitree is walking towards the vehicle with everyone following her. Maitree gets teared and starts crying. Her mother hugs her to say goodbye. Maitree hugs all of her family members and they gets emotional. Ashish is looking at her. Ashish consoles them by saying that she’s going their another home. Maitree’s mother gets very emotional and says that the house will miss Maitree very much. Dinesh also starts crying. Maitree consoles him. Dinesh advises Maitree to never argue with elders in her new home. Maitree and her family hugs together. Sona tells them that they will miss the muhrat if they keep on invest time in crying. Maitree helps Maitree to sit in the car. Maitree sits inside, and Sona gets happy. Dinesh closes the door and Maitree goes away and gives them a goodbye.

Vasundhara is is returning home and remembering about her interaction with Ashish. Vasundhara’s brother says that nothing happened today. Vasundhara says that she’s waiting for the right moment.

Maitree and Saransh are standing at the main door of their house. Sona places the kalash and tells Maitree to kick it and everyone welcomes her. Maitree takes her first step and everyone starts celebrating. Maitree goes inside and looks at the house. Sona takes her inside with her. Ashish is thinking about the Vasundhara’s words. Nandu asks Ashish, what happened? Ashish tells her that it was very strange that Vasundhara came to the event and he’s not feeling positive. Nandu tells him to leave it because she always does that. Sona tells Maitree and Saransh to take blessings of god. Sona prays to god for their better life. Sona announces that tomorrow, there will muh dikhai event and invites everyone. Everyone chants god name. Maitree also prays to the god.

Maitree is sitting in Saransh’s decorated room. Saransh comes in and congratulates her. He tells her that their tickets to London are ready, and it’s a small gift for her from his side. Maitree smiles and tells her that she never knew him really well. Saransh politely grabs her hand.

Om gives a rose to Kusum. Kusum asks him that, what happened? He tells her that it’s romantic weather. Om hugs her and says that he took retirement just to spend time with her. She says that he will never improve and will be flirty for rest of his life. Om laughs.

Kusum advises him to change, because he’s going to be a grandfather now. Sona comes in and they both get nervous after seeing her. Om asks Sona, what happened? Sona is frustrated and says that in Maitree’s wedding, a lot of unholy events happened,

which never happens in a wedding. Kusum says that the wedding is already done. Om also agrees with her and says it was really important to take Nandu to hospital. Sona is angry on Nandu and says that she’s shouldn’t have danced, and advises Kusum to take control over her.

Maitree tells Saransh that, whenever she saw her parents in her childhood, she always thought that it’s the perfect couple, and after when she saw, Ashish and Nandu, she thought that they are also a really good couple, so after seeing them, she decided to have a husband just like them, with whom she can also share her life. Saransh thinks that she’s thinking a lot, and doesn’t even know his actual plan. Saransh tells her that now, she needs to change this couple list, because he’s very competitive, and wants them to become the best couple of this world.

Sona tells Om and Kusum that she will do something regarding all these unholy events that happened in Maitree’s wedding.Maitree tells Saransh that she wants both of them to be successful in their individual careers. She wants to celebrate their life, instead of just living. She says that she really loves to celebrate events.

Saransh thinks that she has done her own individual planning. Saransh grabs Maitree’s and says that she’s very innocent and asks if she wants something else off him? Maitree tells him just to simple and nothing fancy. Maitree says that she just want them to be a great idol to their children. Saransh smiles and grabs Maitree by her waist, and gets nervous. Ashish and Nandu comes inside their room and intervene their moment.

If the marriage is over, as Om claims, why worry? Sona promises to speak with Pandit to find out the solution. Dry fruits and milk are given to them by Nandu and Ashish. Sona arrives and announces that Suhaagrat has been postponed. Sona tells Maitree that she needs to visit the temple tomorrow to meet Pandit, who will require them to perform Pooja as atonement for the unlucky events that occurred during their marriage. Sona gives her a saree and tells her that she must wear it. Maitree concurs. Sona requests that Nandu and Ashish visit the temple in order to receive blessings for their unborn child. Maitree is invited to spend the night with Nandu by Nandu. Their bond is not lined by Sona.

Wear that ridiculous dress Sona gave you, Nandu tells Maitree in the room, and put on the saree I’m giving you. She presents her with a fresh sari. Maitree observes. Tomorrow, according to Nandu, they can enjoy a mini-picnic. It’s late, according to Maitree, so they go to sleep

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