The rules of love update Saturday 2 March 2024

The rules of love 2 march 2024: Maitree is sitting in her room thinks about Saransh’s condition. On the other side, Saransh is thinking that how he can something to convince her completely. Dinesh is thinking about Maitree’s tensed behaviour when she asked them if she can back out from this marriage. Dinesh gets up opens the closet.

His wife asks him if he’s going somewhere? Dinesh tells her to get ready because they have to go somewhere.

Vasundhara’s brother tells her that he got complete details of that guy in sherwani in a pen drive. Vasundhara takes the pen drive from him.

Saransh picks up his shoes and takes out a syringe from it. Sona suddenly comes in and asks him that what is he doing with the shoes? Saransh tells her that he was just deciding which shoes to wear. Sona goes upto him and asks him to show her the shoes. Saransh places it back inside the closet and closes it. Sona hugs him and asks him to sit with her. Sona tells him that she was very lonely when he wasn’t here. Saransh wipes her tears and tells her to calm down. Sona says that she’s very excited since when he sweared on her. Saransh hugs her. Saransh asks Sona, what would happen if he have refused to marry maitree? Sona says that she would convince him, because she’s very innocent and down to her roots. Sona tells him that he’s very lucky to have Maitree in his life. Saransh’s hands starts shaking, but he controls it. Sona tells Saransh that he should go to sleep and makes him sleep.

Vasundhara is watching the cctv footage in her laptop. Her brother shows her everything and Vasundhara spots Saransh asks her brother that who’s the person inside the car? Her brother tells her that they can get all the details by the number plate. Vasundhara asks her brother to delete the video from the original source, so that they can take all the actions and she can also name the guy in the car as the main drug dealer and prove Nethaji innocent and win against Ashish. Her brother starts praising her for this genius decision.

Ashish is thinking about how Saransh asked Sona to convince him to leave the case.Saransh gets up from the bed and sneakily goes to his car. Saransh leaves in her car. Just then, Dinesh and his wife shows up at Ashish’s house in their car. Dinesh calls Ashish outside. Ashish comes outside and asks Dinesh that why did he called him this late? Dinesh tells him that he wanted to talk about Maitree. Ashish gets shocked.

On the other side, Saransh gets inside Maitree’s room through a window. Maitree gets scared and says that somebody might catch to them. Saransh puts his hand over her mouth and makes her settle down on a sofa.

Dinesh tells Ashish that they trust him that he will bring a person for Maitree. Ashish asks Dinesh if Maitree said something to her? Dinesh denies. Dinesh’s wife says that Maitree’s been a little worried since few days. Ashish tells Dinesh and his wife that everyone gets a feeling of tremble and says that Saransh is perfect for Maitree, don’t get tensed.

Saransh is sitting in front of Maitree and tells her that if she got any doubts about him, he ready to back off from this marriage. Maitree asks him that why is he saying this? Saransh tells he was trying to convince his heart to not marry her, but he got to know that his heart is in love with her and cannot do anything such. Saransh tells her that he loves her. Maitree gets tensed and gets up. Saransh goes up to her and tells her that he loves her unconditionally, and doesn’t know how will he survive without her. Maitree gets sad. Saransh tells her that he doesn’t want to end up like his parents and asks her tells him if she has any doubts about him. Maitree looks at Saransh. Saransh tells Maitree that she has to decide everything. Maitree gets worried.

Ashish tells Dinesh that Saransh is very responsible and can take care of Maitree very well.Maitree tells Saransh that she didn’t trusted him, but now she trusts him. Saransh gets happy and they both starts smiling. Maitree says that she also trusts Nandu and Ashish too. She tells Saransh to promise her that he will never leave her.

Dinesh asks Ashish to promise them to not let Maitree face any problem in their house. Ashish gives his word to him. Dinesh feels happy. Saransh promises Maitree and tells her that he will not leave her ever. Maitree asks him to leave as tomorrow is their haldi. Saransh asks her to give him a goodbye kiss. She refuses and sends him.

Everyone is ready for Haldi ceremony and Sona is bringing Saransh with her. Everyone starts hugging each other and Sona asks Maitree’s mother if they can start the event? She agrees with her. Ashish takes Saransh with him. Ashish tells Saransh, he knows that he doesn’t wants him to handle the case, but Dinesh got very emotional and told him to handle this case, also he tells Saransh that some the footage for deleted from the source, he thinks that Vasundhara did all this, because she always has always helped criminals. Saransh gets scared and thinks that she got his footage. Ashish requests Saransh to let him handle the case. Saransh agrees with him and Ashish hugs him. Saransh thinks, now there’s a new problem now.

A lady asks Sona, why did she arranged haldi of groom and bride in one place.

Sona tells her that there’s no law, and she wanted to do it. Sona announces that they should start the ceremony. Just then, Nandu interrupts her and tells her that she will do the haldi first, because Maitree and her signed an agreement in their childhood that she will start the haldi ceremony. Sona denies and takes the haldi from her. Nandu takes it back. Sona gets angry and grabs her arm. Sona says, no matter what, she will do the haldi first. Nandu and Sona starts arguing. Maitree grabs both of their hands and puts the haldi on her simultaneously. Maitree says that now they both did the haldi first and asks them if they are happy? Maitree’s mother appreciates Maitree for her action. Nandu smiles at Maitree. Sona laughs and says, now she can start the haldi ceremony. Sona takes the haldi from Nandu and starts putting it on Maitree.

Ashish says that it’s good that Maitree is coming to their house, now she can handle everyone easily. Everybody starts putting haldi on Saransh and Maitree. Saransh starts smiling. Saransh thinks about the footage that got deleted. Sona asks Saransh that what is he thinking about? Saransh says, nothing. Sona gives Maitree a set of anklet and makes her wear it. Sona tells her not to leave her house until she comes to their house being their daughter in law. Maitree agrees with her. Suddenly, Saransh stands up and announces that he wants to take Maitree to London with him.

Everyone gets shocked. Nandu asks Saransh that why is he trying to break her friendship with Maitree. Saransh apologises to her and says that he always wanted to do this. Maitree tells Saransh that Nandu and her decided to stay together after their wedding. Saransh tells Maitree that he knows about that. Everyone gets tensed. Saransh starts laughing and says that he was just talking about taking her on a honeymoon. Everyone gets relieved. Ashish starts laughing and hugs Saransh. Saransh goes upto Nandu and tells her that he will never take Maitree with him to break their friendship. Sona takes Saransh with her and Nandu gets sad. Saransh asks Maitree to give her passport to him, so that, he can apply for her fast track passport. Maitree agrees with him. Nandu takes Maitree with her to make her change the clothes. Sona stares at Nandu. Ashish also takes Saransh with him.

Vasudhara’s brother returns home and tells Vasundhara that he got information about the sherwani guy. He reveals to her that Sherwani guy is Saransh who is the brother of Ashish and would-be husband of Maitree and the car Saransh registered in the name of Ashish. Vasundhara says today is Maitree’s marriage.

Ashish makes Saransh get ready. Nandu makes Maitree ready. Nandu feels uncomfortable. Maitree asks if she is fine. Nandu lies she is fine and hides her pain. Maitree tells Nandu that they can go on a London trip on their vacation and asks her to lock it. Nandu teases her. On another side, Ashish tells Saransh that they can go on a mini trip to goa once they return from their honeymoon. Saransh agrees and hugs him. Saransh recalls his plan of shifting to London completely with Maitree before he get exposed and he took his friend’s help for visa processing. Dinesh and his wife feel emotional seeing their daughter in a wedding dress. Maitree hugs her parents. She assures them she always stays as their Pari. Nandu gets tears. Maitree asks Nandu if she is fine. Nandu says she recalled her vidaai where she doesn’t have her parents. Maitree and her parents say she has them. Nandu says she chooses Saransh for Maitree and he will be perfect for Maitree. Maitree prays to god to reunite Vasundhara and Nandu in her marriage. Later Nandu calls Maitree and shows her the Bhaarat. Saransh thinks he is coming to marry Maitree and takes her to London completely.

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