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Radha Mohan 1 March 2024: Radha standing in the Mandir explains she cannot turn back after coming such a long way, she explains for her desires to be fulfilled Bihari jee must help her because she wants to find out the truth about the death of Tulsi, mentioning she has already spent one night while fighting with her Mohan jee but now wants to live the rest of her life feeling his love, she mentions now it is the responsibly of Bihari jee to give back her love.

Tulsi explains that Bihari je was always by her side, Radha informs Tulsi she cannot leave her Mohan jee and Gungun alone so Tulsi must stay here to protect her, Tulsi gets worried for her safety when Radha mentions till that time she will go and find out the truth about her safety, Radha leaves but then the Diya starts going out.

Mohan in the room remembers how Radha kept blaming Damini for everything that is happening around them, she said that someone who is very close to Mohan can send these texts as she would have gotten his phone very easily, he recalls ho he said that Radha should leave his life just like Tulsi and never come back, Mohan exclaims his mind says that Radha is a liar but the heart only wants to get close to her, and even he desires to give the rights to Damini however his heart is not ready to accept it.

Ketki walking in the room wonders how Mohan also used to fight with Tulsi before she left the house and their arguments just kept getting bigger, she thinks of how Mohan has also started fighting with Radha. Ajeet enters the room when Ketki informs him how Radha and Mohan bhai are fighting, he says that such type of fighting is normal between married couples but Ketki is still very worried. Ajeet assures nothing would happen to Radha since she has the support of Bihari jee.

Gungun is playing with her doll when Radha comes to her room, Gungun requests her to make her hair mentioning that all of her friends praise her when Radha helps her but Mohan does not know how to do anything, the last time when he helped tidy her hair then poured a lot of oil on them. Radha mentions no matter how he makes her hair, they have the feeling of love in them, Tulsi wonders why is Radha talking as if she is leaving this house, Gungun also asks if Radha is going anywhere when she says she can never leave them as with her and Mohan jee, she is not complete. Radha hugs Gungun exclaiming she does not know why she still does not want to leave even after so much has happened.

Damini steps out of her room when someone suddenly stops her so she gets worried, Ketki says that Damini can fool Mohan but it would not work on her, she says Radha has told her that Damini was the one who sent the criminals after her. Damini says why would she care when she ahs not done anything, Damini asks why is Ketki so worried for Radha, saying she is the one who keeps changing sides, as she first befriended Radha but then got angry with her however s once again her friend. Damini says she has understood it because Radha is now the daughter in law of this family and if Ketki wants to stay here then would have to please Radha, Ketki yells at her when Damini mentions that just as brother is a dog then even the brother in law is the same. Ketki turning is shocked to see Ajeet, who explains he has heard everything when Ketki requests him to not think about anything because Damini is habitual of saying such bad things, Ajeet mentions that ever since he came into this house a lot of people have said a lot of things but he never felt bad, Ajeet says he used to take care of Gungun but now Radha has also come for it.

Damini calls Nikhil asking him to call a meeting and make sure that even Kadambari mam is present there, she then calls someone mentioning she will pay him so much money that he would not have to work for the rest of his life, she says she will not cause fire because that way Tulsi died however this time she will use such a method which would not have been seen till now.

Mohan is sitting when Radha calls him, he says that he warned her to not show him her face so Radha replies that she just came to request him to eat something otherwise he would get sick, he says that she should not care if he lives or die. Mohan tries to close the door but Radha stops him, mentioning that he does not love her but he loved Tulsi and must think why would she send him those texts, Mohan says that Tulsi is the one who had sent those texts as nothing changes by switching the number. Radha still tries to talk however Mohan closes the door on her face, he leans against he door and is very tensed while Radha is also crying standing beside the door. Mohan remembers how they both would take care of each other whenever they were in any trouble, Radha is still crying and even Mohan is emotional, when she says that neither can she never stop caring for him nor can he stop saying that she will surely bring the answer to all of his questions today and bring all the proof for him after which he will believe everything that she is saying, then his hatred will surely turn into love for her so he just has to wait for one day. Radha catches her breath, and leaves after wiping the tears.

Mohan angrily opens the door after hearing a knock saying he said he does not want to see her face, he is shocked to see Kadambari so asks her to come inside when she asks what has happened, mentioning he thought that Radha was standing at the door. Kadambari asks if he got in a fight with her when he says why would he fight with her, Kadambari mentions she is his mother and can hear everything that he desires to say, she mentions that usually argument is a meaning of love. Mohan mentions sometimes certain people are not meant for love and those who tend to close to his heart end up arguing with him just as Tulsi or Radha. Kadambari says this means he is in love with Radha, Mohan tries to refuse but Kadambari replies he himself said that those who are close to his heart tend to leave him. Kadambari mentions his heart has revealed the truth, she requests him to listen to his heart explaining that love should be their strength and not weakness. She requests him to listen to his heart as the decision is with him, she mentions how she knows her son can never take a wrong decision.

Kaveri informs Damini, she has never taught her to lose and she must come back after winning, as she only has today for her completing their desires. Kaveri mentions just as they were not blamed for the murder of Tulsi then even nothing should come on them for the murder of Radha. Damini mentions Tulsi was believed to commit suicide while Radha would be blamed for being very clever and it is what caused her death, Damini is adamant while Kaveri is furious.

Radha is slowly walking towards the door of the house, remembering how Mohan said the worst day of his lfe is when he married her, and he said he hates the day he sent her close to Gungun and she came into his life, he exclaimed she does not deserve to stay in his life. Radha steps out of the house walking away.

Damini steps down the stairs when Mohan stops her mentioning she is still not well so would not go to office, Damini tries to reason when he instructs her to stay in the house but she informs it is very important that she goes today because she has a very big contract and if they get this deal then the future of Gungun would be set. Mohan mentions he does not know how he along with the entire family would than Damini for all her efforts, he explains he has not gone to office in the past seven
years while in that time their company has only gone ahead. Damini mentions it is not any favor since she is also a part of this family so anyone would do it, she asks if she can leave when Mohan thinks that Damini has done a lot for them so he does not know how he would repay her. Tulsi says that the person for whom he is so concerned is the reason that all of their relations are broken, she mentions that this behavior of Mohan will surely cause his relation to break. Damini angrily walks out of the house.

Radha sitting on the desk is staring at the mobile, she thinks she has to gather proof in order to make Mohan believe everything that she is saying, Damini standing at the cabin thinks Radha should try and spy on her because she only has this one day as tomorrow she will neither have her strength or life to do it. Radha thinks of the app about which Gungun told her, she remembers it is Find Callers App, which can tell her so she does it however is not able to find anything. Radha thinks all of the doors are closed so prays to Bihari jee for a new way, she sees Gayatri leaving so stopping her asks if she can tell her who owns the number.

Damini asks what is Radha talking with Gayatri, she wonders if Radha creates a problem for her. Gayatri mentions there is only one way as they have to talk with the network operator, Radha does not understand when Gayatri informs she meant the networking company however explains they will not tell her anything since it is against their rules, Gayatri informs she can help her mentioning she has a friend who works there and would be able to help them, she requests Radha to not tell anyone otherwise her friend would lose her job.

Radha thanks Gayatri and even Bihari jee, she is adamant that once she finds out this number belongs to Damini then the truth would be revealed, she will once again get back the respect of Mohan and he will himself force Damini to reveal the truth. Radha sits down on her desk when Damini accidentally causes the vase to fall on the desk, Radha tries to walk close to her but Damini leaves when Radha thinks that this behavior of Damini is making her believe she is walking on the right path.

Ketki requests Mohan to think why did both Tulsi and Radha mistrust Damini and every time something wrong happens, Damini is the one to blame even when a lot of members are present in this family. Mohan asks Ketki to stop defending Radha since she herself wanted them both to get married but did she forget how Radha made a fool of her so she sends the photos which she used in front of the police inspector. Mohan explains Radha is once again making a fool of her, which tends to change. Mohan says that Damini has always been the enemy of Ketki which does not change, he refuses to listen to anything. Tulsi requests him to not say anything that hurts Ketki, Mohan blames they do not have any proof against Damini, he informs he trusts Damini and she is innocent, he warns her to stop trying making him suspect Damini as he will always trust her, he says if Ketki and Ajeet do not trust her then she can go to the house of her in laws, he says he does not want to hear anything against Damini.

Ketki gets stunned so leaves. Tulsi questions what is he saying because this house also belongs to Ketki, she demands he should take back his words since he is wrong, she questions for how long will he hurt everyone for Damini, as he first hurt her, then Radha and now even Ketki. Tulsi questions how long is he going to hurt his family members for Damini.

Damini on the call explains Radha has got very close to her secret in such a short time and then will even reach the poof in her cabin, she mentions after that Mohan will understand she is the one who send all those texts to him. Damini informs they have to transfer the secrets today and she is going to inform him about the plan after a while, they will transfer those proofs at eight o clock tonight. Radha is shocked to realize that Tulsi did not commit suicide and Damini has a very close relation to her death, she exclaims Damini is a very heinous criminal as she snatched a wife from her husband and a mother from her daughter, Radha exclaims if Damini has committed the crime then she is going to be punished, she vows on Bihari jee that she will not let her crimes see the sun of tomorrow morning.

Kaveri goes to the Mandir and prays that they give her daughter their blessings however she stops saying that they all have given their blessings to Radha, Kaveri then goes to request the Druga Maia but stops wondering how can she forget how she hit her Trishlok to Damini so how can she forget that even she is the friend of Radha, Kaveri at last prays to the last deity but she stops thinking how her daughter fought with him in Shivratri, she exclaims all the deities are on the side of Radha so asks them to tell her who can she pray to for the betterment of her daughter. Kaveri exclaims she knows they all do not like her daughter, but they should make sure Damini gets success in her plan, and Radha should not see the light of tomorrow, they must make sure Radha dies at eight o clock tonight.

Radha is really worried wondering why has no one arrived from the telecom company, she stops Gayatri asking why has the person not arrived when Gayatri explains her friend has risked her job but would not be able to do it again, Radha replies she knows they would not need it again however Gayatri must praise her friend for helping them. Radha is glad to see the person coming and she is about to take the envelope, but Damini snatches it before,

Radha demands her to give back the papers since they belong to her but Damini mentions this is her office, she turns to leave when Nidhi comes to take her signatures but Damini pushes her so she is about to fall. Radha is about to enter her cabin when Damini asks if she forgot what would happen if she entered the cabin, Radha remembers when Kadambari warned how she would be fired if she enters the cabin again in the future. Damini exclaims Radha should come inside and take the papers forcefully if she desires to lose her job, she recalls when she heard Damini talking on the phone instructing how they have to transfer the secrets tonight at eight o clock, she asks Radha to come inside and take the appears. Radha leaves after a while.

Damini holding the paper waits for Radha to leave, Radha angrily goes to sit on her desk thinking Damini desires she should leave this office, however she thinks it will never happen, she will also make sure that Damini is not able to shift any proof from this office.

Damini shockingly looking at the letter thinks her plan cannot end like this, as the secret which she has kept hidden for so long would remain like it, she explains she knows what Radha is trying to do as she desires to prove that Damini sent all those texts to Mohan and is behind the death of Tulsi. Damini exclaims it will not happen as she will destroy all the proofs tonight at eight o clock along with Radha.

Mohan staring at the photo of Tulsi exclaims he sometimes feels he is their criminal, he mentions first Tulsi left him so he was broken but then Radha entered his life and one by one ended all the problems of his life, she managed to mend his broken relation with Gungun. Mohan questions for what reason as she also broke him and this time he feels he cannot be the same ever again, he asks what crime has he committed against them both. Tulsi mentions neither him nor Radha as they both desire to protect him from Damini, because she first lost her life and Radha has also put her life at risk so she is worried if Radha also loses her life today.

Damini is really frustrated to see that her phone has died, she sitting on the desk tries calling from the landline and then instructs the person informing she will give him the proofs today, and he can use any means he likes, she instructs him to also do something about the number explaining that the blame of Tulsi’s death should not trace back to her. Radha hearing the call wonders where is Damini going to go after leaving such an important meeting.

Kaveri angrily exclaims that her daughter was going to end the life of Radha, she wishes Damini should come back after winning because ever since Radha came to this house, she has ruined their lives so Damini must make sure that Radha doensot even come near their entire city.

Damini looking at the watch thinks it is time to fulfill the plan, Radha also vows that it is time to end the plans of Damini.

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