Bitter sweet love starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu getting too excited about her mehendi. Everyone is busy in arrangements. She gets a current shock. She gets back. Mehendi hai rachne wali…plays.. She falls down. She smiles. She hugs Vijay and wipes his tears. Kunal sees Vandu getting happy and putting the board outside the house. He worries.

Mrunal says Vaibhav didn’t call me. She thinks if he cheats me, then I won’t leave him. Anagha says you did good to invite Kunal. He says he saved my life. She says he has our house papers, he may buy our house, keep in touch with him. He says yes, I want my phone. She asks him to take her phone from Shivam. He goes out. Mrunal sees Vaibhav and her pics. She leaves her phone. He thinks to call on his number from Mrunal’s phone. He gets shocked seeing Mrunal and Vaibhav’s pic. He gets angry and shouts Mrunal. Anagha comes.

He asks what is all this, how dare Vaibhav do this. She says I know all this, I have seen them kissing. He asks what, you knew all this, why didn’t you tell them. She says you won’t tell anyone, please don’t do a drama, come with me. Vandu makes the mehendi cones. Vijay asks her to get ready, Atya went to temple. She hugs him and goes.

Mrunal says I will help. He says don’t do anything wrong. He goes. She thinks I will see this mehendi gets happiness or tears. Hemant says I will not leave them. Anagha says no, you will listen to me. He says don’t stop me, its about Vandu’s life. She says no. Anagha sees Vandu coming and stops Hemant. She says Vandu will break the marriage and stay here, will you take her responsibility. She argues with him. Vandu gets ready and is very happy.

Anagha says once marriage happens, Vandu and Mrunal will go their paths, and we will go on our path, don’t tell anyone. Mrunal comes. Hemant gets angry and leaves. Mrunal asks why did you tell Hemant. Anagha says it was imp. Mrunal cries. She says nothing is going right, Vaibhav has switched off the phone, what will he do. Vaibhav’s family comes. Hemant asks where did Vaibhav and Mrunal go. Vaibhav’s mum says he will come late. Pammi comes and says maybe he has run away like Hemant did. Vedika says Kunal will finish his work and come. Vijay worries and prays for Vandu’s happiness. Vaibhav dances happily and takes pics. Sawaar loon…plays… She says I will apply black dot to myself. She applies the kajal.

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