The Rules of Love update Friday 31 May 2024

The rules of love 31 may 2024: Swayam is being held hostage by the occultist and Jhumki. Jhumki blackmails Maitree into giving Swarnamani in exchange for Swayam.

Sadhana asks Maitree if she will give up Swarnamani a few hours prior. Maitree has stated that she will not give up Swarnamani. Kusum requests that Maitree at the very least listen to her parents. Harsh inquires if Kusum summoned them. Kusum claims she had no choice but to take Maitree’s side. Harsh says he will back Maitree because he believes she is correct. Sadhana threatens Maitree with suicide if she does not give up Swarnamani.

Kusum approaches the occultist and Jhumki. Kusum tells the occultist that they should welcome Maitree in her snake form since she knows Maitree is Mahadev’s chosen one. Kusum turns back and thanks the occultist for their assistance.Jhumki smacks Kusum across the back of the skull. Kusum loses unconscious when she sees Jhumki. Jhumki makes a remark about Kusum.

The entire family appears to be celebrating. Maitree searches for Kusum. Maitree notices Kusum leaving. Maitree takes after Kusum. Maitree calls for Kusum, but Jhumki remains silent and guides Maitree to the storehouse.Harsh takes Maitree aside, thwarting Jhumki’s plot. Harsh requests that Maitree eat something because she hasn’t eaten since the morning. Harsh brings Maitree to the table. Nandini informs Maitree that Kusum has contacted her and informed her that she is heading to the temple. Maitree is skeptical after seeing Kusum go upstairs.

When the occultist and Jhumki notice the time has passed 10:30 p.m., they decide to bring Maitree here. Jhumki tells the occultist not to worry and promises to try something to get Maitree to come here herself.Harsh is informed by Maitree that she must shed her skin at 11:00 p.m. Harsh requests that Maitree lose her skin in the room. Harsh has stated that he will remain with the children. Nandini, Sadhana, and Dinesh approach Maitree and inquire as to why she summoned them. Maitree claims she made no phone calls. Maitree realizes that they were summoned here in her stead. Maitree believes the children are in danger because everyone is here. From the outside, Maitree’s chamber is locked. Harsh and Maitree knock on the door, attempting to open it.

Jhumki approaches the children and hypnotizes them. Kusum recalls what occurred. Kusum unties herself and opens the door of Maitree’s chamber. Maitree inquires of Kusum as to her purpose for being here. The children approach Maitree and hug her. Maitree inquires of the children as to the whereabouts of Swayam.

Jhumki sends a signal to Maitree. Maitree notices Jhumki’s presence and informs Harsh. Kusum tells Maitree about what happened and how Jhumki got into the house with the occultist. The children also claim to have seen Jhumki.Maitree is being threatened by Jhumki. Jhumki reminds Maitree that it is now 11 a.m. Jhumki enchants Maitree in a circle. Maitree is visited by a golden snake.

The kids tell Maitree that they spotted a lady that resembled a snake. Harsh decides to go investigate. When Maitree and Harsh arrive downstairs, they notice that the occultist is keeping Swayam hostage over a large pot, which contains a crocodile. Jhumki mocks Maitree and tells her that they got into this residence with the help of Kusum.

Maitree inquires of Jhumki as to what she desires. Jhumki expresses a desire for Swarnamani. Maitree does not agree. The occultist threatens to suffocate Swayam.Jhumki requests that Maitree give Swarnamani and accept Swayam. Jhumki displays the time as 11:00 p.m., and she is currently at her weakest. Jhumki claims she has no choice than to provide the Swarnamani. Jhumki seduces Maitree in a ring.

Maitree requests that God Mahadev show her the solution to save her kid. Kusum prays to God Mahadev, pleading with him to save Swayam.Jhumki blackmails Maitree into handing over the Swarnamani. When Maitree realizes Swayam is in danger, he offers to surrender Swarnamani to Jhumki. Jhumki is overjoyed to see this.Everyone freezes as the golden serpent approaches Maitree. After a while, the golden snake leaves. Everyone is unfrozen. Except for Maitree, no one else notices anything. Jhumki requests Swarnamani from Maitree. Maitree requests Swayam from Jhumki. Jhumki instructs Maitree to grasp Swarnamani with one hand and Swayam in the other.

Swarnamani is unintentionally dropped into the pot by Maitree. Swayam is also thrown into the cauldron by the occultist. Everything in the pot also evaporates.

Jhumki inquires of Maitree as to the whereabouts of Swarnamani. Maitree recalls seeing Swarnamani fall into the pot directly in front of her. Maitree inquires of Jhumki as to the whereabouts of Swayam. The occultist informs Maitree that the Swayam is with them and inquires about the Swarnamani’s whereabouts. The occultist examines Maitree and determines that Swarnamani is not with Maitree. Jhumki inquires of the occultist about Swarnamani’s whereabouts. They must find it, according to the occultist. Maitree inquires about Swayam’s whereabouts. Jhumki tells Maitree that if they don’t find Swarnamani by tomorrow at 11:00 p.m., they would kill Swayam. From there, Jhumki and the occultist depart.

Harsh claims he couldn’t figure out how to find Swayam. Maitree claims to know where the true Swarnamani is.It is displayed when the Golden Snake visits Maitree. The golden snake requests that Maitree give it Swarnamani, and with the help of Mahadev’s powers, the golden snake delivers her a phony Swarnamani. Maitree claims to know where the genuine Swarnamani is.

Jhumki inquires of the occultist about Swarnamani’s whereabouts. Using his Mantras, the occultist discovers that the Swarnamani is at Maitree’s residence but not with Maitree. Jhumki requests a detailed explanation from the occultist. The occultist promises to answer her doubts later and tells them that if they don’t find Swarnamani before 11:00 p.m., it will be placed in Mahadev’s temple and they will never be able to see it again. Jhumki declares her desire for Swarnamani. The occultist warns Jhumki that Swarnamani can only be found by Maitree, not them.

Maitree and Harsh pray to God Shiv for guidance in saving Swayam. The golden snake emerges from God Shiv and bestows Swarnamani upon Maitree. Maitree learns from the golden snake that either Jhumki kept Swayam in this house or that even if they removed Swayam, they will discover the lead in this house. Maitree tells Harsh about it. Harsh wonders how they will handle Swayam. Maitree tells Harsh that they must find Swayam before 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. Maitree makes a prayer to God.

Maitree requests assistance from Mahadev. A sacred ox appears to assist Maitree. According to Maitree, Mahadev does not want Jhumki to have Swarnamani. Jhumki declares that she will not abandon Swarnamani even if it meant death.Maitree is concerned about Swayam after seeing his photo. Maitree hears Swayam’s voice and wonders where it is coming from. The lights begin to blink unexpectedly. The lamp light dims and brightens. Maitree inquires of Swayam whether he is speaking to her through the lamp. Swayam indicates yes with a single blink. Maitree inquires about Swayam’s presence in this house. Yes, says Swayam. Maitree requests that Swayam show her the way to him. Nandini comes in and instructs Maitree to hurry since Jhumki is doing something.

Maitree arrives with Nandini and notices the occultist performing Pooja. The occultist offers sacred water to Jhumki and instructs her to sprinkle it about the home so that when the water falls on Swarnamani, she will shine. Jhumki brings Maitree with her to spray the entire house. Maitree and Jhumki enter Nandish’s bedroom. Jhumki scatters confetti in Nandish’s chamber. Maitree notices Nandish’s rainforest drawing. Maitree is drenched with mystical water. Maitree notices the Swarnamani glowing in her neck. Maitree keeps it hidden from Jhumki.

Jhumki later approaches the occultist and informs him that she has not found Swarnamani anywhere in this mansion. According to the occultist, there is only one method to find Swarnamani, and it requires sacrifice. Jhumki says they will make two sacrifices and that if she does not find the Swarnamani, they will sacrifice Swayam and Vedika.

Nandini tells Maitree what Harsh told her about Swarnamani. Maitree subsequently tells Nandini and Harsh that Swayam reached out to her via the lamp and the photo. When Maitree touches the lamp, she sees jungle sights. Maitree mentions it to Harsh and Nandini. Maitree later approaches Nandish and requests that he show her his drawings. After glancing at the illustrations, Maitree claims she knows where to seek for Swayam.

The next day, Jhumki appears and informs Maitree’s family that they must perform a Yagya and that everyone must participate.

Jhumki inquires of Maitree as to what she is up to. Maitree says she had to do Pooja today since it is Amavashya, and if she doesn’t, her snake powers will be upset with her. According to the occultist, if Maitree’s snake powers are furious with her, they may not find the Swarnamani. Hearing this, Jhumki allows Maitree to do the Pooja.

Jhumki finds Maitree covering her face with the Gungat while doing the Mahayagya. Jhumki suspects it is someone else and decides to investigate. Harsh stops Jhumki and requests that Maitree remove the Gungat and reveal her face to Jhumki. Maitree removes her Gungat and reveals herself.

It is seen that Harsh and Maitree plan how to find Swayam without attracting Jhumki’s attention. Maitree summons her shadow. Maitree tells Harsh that if anyone touches this shadow, it would vanish, and that this shadow will only listen to her. Maitree requests that Harsh contact her if she needs to order any shadow items. Harsh concurs.

Jhumki enters the MahaYagya and sits. Maitree searches the bush for Swayam. Harsh gets concerned when the dust falls on Maitree and she becomes transparent.

Maitree searches the bush for Swayam. Maitree hears Swayam’s voice and inquires as to his whereabouts. Maitree comes to an abandoned building and enters it.

In that abandoned building, Maitree discovers Swayam’s photo frame. Maitree realizes Jhumki has captured Swayam in a photograph frame. Maitree throws away the photo frame. Swayam emerges from the photo frame. Maitree embraces Swayam.

Maitree has saved Swayam, and Jhumki realizes it. Jhumki touches Maitree’s shadow, and she disappears right in front of her. Maitree has betrayed Jhumki, she realizes.

Swayam is brought to Triveni Sadan by Maitree. Maitree requests that Swayam remain in the car. When Maitree enters the house, she discovers that all of her family members are imprisoned. Jhumki begs Maitree to give her the Swarnamani or she will destroy her family. In front of Maitree, the occultist tortures her family. Maitree begs Jhumki to stop hurting her family and declares her willingness to hand over the Swarnamani.

Jhumki inquires of the occultist as to what they must do in order to obtain the Swarnamani. Maitree must complete three tasks in order to give Swarnamani to Jhumki and ensure that Maitree will never be able to recover the Swarnamani.

According to the occultist, Maitree must first give up her Golden snake skin to Jhumki. The first rite is performed by Maitree and Jhumki.

The occultist then claims they must exchange the poison in each other. In the second rite, Maitree screams in agony. Swayam prays to Bholenath after hearing Maitree’s cries. The second ceremony is halted by Bholenath. Jhumki inquires of the occultist as to why the second ceremony was halted. The occultist claims that a divine power intervened in the ritual and that the poison she possesses of Maitree is sufficient to perform the third rite. According to the occultist, they must both perform Shiv Tandav. Maitree performs the third rite with Jhumki and hands up Swarnamani to her.

Jhumki murders the occultist after obtaining the Swarnamani since he knows a lot about Ichadari Naagin. Jhumki decides to murder Maitree’s family in order to undermine her self-esteem. Jhumki summons the snakes and instructs them to inject poison into Maitree’s household.When Maitree notices this, she goes to Bholenath and begs him to preserve her family. Bholenath sent a sacred ox to aid Maitree.

Outside, Jhumki notices the sacred ox. Bholenath does not want Jhumki to have the Swarnamani, according to Maitree. Jhumki declares that she will not give up the Swarnamani under any circumstances. Jhumki goes up against the sacred ox.

Maitree makes a prayer to Bholenath. The sacred bull triumphs against Jhumki and abducts her. Bholenath returns the Swarnamani to a secure location and transforms Maitree back into a human so she can live happily with her family.


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