The Rules of Love update Thursday 30 May 2024

The Rules of Love 30 may 2024: Swayam is being examined by a doctor. Maitree beseeches Mahadev to help her save her kid. She tells Shiv that until Swayam regains consciousness, she won’t remove her hand from the lamp.

She covers Diya with her hand. The doctor is questioned about Swayam’s condition by Nandini and Harsh. Swayam is OK, according to the doctor, and will shortly regain consciousness. Maitree is informed by Nandini that Swayam has become conscious. She confronts Maitree after noticing that she is inflicting harm on herself. The fear of Harsh and her children seeing her, according to Maitree, will never leave her.

In order to protect her children, Kusum urges Maitree to leave the house when she tries to meet Swayam. Maitree is powerless. She prepares her suitcase. She remembers her interactions with Harsh and the kids. She believes it is difficult for her to live apart from her family. She asks Mahadev to grant her the fortitude necessary to endure this suffering. She’s about to go outside. Maitree is prevented from leaving the house by harsh. Harsh is reminded that he is stopping a naagin by Kusum as she arrives. She requests that Maitree depart from their lives. Maitree is in Harsh’s hand. When Jhumki sees Harsh preventing Maitree from leaving the house, she is disappointed.

Maitree is brought inside by Harsh. Maitree will remain with them because she is his wife, he tells Kusum. He claims that it makes no difference if Maitree is a Naagin. He asserts that he trusts Maitree and that she will never cause harm to their family. According to Kusum, Maitree was your wife, but since Maitree is now Naagin, she is unfit to dwell with us. Taking Maitree close to the puja chamber is Harsh. He does not pay attention to Kusum and takes 7 pheras with Maitree. Nandini is joyful. Maitree’s mang is covered in sindoor by Harsh.

He informs Kusum that Maitree will always be his wife. How can he coexist with a Naagin, Kusum wonders. Maitree travels with Harsh. Jhumki violently pushes the dish. The sorcerer claims they have a different power to take down Maitree. Jhumki claims there is nothing you can do. She asserts that she will steal Swarnamani from Maitree alone.

Maitree makes an effort to snooze on the ground. She is stopped by Harsh, who explains that she is not required to share a bed. He tells her he believes in her and begs her to be honest with him about how she evolved into Naagin. He learns the truth from Maitree. If she changed into Naagin to save him, Harsh queries. To save him, anything is possible, according to Maitree. I know you have Naagins, but I can’t stand your hatred, she says. Harsh claims that he just loves her. The two of them embrace.

Jhumki tries to enter Trivedi Sadan but she can’t enter due to the protection around the house. The next day, Nandini tells Maitree and Harsh that Kusum is attempting suicide. Maitree and Harsh come to the hall and see Kusum pouring kerosene on her. Maitree requests Kusum to not harm herself. Kusum says she will do anything to save her family from Naagin. She orders Maitree to leave their house. Jhumki tells the Occultist that Kusum is key for them to enter Triveni Sadan to take Swarnamani from Maitree.

Kusum is informed by Nandini and Harsh that they are okay with Maitree staying. Kusum claims that seeing Maitree terrifies children. She yells at the kids. Juhi, Swayam, and Nandish emerge. Seeing Maitree and hugging Kusum makes them feel anxious. Kusum brings the children in. Maitree decides to leave the house because she feels broken. Harsh tells Maitree not to leave the house and promises to speak with the kids.

Maitree is urged by Nandini to give the children some time to adjust. ‘I can’t watch my kids in this situation,’ Maitree claims. She promises to depart. Harsh declares that he won’t let her go. They hear children screaming. They enter the room and enquire about the incident. Harsh is informed by Nandish that Juhi was trapped in the restroom. Maitree is asked by Nandish and Swayam to avoid them. Juhi is urged by Maitree not to be alarmed. Maitree is asked by Juhi not to approach her. There, Kusum shows up. Maitree exits the space. Harsh shatters the door to free Juhi.

Nandini requests that Maitree give the children some time to acclimate. Maitree said she cannot view her children in this light. She says she’s going to depart. Harsh vows he will not let her go. They can hear children yelling. They enter the room and inquire as to what transpired. Nandish informs Harsh that Juhi has been trapped in the bathroom. Nandish and Swayam request that Maitree remain away from them. Maitree tells Juhi not to be afraid. Juhi requests that Maitree not approach her. Kusum shows up. Maitree walks out of the room. Harsh bursts down the door and saves Juhi.

Harsh later tries to calm the child’s fears about Maitree’s Naagin form. Children claim they prefer Maitree to Naagin. Jhumki and the Occultist use their power to send two snakes inside Triveni Sadan to complete their task. Triveni’s Sadan is invaded by two snakes. Maitree demands that the Children hug her only once. In fright, the children hide behind Harsh. They are afraid when they see Snakes in the house. Children flee upstairs in terror. They are pursued by snakes. In her human form, Maitree decides to save children from snakes. Nandini approaches Juhi and promises her that nothing bad would happen to her. Swayam is saved from the snake by Harsh.

Nandish cries out for assistance. Maitree goes upstairs in search of Nandish. She notices Nandish is surrounded by snakes. She transforms into Shesh Naagin and warns Snakes to leave her child alone. Snake throws Maitree from the second floor. Maitree collapses to the ground and becomes human form. Everyone is concerned about Maitree. Maitree is surrounded by snakes. Maitree chants om Namah Shivaya, which summons Nagmani and causes the snakes to vanish. Maitree is knocked out. Harsh transports her home.

Kusum encounters an occultist and informs him that the snake charmer directed her to him. The occultist carries out his plan and instructs Kusum to use the lep he gave her to cleanse their home of Naagin. Kusum nods and departs. Jhumki observes everything from her hiding place. She emerges and informs the Occultist that with Kusum’s assistance, they can kidnap Swarnamani from Maitree. The occultist beams with delight.

Kusum welcomes the occultist and Jhumki into her home. Jhumki keeps her face hidden from Kusum.Harsh had already asked Maitree why she had taken such a risk. Nandini questions Maitree about it as well. Maitree claims she did it because she is concerned about the children. Maitree expressed concern that the children might be afraid of her snake shape. The kids listen in on their talk. Nandini questions Maitree about why the snakes bowed to her and attacked the children.

Maitree claims she has no idea why, but she is certain Jhumki sent the snakes inside the house. Maitree tells Harsh and Nandini that she has built a barrier around the house, preventing Jhumki from entering, and that she is sending numerous forces inside the house. Maitree says she’ll take care of Jhumki.

The children pray to God for Maitree’s well-being. Harsh appears and informs the children that it is indeed Maitree. Maitree requests that the children give her a chance. The kids apologize and reconcile with Maitree. Maitree is accepted as their mother by the children.

Kusum follows the advice of the occultist and breaks the barrier erected by Maitree. Maitree becomes aware of it and awakens from her slumber.Kusum invites the occultist and Jhumki inside. Maitree has decided to put an end to Jhumki’s game today. Kusum requests that the occultist restore Maitree’s humanity. According to the occultist, it will occur today at 11 p.m.

Kusum conceals the occultist and Jhumki in the cellar so Maitree does not notice them. Maitree comes downstairs to see if everything is finished.Kusum notices Maitree and believes that if she sees her handprints at the entrance, Maitree will discover the truth. Maitree has a horrible feeling. Maitree chooses to investigate the obstacle.Kusum acts as if she is suffering from asthma. Maitree visits Kusum. Maitree instructs Kusum to take slow breaths and assists Kusum.

Maitree provides Kusum black coffee and assures her that she will be able to breathe freely. Kusum scolds Maitree and asks why she is taking such good care of her. Maitree believes a mother has the authority to correct her. Maitree tells Kusum that she is like a mother to her.

Kusum approaches the occultist and Jhumki. Kusum approaches the occultist and expresses her need to speak with Maitree in order to persuade her to give up Swarnamani one last time. If Maitree does not agree, Kusum suggests they can do it their way. Kusum claims she brought food for them and requests that they take it. Kusum asks them to wait one day before beginning the procedure to take Swarnamani from Maitree. She declares that if Maitree does not leave Swarnamani, they will begin the surgery. She then walks away. Jhumki questions Baba on why he did not deny Kusum. The occultist advises against going against Kusum because if Maitree discovers their scheme, they will be in big trouble.because Maitree is more powerful than they are. Jhumki claims that they must assault Maitree around 11 p.m. because she will be weak after removing her snakeskin.

Maitree informs Harsh that she is getting a negative vibe and promises to examine the security surrounding their home. Maitree’s mother video calls her and inquires as to why she accepted Naag Yoni. Maitree informs them of what occurred. Maitree’s parents want that she return Swarnamani to Jhumki and put a stop to the difficulties. If Maitree obtains Swarnmani, it will be detrimental to Earth and Naaglok, according to Maitree. Dinesh claims that they only care for their daughter. Maitree’s mother advises her to leave her Naagmani if she wants them to live and then hangs up the phone. Maitree is consoled by Harsh.

Maitree arrives at the mandir. She informs Mahadev of her dilemma. She suspects that someone is spying on her. She looks around, but no one is there. Maitree notices her skin changing and notices the time is 11. Someone puts their hand on Maitree’s shoulder. She turns around and sees no one. Maitree leaves her snakeskin while holding Shiv’s idol. Jhumki believes Maitree has 24 hours to live; let her enjoy this time. The next morning, Maitree is startled to discover a dead bed in the house. Maitree’s parents and family members attend. Maitree’s mother inquires whether she is willing to return the Swarnamani to Jhumki.

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