Force of Attraction update Sunday 2 June 2024

Force of attraction 2 June 2024: Scene 1Shakti enters Shiv’s house and looks around. Otherside Shiv is worried in his room. Shakti has red feet because of stepping on rangoli and leaves her feet marks.

Rimjhim looks around and says this house looks like heaven, its so big and fancy. I never want to leave. Shakti says I just want to get this form signed and go back home. I feel peace at my home only. Rimjhim says maybe this will become our house one day? Shakti finds a mandir in the house and prays to Bhole Nath.

She says I have worked hard so just help me get this form signed. She turns around and finds Gayatri there, she says who are you? Shakti smiles at her and Gayatri asks who are you girl? Shakti whispers to Rimjhim that she looks motherly and she must be the one we need sign from. Gayatri asks if they need anything? Rimjhim says I need to use the washroom and leaves. Shakti touches Gayatri’s feet and she asks her name. Shakti says my name is Shakti.

Keertan is waiting for Shakti. His sister Koyal says you are being tacky, my followers will unfollow seeing you like this. Keertan says I invited Shakti if she likes me. Koyal says you can’t get married till Shiv gets married so stop being a love sick boy. Keertan says no girl would agree to marry him, he would never find love but my love life has started, once Shakti comes here then I will handle everything but how? I should get a gift for her.

Gayatri asks Shakti what does she need? Shakti says my dream is to become a doctor, I have cleared my entrance exam with topping in the city but you can fulfill my dream. Your trust selects 5 kids to sponsor their medicine studies. They have already chosen 4 kids and I need this last spot. Its in your hands to make my dream come true, I promise to be a good doctor. Gayatri says you don’t need to justify as I can see you will be a good doctor, you seem hard working and talented so I am sure you will become Dr. Shakti but the problem is that I can’t sign this form. Only my sister in law or my son Shiv can sign these papers. Shakti says Dr. Shiv is your son? he is a very competent doctor, can you ask him to sign this form. Gayatri says he can’t sign these papers, I will ask my sister in law to sign it. Don’t worry, I will manage this. She asks Sundari to arrange refreshments for her, she goes to talk to Mandira. Shakti says why couldn’t she get the signature from her son? its a small task but don’t know why Maaji got stressed when asked to get the sign from him.

Shiv is getting jittery in his room and says I wasn’t wrong, I shouldn’t hide my truth. I was not wrong before and I am not wrong today also. He keeps getting flashbacks of a girl pleading to let her die. She falls down and says I was not wrong.

Scene 2Shakti is waiting and says it would have been great if I could get Dr. Shiv’s signature but its okay, I just need the sign.Gayatri comes outside Shiv’s room and sees him sitting in a corner. She cries and says he was not wrong. Shiv turns towards her so she hides. Shiv sees her silhouette and cries. They both silently cry, Gayatri says you were not wrong my son. This world, your mother and situation can be wrong but you did the right thing by telling her the truth. I am sure a girl will come in your life who would accept you for you are, she will love irrespective of your truth, she will bring you out of this pain, she will bring your love back. You will get love, partnership and a lasting love. This is your mother’s plea. Shiv is feeling jittery and breaks a vase.

Padma tells Mandira that Gayatri asked you to meet with some poor and begging girl to get a sponsorship so you agreed? Mandira comes to the lounge and Shakti is shocked to see her. She says this woman has to sign my form? she will never agree. She starts to leave but Mandira stops her and says who are you? Shakti turns towards her and Mandira is surprised.

She says what is this girl doing here? She asks what are you doing here? Shakti says I had some work but I don’t think it can happen. Mandira takes the form from her and says so you need my sign to get admission in a medical college? you have misbehaved with me two times so you must be ashamed to ask for help? its in my hands if your dream will fulfill now. Shakti says no.. only Lord will fulfill my dream, if I knew it was your house then I wouldn’t have come. Mandira looks at her marksheet and says you have good grades, you deserve to get an admission. Padma says she has misbehaved with you so she doesn’t deserve anything. Mandira tells Shakti that you wish you wouldn’t have misbehaved with me. You have good grades so I want to sign but I am angry at you for misbehaving with me. She should have stayed in her limits. She tells Shakti that she is ready to sign the form. Shakti is surprised and says thank you so much. Mandira says I have a condition, you have to touch my feet. Shakti is shocked to hear that.

Mandira tells Shakti that she is ready to sign her form. Shakti is surprised and thanks her. Mandira says I have a condition, you need to touch my feet. Shakti says that doesn’t shame me as you are my elder. She is about to touch her feet but Mandira says hear me out fully. She says you need to rub your nose on my feet and say that you are ill-mannered, an idiot and shameless. Shakti gets up and says how can I say all that? you are my elder but how can I say that you are shameless, an idiot and ill-mannered. Mandira says how dare you.. Shakti says you don’t know my name but its Shakti.

Rimjhim is searching around for Keertan and says don’t know where he is, he invited me so nicely. He lives in a big house and is a doctor, I am so lucky that he likes me. She prays to God to set her with him. She starts doing a live on social media. Koyal sees that and recognizes her house.

Shiv is crying in his room and recalls Gayatri’s words that he isn’t wrong and he will get a life partner who will always be with him. He comes out of his room and touches the floor where Gayatri was standing. He says Maa’s feet have heaven under them. He lies on the floor, Gayatri hides and sees him curling down and crying. He says I found my heaven here. Gayatri starts to run to him but Shiv shakes his hand and stops her. He looks away and cries. He says you might be ready to be a mother but I am not ready to be your son.. I am sorry but I can’t forgive you yet. I can just say sorry and not thank you. He goes in his room. Gayatri falls down in front of his room and says he talked to me for the first time in years. Shiv goes to the bathroom and stands under the shower, the water falls over his head while he cries. He screams in pain and says why this pain doesn’t go away? why.. he tries to calm himself down.

Scene 2Sundari brings water for Mandira. She glares at Shakti and pours water over her head. Shakti says calm down Shakti. Shakti tells Mandira that you calmed me down by pouring water. Mandira asks her to get lost. Shakti says its our manners to respect my elders but that doesn’t mean that you can insult me. I am not a liar, thief, an idiot or ill-mannered but you might be all that. Mandira asks her to shut up and says you can blabber all you want but I will never sign these papers. Shakti says I knew that but my dreams aren’t going to rely on your charity. They rely on my Lord’s blessings, my hard work will make me fulfill my dreams as my parents’ prayers are with me. You can do what you want but till I have my Shiv then you can’t do anything against me.

Shiv is lying in the bathtub and gets flashbacks of a girl. He says if you are with me then how can I be sad?

Nandu comes to Gayatri and sees her crying. He says why are you crying again? Gayatri says these are happy tears.. Shiv talked to me for the first time in 8 years.. I mean he didn’t talk to me directly but he did talk for the first time. I think it happened because of that girl.. she entered our house and it made me feel like a blessing, her name is Shakti. Can you check with Mandira and see if she signed her scholarship form? I want to give her that happiness.

Rimjhim is doing a live in Shiv’s house when Koyal comes there and stops her. Rimjhim says who are you? Koyal says you follow me on social media. She tells in her live that this girl tries to follow me and she is a fake. Rimjhim snatches her phone.

Shakti tells Mandira that I respect all elders but you proved that you don’t even respect Lord and humans. Mandira says your dreams aren’t going to be fulfilled. Shakti says I don’t want your shadow on my dreams, if I need your help to fulfill my dreams then I rather leave those dreams. Mandira glares at her.

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