The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 31 May 2024

The Evil Eye 31 may 2024: Scene 1Nishant opens door to witch hunter Trishla’s house. She grows a pot within seconds. Nishant says we need your help.

Family is waiting for Ansh. Ansh, Nishant and Trishla comes there. Piya says Bua? Trishla hugs her and says its been long. Piya introduces her inlaws. Trishla says I am happy to meet you all. Piya gets dizzy, Ansh runs to her. Trishla says dont worry, you will become fine soon, we dont have right time, I will let you know when its right time. She leaves with her bag.

Trishla comes to her room in Ansh’s house. She takes out her chemical from box. Adi is crawling in corridor and becomes of stone near Trishla’s room. Ansh sees it and says there is some bad energy here.

Police is about to arrest Dilruba but Naman stops them and says I killed my Mausi. Dilruba says you hid truth from me? Naman says I will get punished, let my wife goo. Police takes Naman away. Dilruba cries.

Piya serves food to everyone. Trishla sits there. Piya asks her to eat, I want to hear stories of my mom with you. Ansh says to Vedsheree that Piya look happy. Piya says I will bring sweets. She gets dizzy, all ask her to sit and not work, you are weak. Vedsheree asks Trishla to make her fine soon, she is really nice. Trishla says Piya had to bear a lot because of this family but I will end her worries. She hugs her and throws sand around her. Ansh sees it.

Scene 2Dilruba cries and sings lambi judai. Saanvi scolds her. Guru Maa says he accepted crime that he didnt know, he wanted to tell us something. Saanvi says why he was talking about not sleeping around 11PM?

Ansh is tensed. Piya asks what happened? He tells her about sand. Piya says she is my Bua and might be working to make me fine, dont worry, lets go. She turns to leave but gets pain in hand, she says I am fine, she leaves. Ansh says she is right, I shouldnt doubt her.

Naman is in jail and waiting. Saanvi and Dilruba comes there. Saanvi says I have got key, they bring him out of jail as all are sleeping in police station around 11PM. Dilruba laughs. Naman hides her, Saanvi says why did we bring her? Naman says to Dilruba that you cant make noise. Naman says maybe Mausi might have stole mani, Panna tried to take it and attacked her but Dilruba came there so Panna left without mani, she will come here to take mani as Mausi’s things are under police custody, thats why I got myself arrested. Dilruba says you are smart. They see all policemen sleeping. Saanvi says they were made to sleep. Naman says Panna is here.

Piya comes to Ansh and asks him to stop working, she gives him juice but gets pain in hand and drops juice. Ansh sees her arm turning blue. Ansh says I will bring balm. Piya says its fine. Ansh says you have a wound. Piya says I am fine. Ansh makes her sit down and says I will call Bua to check you.

Trishala is doing magic and says they think Mohana has Vedsheree’s soul jar but its with me. Soon he will get life. I knew Nishant would call me when Piya becomes weak. Water in jar becomes statue. Trishala says I was silent till now but its time to attack. Ansh comes there but water statue is gone. Ansh says I have pain in hand. Trishala says I was working but its time to do what I came here for, she leaves. Ansh sees powder on floor and water moving away. He touches powder and then its gone.

Ansh calls Nishant and tells him about powder. Nishant says Trishla must be using it to make Piya fine, dont worry I am coming there, he ends call. Ansh sees water foot marks on floor and says what is this?

Naman and Saanvi checks Mausi’s things in police station but mani is gone. Panna comes there and says I have it. She shows them mani.

Ansh comes outside Piya’s room. Family tells him that Trishla is working on Piya inside. Ansh says I have to go inside. Trishla comes outside and says I know you are worried but you cant go inside. Ansh says why? Trishla says you are a davansh and I am witch hunter so its not a good combination. Nishant comes there and says to Ansh that you have witch blood, please understand that she just wants to make Piya. Piya looks at Ansh and nods. Trishla goes back in room with Piya and locks it.

Dilruba tries to take mani from Panna but Panna attacks her. Naman rushes to her. Saanvi says stop it Panna. Police comes there and arrests them. Panna is gone.

Nishant says to Ansh that Trishla is my sister, Piya is safe with her. Ansh sees water going inside room. He rushes and breaks room door. Family comes inside room and sees it covered with leaves. Piya says I am fine now, Bua made me powerful again. All thank Trishla. Trishla says is mine too. Vedsheree says I was dying inside but I am so happy for you now. Piya says Ansh you were worried for nothing. Trishla says he loves you a lot, I should leave now. Ansh stops her.

Police locks Sanam, Dilruba and Naman in jail. Saanvi says whats important about mani that Panna wants it? Dilruba says I want mani, she becomes a bat and leaves cell.

Ansh thanks Trishla and says sorry for doubting you. Trishla says its okay, dont worry. Piya sees pot growing from her hand and says Bua did this. Ansh thanks Bua. Trishla says we came here for special work here, dont thank me, she leaves. Ansh says we? Who was with her? He goes behind her. Nishant goes too.

Naman asks bat to comeback inside, Police will think you ranaway. Dilruba flies near inspector. Officer gets call and leaves. Dilruba throws key near Naman. Naman tries to pull it inside.

Ansh sees Trishla talking with someone. Trishla says Piya is fine, it means your time is here.


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