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The good son 24 June 2021: Later she announces the game. Everyone plays the game. Dadi signs the song. Purva plays music and stops. Sanju turn comes. He asks Pankhudi for a dance, but she refuses. Purva asks her to dance. They dance. Next comes Gomti…Gomti reads the chit and says she has to tell the secret. She says we will dance first and then I will tell my deep secret.

The good son 23 June 2021

Gomti recalls mechanic sayings and takes out the wires from the music system with whom he had compromised with. She takes out the wire and keeps on floor. Purva sees the wires on floor and is about to plug them, but Pankhudi comes and pushes Purva and takes wire from her hand and gets electric current. They all get worried.

Vedant checks Pankhudi who pretends to be unconscious. She hugs him and thinks she has to do this, so that she can make place in his heart and Purva don’t doubt on her. Dadi comes and is thankful to God as she is fine. Pankhudi lies that she saw the naked wires and that’s why tried to stop Purva. Gomti asks Ramesh how did Pankhudi come to know about their plan. Vedant comes and blames them for trying to make Purva get short circuit. Ramesh defends himself and scolds Vedant. Vedant says enquiry will be going on. Dadi says he can’t do this. Ramesh scolds Vedant again. Vedant asks Pankhudi to sleep. Purva thanks her and he says that he has deposited the thanks and became lakhpati. Pankhudi asks Purva which side, he sleeps. Purva asks her to sleep. Pankhudi asks do you love him? Purva says no, I don’t. Pankhudi thinks to free her from her unwanted relation.

Purva getting a call from Shishir Dwivedi, an event management company owner who offers her job. Sh says she will do the job. He says he will send the details and the dress code. He sends her dress code pic. Sumiti hears her and goes. Purva thinks that’s why I don’t like joint families. Gomti takes selfies while going out. Sumiti asks where is she going? Gomti says temple. Pankhudi asks herself to go to hospital with Dr. Vedant from tomorrow, sitting on his bike.

Sanju comes and admires her. Pankhudi sees him and asks him to study. Sanju says he wants to pass, but Papa wants him to fail because of the deal with Vedant. He says he has tear all his books. Pankhudi thinks she can’t let Vedant lose and asks sanju to pass for her. Sanju promises her to become a good doctor.

Pankhudi thinks my Vedant can never lose.
Vedant checks the CCTV footage and sees the mechanic who compromised with the wires with Gomti. Pankhudi comes there and tells Vedant that Gomti bua did that on Ramesh’s sayings. Vedant says you must have told me. Pankhudi says I don’t want to hurt you, and hugs him. Vedant says it is okay. Rashmi comes there and sees Pankhudi and Vedant have a hug and get shocked. Gomti meets a young guy who praises her. She tells that she talked to her brother about their marriage. The guy gets tensed. She comes home.

Vedant asks Gomti about the mechanic with whose help she tried to harm Purva. Ramesh tells that the man was Bittu, an OPD Patient. Vedant says there was no entry. Ramesh says I will not be proved wrong. Mechanic comes there and accepts his doings. He tells that he did that on Gomti’s orders for money. Vedant asks him to go.

Dadi tells Ramesh that he has shown enmity on his father’s birthday and Vedant saved him from Police. Ramesh says we have done so many favors on him, and says even a dog shakes his hand after eating the food. Dadi slaps Ramesh. Vedant says Dadi. Ramesh asks him not to interfere. Gomti bends down before Dadi to get saved from punishment.

Ramesh asks Vedant to leave from the house. Dadi asks can you run the house and take care of everyone and the kids education expenses. She says if Vedant leaves then you will lose customers also as they trust you because of him. She says Vedant will not leave. Ramesh says I will trouble you a lot that you will go. Sumiti tells Narendra about Gomti’s affair. Narendra gets tensed.

Vedant tells Purva that he wants to talk to her about yesterday’s party. Purva says even I want to tell you and tells that Dwivedi offered her a job and send uniform also. He says uniform. She shows the pic. Vedant asks her to go to office and wear it. He asks her to say yes and says I will handle everything. She signs him thank you. he smiles.


Gomti tries to cheer up Dadi. Dadi asks her to say truth and asks where she went and with whom. Gomti says she met her true lover and asks her to get her married. Dadi says if you do the same thing there. Gomti shows her Preetam’s pics. Dadi says he is much younger. Gomti says age is just a number in love. Dadi calls Vedant from Gomti’s phone and asks him to enquire about the guy.

Vedant says Bua has the right to get the happiness. Ramesh gets angry knowing Dadi asked Vedant to enquire about preetam and asks her to make him meet him first. Just then courier guy comes and gives the uniform. Gomti checks the uniform while Ramesh checks appointment letter. Ramesh asks Purva if she didn’t have the respect for the family. Purva says you shouldn’t have opened it. Ramesh says this house bahus can’t do job. Purva asks do you regard me as your bahu. Ramesh says no, but you stay here.

Purva says when you can send your house respect to jail then why not to work. Ramesh tries to slap her, but Purva holds his hand and says she can get him arrested with just a small phone call. He rubs his shoes on her uniform. Purva says I will do this job. Ramesh challenges to kick them out in 38 hours.

Vedant tels Purva, how can babu ji do this, and says he won’t let him win. Purva asks if you will argue with him and says she don’t want him to argue or fight for her. Vedant says your respect and safety is most important to him and says Babu ji have to answer for this insult. Gangadhar meets the guy.

Ramesh meets the guy Preetam, who tells that he wants to marry Gomti and can do anything for her. Ramesh comes home. Vedant calls Ramesh. Dada ji asks Ramesh until when he will stoop. Ramesh says this girl wants to wear shirt pant and go out for work. Gomti says Tripathi ladies don’t do this. Vedant says no third person shall talk between us and calls Purva. Purva comes wearing the uniform of the event management company.

Vedant says Purva will go to her office at her work hours and will do whatever she wants with her salary. He says nobody shall raise even eye at her. Ramesh asks him to decide about others also. Dadi asks what are you saying? Ramesh says I met Preetam, whom Gomti wants to marry and tells that his mum said that she don’t want her son to marry in the house, whose bahu had a lover and left her before marriage. Dadi asks how did they know?

Vedant says so they don’t want to do alliance. Ramesh says they said that they will agree if Purva goes from here. He asks him if he will choose his happiness or Bua’s sadness. He says if you don’t want Bua to marry then tell her. She tells Radhika that she has to stay here because of them.

Pankhudi takes Vedant and Purva’s side and asks what wrong did he do? Ramesh scolds her and asks her to leave with Purva. Vedant says I don’t think this is true, as nobody keeps such condition in this era. Ramesh says he is making way for his wife. Vedant says I will meet Preetam and will hear the truth infront of everyone, in this house. Ramesh says if I am right then? Vedant says then Purva will leave from here. Ramesh asks him to get ready at 10 am. Purva gets upset and goes to room.

He comes to room and says sorry. He promises her that Bua will get married and you will not leave the house. Purva says sorry and asks why you always stop me and why you don’t let me go, and asks why he is doing this? Vedant says as I love you. He says I like the evenings and morning as you are here. He says I love your saying mazaak hai kya…and says he gets scared with the thought of separation from her..yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays….It turns out to be his imagination.

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