The Evil Eye Update Wednesday 10 March 2021

The Evil Eye 10 March 2021: Ansh says to Piya that Shalaka goes in body using eyes. Piya says we cant tell Neha, how will we fight her? She doesnt have a body, she is an air, smoke. Ansh says only smoke can fight her. Naman calls Saanvi and tells her that he caught Dilruba. He ends call. Naman has put Sanam in casket. Sanam says I am not chudail, leave me. Naman says you are a chudail, I am witch hunter, I wont spare you. Ansh says to Nishant that Shalaka can take Rahul’s body. We have to use it. Nishant says we have to be careful, Shalaka can enter anyone’s eyes. Ansh says I have a plan.

Naman says to Sanam that I just trapped you, Saanvi would not spare you. Sanam says if you were a real witch hunter then you would test if I am a real chudail or not. He says you are challenging me? I will
prove it today. Shalaka comes in sangeet function. Ansh and family comes there, all wearing black glasses. Mohana says why you are stunned Shalaka? we will dance today. All guests come there wearing glasses. Piya says lets start.Family dances on kala chashma. Piya sees someone coming in burqa there. She hugs her and says its good you are here, we couldnt stop this smoke. Woman throws powder in air and it creates a smoke wall.

Ansh is dancing around Shalaka and keeping her busy. Woman in veil shows wall to Piya. Piya says its working.
Mayank asks Tara where are her bags? Tara says I dont want to leave, you cant always decide for me. I want to live here. Mayank smiles.Piya comes to Ansh and says our plan is working. She takes off her glasses and says thank you for supporting me. Ansh says I love you, I dont favor you, you are my love, I will always support you. He takes off his glasses. Piya says thank you for being with me. She hugs him.

Naman brings Sanam to a room and asks her to relax. He makes her sit and says I will make tea for you. Sanam sees imli. Naman says I know you like it a lot. Sanam says I am allergic to imli. Naman says dont lie. Sanam throws it away and says Tara sent me here, what information do you have?Shalaka sees woman in veil and tries to go to her but Chitali dances around her. Mohana doesnt let her leave. Shalaka is angry.Nishant and Priest comes to woman in veil. She breaks Shalaka’s spell from house so they can take Rahul out of house.
Tara sees someone’s foot-prints in house and says it must be of man who tried to scare me last night, I have to find out. She goes in room and looks around. She hears someone coming and hides. Panna comes there and feels someone’s presence in room. Tara hides behind curtain. Panna gets called and leaves.

Tara sees photo frame and sees child’s picture, she says boy has green eyes, Mayank doesnt have green eyes. I saw man with green eyes yesterday. If he is Panna’s son then who is Mayank to her?Woman comes on balcony and breaks Shalaka’s spell. Shalaka comes there and says stop. Nishant is tensed. Shalaka says you cant break my spell, she says to woman that I am smoke queen, you did a mistake by going against me, I will enter your body. All look on. Shalaka’s tries to enter her body but passes it. Shalaka says who are you? How you tried to stop me? She takes off her veil and its Piya’s dadi. Dadi says I am blind so you cant enter through my body.

Sanam tells Tara that Mayank is not Panna’s son, Naman told her. Tara says I saw Panna’s son, he has green eyes. Sanam says she needs that eagle locket from you. Tara says why she keeps her son hidden? Sanam gives her a flower that Naman gave her.Dadi says to Shalaka that I will break your spell.Family goes from there to take Rahul out.Dadi says to Shalaka that you cant find Rahul’s body, this house is free. Shalaka says I will find him for sure.

Tara comes to Panna’s room and says I have to hide this flower here. Panna comes there so Tara hides flower. Panna says what are you doing here? Dont come here again. Tara leaves.Ansh tries to use lift but its not working. Ansh comes on balcony with family and takes Rahul’s body. He starts taking him down but suddenly a smoke storm comes there. Shalaka says give me my son. Avi drops Rahul’s body on floor in fear. Shalaka goes to him.Panna is playing with her parrot Hera. Flashback shows how Tara had tucked flower petal in Heera’s feet and thinks I can hear her.
Ansh tells family that bag doesnt have Rahul’s body. Shalaka sees its bag of grains and thinks that I know where Ansh have hidden Rahul’s body. She glares at Ansh. Ansh says to Piya to do his work, she leaves. Shalaka becomes smoke storm.
Tara tells Sanam. They see Panna going to her room. Sanam uses bowl to hear Panna. Tara hears her talking and says it might be her son, let me go and see.

Shalaka throws heavy water on Ansh. Rahul’s body separates from Ansh. All are shocked. Priest says we should leave from here, we can help them from far, lets go. He leaves with Nishant. Shalaka gets emotional seeing Rahul’s body.
Tara opens Panna’s room and its Mayank with Panna. She says you here? Mayank says I cameback home. Panna says he is hungry, make food for him. Mayank says my heaven my mother is here. Tara looks on and leaves.Tara says to Sanam that we cant hear anything, Sanam says that man comes at night so we should wait. Tara says I am worried about Mayank. Sanam says he doesnt deserve this betrayal, you both deserve happy life. Tara nods. Suddenly they hear Panna saying son come here.

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