Ring Of Fire Update Thursday 11 March 2021


Ring Of Fire 11 March 2021: Ragini continues climbing temple steps holding holy pot. Revathi standing on top tells Dulari that she will not let Ragini complete her task and drops oil on steps. Ragini falls twisting her leg. Other family members get tensed. Anurag lifts her and climbs stairs. Revathi fumes. Anurag reaches on time and completes Ragini’s task. Divya tells Ragini that Bhaiya is her hero. Ragini says he is. Divya says hero is here, but where is villain. Rohini looking at Revathi says villain is alos here, but hero and heroine won.

Revathi continues fuming at home. Dulari taunts her that she lost her battle and should accept it. Revathi angrily scolds her and says she is Revathi Singh, injured tigress and she is more dangerous now, she will make sure Ragini and Anurag’s marriage breaks.Anurag, Ragini, Shristi, Vishu, Rohini sit for a casual chat. Shristi serves them coffee. Rohini says it is excellent coffee like their uncle prepares for her. Anurag says she makes uncle work a lot, he needs to learn from uncle. Rohini asks Ragini if she knows what is tomorrow. Ragini says it is lover’s karvachauth, she means valentine’s day. Everyone laugh. Rohini asks if anyone proposed them before marriage. Ragini says yes, a boy proposed her with roses, but she slapped him so much that his cheeks turned redder than flowers and now he calls her didi. Rohini asks Shristi next. Shristi says she drag the boy to principal’s office. They both leave and discuss to give a special gifts for their valentines.

Anurag says he is afraid Ragini will make his cheeks red. Vishu says Ragini is like that since birth, but he is surprised hearing Shristi’s story. Rohini suggests them to do something special for their valentines.Revathi’s friends come to meet her. She boasts that her family is very sanskari. Friends say they saw pics in whatsapp group, reminiscing bikini incident. Revathi says courier boy made a mistake. She continues that her children are very sanskari and will not celebrate valentine’s day. Friends taunt her bahus are modern, they will celebrate valentine’s day for sure. Revathi challenges them. Anurag and Vishu hear their conversation and get tensed thinking their valentine’s day plan will spoil now.Shristi and Ragini discuss what they will gift their valentines.

Revathi with Dulari silently hears their conversation standing near door. Shristi tells what she has planned for Vishu and asks Ragini about her gift. Ragini says it is a secret.Shristi says she will not tell Anurarg. Ragini says it is a surprise. Shristi goes to kitchen to prepare food. Ragini says she will give her life’s first kiss to Anurag. Revathi fumes hearing that and says she will never let Ragini do that.Anurag thinks of giving some unqiue gift to Ragini. He asks scissors to Revathi. Revathi asks for what. He says to cut his lace. She sees him wearing laceless shoes. He says for different shoes. She asks if he is going somewhere. He says no. She has she is selling their family land and since Vidhvan and Brij have gone out, can he go and finalize deal. He sadly agrees. Revathi grins sheepishly. Anurag informs Ragini that he is going to Lal Ganj. She says it needs 7-8 traveling per side, he may not return by evening, and asks if it is important to go.


He says it is mom’s order. Rohini hears that and realizes Revathi’s plan to spoil Anurag and Ragini’s valentine’s day and decides to spoil Revathi’s plan. Dulari reads Ramayan chapter loudly where king Dushyanth leaves his lady love. Ragini gets sad hearing that and thinks she is missing misterji now itself.Rohini says Dushyanth returns after he realizes his mistake. Dulari fumes, seeing her plan of seeing Ragini sad failing.Ragini gets Anurag’s message to send her selfie. Shristi shows perfume to Ragini and asks how is it. Ragini says it is very pleasant smell and asks if she will spray it to meet Vishu. Shristi says even she will use it to meet Anurag and asks her to get ready and send her selfie to Anurag.

Shristi gets ready and walks to Ragini’s room and sees her ready. She clicks Ragini’s pic and sends it to Anurag and asks her to go to terrace. Raginigoes up and sees terrace well decorated.Dulari praises Revathi that she is too good. Revathi says she is feeling so happy after a long time, let us go to terrace and enjoy cool breeze. Dulari sees Anurag’s love note on wall and shows it to Revathi. Revathi fumes thinking how can Anurag come so soon. Rohini walks in and says she informed Brij to handle property deal and Anurag returns mid way. Revathi fumes in jealousy more. Rohini thinks she will not let Revathi spoil love bird’s romance.

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