The Evil Eye Update Thursday 11 March 2021


The Evil Eye 11 March 2021: Shalaka hugs her son’s body and says I wont spare anyone, they killed my son. All family members look on. Shalaka says you people kept his body hidden, I will take away person who killed my son, you all tried to hide but I will find out, I will enter my son’s body and will see person who killed him, and that murderer has to die. She enters Rahul’s body and sees past in which Piya threw knife at Rahul and he died. Vedhseree asks Ansh to go to Piya and Adi, she needs you. Ansh says how can I leave you all? Vedsheree says just go, he leaves. Shalaka comes comes out and shouts that Piya killed my son, where is she? Mohana comes there and recalls flashback how Piya’s dagger didnt kill Rahul so she stabbed him in smoke and nobody saw that its Mohana who actually killed him from behind. Flashback ends.

Tara is searching for Panna’s son in dark house. Parrot flies around. Shalaka asks family where is Piya? Flashback shows how Ansh asked Piya to runaway far. Vedsheree says we dont know where they went. Shalaka says where did they go? I will find them, I will take revenge from Piya. Vedsheree says she killed evil power. Shalaka says he was my son, I can find out where they are by entering your bodies. Vedsheree says you can enter any body but wont know where they are. Tara sees a man approaching her. Sanam comes there and try to see his face but he runs away. Tara sees bead that she tied to parrot’s feet in his feet.

Chitali says to Shalaka that you came for Mohana, you can take her. Shalaka says never, I will find Piya and takes my revenge. Shekhar says you cant find them in this world so take Mohana and leave. Mohana comes there and says you people tried to backstab me? I will make her find Piya now. Vedsheree says you promised Ansh. Mohana says I am a witch so myself comes first to me. She says to Shalaka that I will make you find Piya but you have to leave my life then. Vedsheree pleads her to not betray but Mohana goes to Shalaka.
Tara says to Sanam that Panna’s son is a parrot. Panna comes there and says you got to know truth? Tara says Mayank will find out too.

Shalaka says to Mohana that I dont trust you, I dont need your help, I can find Ansh using your hair. She takes her hair and says I will find them but first I have to take care of you people. Shalaka ties family in smoke storm and says I will send you all to smoke world. I will bring Ansh and Piya there soon too. Mohana says no, please listen. Shalaka uses her powers to send whole family to smoke world.Panna says to Tara that Mayank wont trust you, he believes me only. Tara says I will show him photo of your real son. Panna says I have hid that photo, you cant find it. Tara shows her screenshot she took in her mobile and says I took it before, I will show it to Mayank.

Panna tries to take her phone but Tara pushes her away with Sanam. Mayank comes there and rushes to Panna. Panna cries. Mayank asks Tara why he pushed his mother away? Tara says we found some truth, you are not her son, she is not your real mother. Tara says I can prove it. Mayank says I know truth, she is my mother, she didnt give birth to me but she took me in, we forgot it as it doesnt matter. Tara says we found many things about her. Mayank says her real son died, we forgot all this, dont bring it up. tara says she has kept many things hidden. Mayank says enough, dont say a word against my mother. Mayank starts leaving with Panna but Tara says her real son is alive.


Ansh is riding a bike with Piya and Adi.
Shalaka comes on road and uses Mohana’s hair to find Piya and Ansh.Ansh stops at a dhaba. He goes to fill bike tank. Piya goes to get fresh in washroom. Piya calls Nishant and says we are safe here.
All family members are surrounded by smoke but suddenly it goes away. Vedsheree says we were in smoke world, I feel weak. They see their finger turned blue. Vedsheree says where is Mohana? They all look around.Piya asks waiter for milk. She turns around and sees all people unconscious. Ansh comes there. Piya sits on bike, they drive away.

Family sees Mohana in house. Vedsheree says you are fine? Mohana says I was never more fine, she says you all feel weak and Ansh-Piya are not here so who will save you from me? She takes her witch avatar. Family is shocked. Mohana smirks.
Ansh is riding. Smoke is following them. Piya asks him to drive faster, its near.
Mohana uses her powers to throw Vedsheree away. She throws Shekhar from first floor. Vedsheree shouts at her and runs to him. Shekhar is injured. Vedsheree says Mohana is behind us, we have to leave. They turn to leave but house door gets covered by witch tree roots. Mohana says you are running away from me?
Ansh is driving. Smoke comes infront of them. Piya grabs Ansh. Ansh races away and passes smoke.

Mohana says to family that you cant runaway from me. Chitali says you changed and now this? Mohana says I always wanted to finish you all and Ansh is not here to save you. Chitali says think about God. Mohana grabs her and lifts her in air, she says I will finish you first.

Vedsheree asks her to leave Chitali otherwise I will throws gangajal at you. Mohana leaves Chitali and says this gangajal cant do anything to me. Vedsheree says lets run.Ansh drives away from smoke. He says to Piya that she is not following us anymore, she wont lose like this.. Piya sees Adi missing from her grip. She is shocked.

Shalaka has Adi, she says you cant be of stone for much time, I will punish your parents. She turns away, Adi leaves from there.Tara tells Mayank that Panna’s real son is alive and he lives here. Mayank glares at her and says what? Tara says remember I saw a man with green eyes, he is her son, he is in her room right now. Mayank says prove that you are saying truth. Tara takes him to Panna’s room. They dont find anyone there. Tara says he was here, trust me. Sanam says yes, he was here. Tara sees someone standing behind cutrain. He removes it and its just Panna’s parrot. Tara looks on.

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