My Identity Update Thursday 11 March 2021


My Identity 11 March 2021: starts with Avni asks what do you mean, Bollywood theme. Neil says you have to dress up as any bollywood hero or heroine, as simple as that. Dayaben says Riya likes such things. Neil gets a call and goes. Avni says this party will happen as you want. Dayaben gets a call and disconnects. Avni asks about Aman, I heard he is coming. Dayaben says yes, his name is Amol Mehta. Avni says wow, its a nice name, when is he coming, I will meet him. Dayaben says Amol is my pride, my shadow, my life’s aim, everything, I m counting time to meet him, you just see, when Amol comes home, the situation will change, happiness will come home. Avni cries.

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Dayaben says Ananya, I did not ask you, do you have siblings. Avni says yes, I also have a brother. Dayaben says then call him in party. Avni says he stays in London. Dayaben says even my Amol studies in London, he will come to me soon. Avni sees his pic. Dayaben says I will tell him to be with me forever. Avni thinks I came to take him forever. Ali recalls Avni. A girl meets him and says I m your would be wife, your future. She flirts with him. He says I don’t want to marry. Fatima comes there and says you have to marry, else I will give my life. Ali gets glad and goes to hug. She emotionally blackmails. Ali hugs her. She laughs. More girls come and ask Ali to marry her. Fatima says once Ali marries, we will go Dargah. Ali says no, you know I m not thinkg of marriage. She says I know for whom you think. They dance and hug.

He says I missed you a lot. She says liar, I can know whom you miss, you ruined life by living in past, come out of past, meet girls, talk to them. He asks her to talk something else. She says I m asking you to end this 15 year old story, I lost Avni and does not want to lose you, even Avni’s happiness is in this. Avni says this invite list has mumma’s invite too, its bad idea. Dayaben asks her to call her mum. Neil says yes, I can talk to her. Avni says no, she gets uncomfortable to talk to strangers. Dayaben says I will talk to her. Avni says no, I will invite her. Dayaben says get her in party. She asks Neil to personally invite Ananya’s mum. Avni asks who is this man. Neil says its gift for Riya, she likes pendants. Dayaben says Tiya is not at home, she went spa. Neil says she did not tell me, we have to choose it now. Dayaben says Ananya is here, try on her. He agrees.

Fatima and Ali talk. She says I got all this for your bride. He says you did not get anything for me, stop wasting money. DD comes and says great, did you get this for Riya Bhabhi. Fatima asks is this Ali’s GF. DD says no, fiancee. Fatima beats Ali. Ali says wait, she is Neil’s fiancee, not mine. DD says its good news, Neil is going to arrange a surprise birthday party for Riya. Ali sends him. He gets an idea of birthday party. She scolds him. He asks her to see Ananya once, I m sure you will identify her. She says you took me many places to find Avni, she is gone. He says first one thing, if you don’t think she is Avni, I will agree to anything you say. She asks will you marry. He says yes, just come with me. She says fine, tell me where is she. He says at Dayaben’s house. She gets shocked.

Neil tries pendants on Avni. She asks him to see and select, will you make me try all. Neil says how to know without wearing, I understand you are having discomfort, you can do this for Riya. She agrees. He makes her try. He asks don’t you have other chain. The man says no. She says I will leave then. Neil says wait, your neck has chain, we can put this pendant in your chain and try. She gets tensed. Dayaben asks did you like anything. Fatima says its last time. Ali says thanks, I will arrange how to go there. A servant comes to ask advance. Ali gets idea and praises his timing. Ali tears his sleeve. Neil says we will try this pendant, it will look good. Avni gets scared and thinks if this pendant comes out, it will be big problem. The servant asks DD to give any marriage or birthday party, we have no money. DD says don’t worry, its birthday party tomorrow, I will ask Neil to give order to you. Ali smiles. Neil helps Avni and pulls chain. The locket comes out. Diksha comes and says wow, infront of Dadi. Avni hides locket. Dayaben scolds her. Diksha says I can see what’s happening here. Neil and Avni say you are mistaken, we were just selecting pendant for Riya. Dayaben says I was here, nothing such happened.

Avni says sorry, I have to leave. She goes. Dayaben says sorry Neil. He says its fine, I will see Ananya and come. He stops Avni and says I just wanted to see pendant, how it looks. She asks him to make Riya wear it.
He says relax, Dayaben asked me to drop you and invite your mom. She says I will go. He says let’s stop fighting, I have to invite her. She says I will get mumma and goes. He says it was good chance and slipped out of hands. Avni and Neela talk to some women to make Avni’s mum. Neela selects a woman. Avni says we will get caught. Neela says I will train her. Avni worries. Neela asks the lady to rehearse. The lady fails to impress. Neela asks her to take a break.


Neela says relax Avni, this party is not imp for your mum, its imp as you have to find out Aman.Shweta getting Neil’s fav parathas. She says when you get sad and annoyed, nothing looks good, I like these parathas, but I can’t eat it till I feed you, your dad who eats 10-12 parathas always, he just had one paratha, he does not like anything without you. Neil signs her to feed him. She feeds him. He asks happy now. She says yes, don’t do this again to hurt my heart. Neil says sorry. She says cancel your engagement, okay. He gets shocked.

DD says no, its decided now, party breakfast will come from Chamko party. Ali says done then, we will meet tomorrow. Ali dances. Fatima asks did you go mad or got lottery. He says we got entry ticket in party, I won’t say this again. Neil says I wanted to invite you in Riya’s birthday party, why are you starting it again, you are saying about breaking engagement. She says we won’t go there, decide you want your parents or that family. She goes. He thinks I m sorry mum, I have to go there for Ananya. Ali says mind and heart fight will end, just once Fatima sees her and says this is my Avni. Avni says I m just waiting for Aman. She sees her pendant.

Dayaben asks someone not to come inside, tell me when are you coming, I will come out. Neil comes there as Chulbul Pandey and jokes. He says its filmi party and grand entry is necessary, why are you worried, what’s the matter. She says I ordered cake, I told him we want to give surprise to Riya. Riya asks why is it so dark here. She gets surprised and hugs Dayaben. She hugs Neil and thanks them. She says bollywood theme and all, I was sure you planned my surprise, I m just loving it, everyone came in bollywood theme dress code except me, I will get ready and come. He thinks why did Ananya not come till now. Avni comes and says Dayaben wants to meet mumma, how to go there. Neil calls her. She disconnects. She sees Neela in Charlie Chaplin costume. She hugs her and says at last, real mum came to help, you look cute.

Neela says what cute, we have to go to Dayaben’s house. I m tensed, and then these costumes. Avni says nothing will go wrong now, as you are with me, sorry. Neela says now Dayaben has to say sorry, we have to think of Aman. Neil thinks where is Ananya. DD comes as crime master Gogo and asks where is case 123. Ali delivers the food. He says I know its not easy for you to come here. Fatima says we will just do work and go. He says you will meet Avni today. Neela thinks of Dayaben’s words. Avni collides with Fatima. She gets shocked and recalls Fatima. Fatima scolds her. Neil sees them. Fatima says what do you want to say, tell me. Neil says she always plays siren and comes, she chose right costume, Bali, thief. Ali comes to Fatima and sees Avni. Neil comes there. Avni says sorry, are you fine. Neil says forgive her, she does not say sorry easily. Fatima says yes, mistakes happen easily. Ali signs Fatima. Neela and Avni go.

Dayaben says you came late Ananya, Riya is waiting, come. Fatima asks won’t you welcome me. Dayaben recalls Fatima and says you… Fatima says why did your face color got pale, did you forget me or remember something. Neil says Fatima is Ali’s Nani, he is managing catering, you will love the food, I gave the order to him.

Dayaben says fine, then show them their place, I mean kitchen. Fatima says what will anyone show me my place, I know every brick of this place. Neil asks did you come here. Fatima says its not needed to tell chef where to cook. She goes. Dayaben gets angry. Neil says sorry, this girl always takes problems. Ali says Neil and Ananya always fight. Riya comes as Hawa hawai and calls Neil.

She asks for his phone and takes selfies. Avni comes. Riya and Avni compliment each other. Avni wishes her happy birthday. Fatima asks Ali do you know that girl. Ali says I got you to meet her, my heart says she is my Avni. Fatima sees her and asks are you lind, how can you see Avni in her. Neil says you became thief today, what do you want to steal today, Babli the chor/thief. Riya says its coincidence, you are Babli the chor, and Neil is policeman. Neil sans its first time thief and police are in one frame. Avni argues with Neil. Riya says just chill. She goes.
Avni’s hair gets stuck in his badge. Neil taunts her. She goes. Riya smiles seeing everyone. Dayaben gets a call and worries. She goes and answers. Neela goes to hear. Dayaben says meet me outside the house, we will talk about.

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