The Evil Eye Starlife update Wednesday 7 February 2024

The Evil Eye 7 February 2024: Vedsheree takes gun and goes to room. Family is running behind her. Vedsheree shoots on door, holes are made and light goes in room. Naman says I am bullet proof. Mohana looks at light and her hair turns black, her eyes ablaze and she gets her powers back. She smirks at blind Naman.

Chudail smirks and comes to house. Piya says he left, its only you and me with loneliness. Dilruba says you can become my friend. Piya says you cant come inside. Dilruba smirks and enters house. Piya is shocked.

Vedsheree and others look on as door falls down and Mohana comes out with her braid trapping Naman. She drags him out.

Piya sees her knife in Dilruba’s hand and asks how she got it? Dilruba says I got it from Ansh.

Naman says forgive me witch, please. Mohana grabs his braid and cuts it. All are shocked. Naman becomes human and gets his eyes back. He looks around and thanks Mohana. He starts leaving but Mohana grabs him.

Dilruba says to Piya that your mom kidnapped me and I remain like that for 20 years, now you will lose the game and you will die. She comes near her and says will you play with me? you dont have any power without your knife? she gives it to her. Piya attacks her but Dilruba turns to Divya and says you will kill your mother?

Naman asks family to save him but all have hatred for him. Naman says my mother is alone, who will take care of me? Vedsheree asks Mohana to leave him. Mohana says he is someone’s son so forgive him. Mohana says I am not a human, I dont forgive, I remember everything he did, the way he trapped my daughter Kajal. He pulls him up.

Divya says to Piya that you want to kill me? Piya says you are not my mother. Dilruba says I can change facades, kill me if you can. Piya is about to attack her but Dilruba takes Sushant’s avatar.

Sushant comes to jungle with priest, he throws arrows in every direction and sees one arrow keep moving, he goes there.

Scene 2
Vedsheree asks Mohana to leave Naman. Mohana starts eating his life. Vedsheree says he will die.. Mohana says I have made him aged, he will not die but he will not have any strength, Naman’s hair turns white. She pushes him in lift and says live last days of your life like this.

Sushant says to Piya that you will kill me? Piya says you are not my father. Dilruba says then attack me, I will become someone else.. She takes Ansh’s avatar, she says he is beautiful so how can you attack him? Piya says no, I cant do this. Dilruba says you lost. She traps Piya.

Scene 1
Mohana starts eating Naman’s life, all look on. She makes him old and says now he will live his last days as human. She throws him in lift and glares at Ruby. Ruby thinks she knows my truth I think. Mohana says to Ruby that now your turn, you are a fool to give him your powers, you couldnt make Ansh yours and couldnt keep Piya away from Ansh then you gave your braid to Naman, I wont let you stay here anymore, get lost. Ruby sits in Vedsheree’s feet and says I am your daughter in law, please tell Mohana to not do this with me. Mohana is about to throw her but Vedsheree stops her.

Priest and Sushant throws arrows in all directions. Sushant sees an arrow giving him direction. Priest says Piya can fight chudail. Sushant says you are right. Sushant puts pouch on tree which Guru
Maa gave him.

Vedsheree says to Mohana that lets wait for Ansh before throwing Ruby out. Mohana says she is a witch, she freed Naman, she put house on fire, she put everyone in danger here. Vedsheree asks Ruby? Ruby says I didnt have a choice. Vedsheree says you tried to kill our kids? Ruby says I love Ansh. Vedsheree says then you wouldnt put Ansh’s siblings in danger, Mohana is right.

Dilruba ties Piya but Piya screams and break her circle. Dilruba says lets see what else you can. Piya is about to attack her but Dilruba says Ansh? Piya turns and sees Ansh running to Piya. Dilruba says love is blind thats why he cant see arrows around this house, it has patal liquid so it will kill Ansh. Piya screams at Ansh to stop.

Mohana says Ruby doesnt have room in this house. She pushes her out but Ruby says real danger is Mohana, she is a witch, she is not on your side. Vedsheree looks on as lift closes in on Ruby.

Sushant says to Priest that I seem like these footprints in jungle are made by chudail to fool us. Priest’s clone comes there. They both argue that they are real. Sushant ask them to stop it. He hits one priest and it turns to bats. Real priest says what was that? Sushant says chudail sent thsi clone.

Scene 2
Ansh is running to Piya, Dilruba says you can have a deal with me to stop Ansh. Piya takes her knife and attacks Dilruba. Suddenly arrows vanish as Ansh enters house. Ansh sees Dilruba’s black blood flowing as Piya stabbed him. Ansh says Piya you.. Piya says I killed her. Ansh asks if she is fine? Piya says I am sorry, I should have listened to you and not come here. Ansh says if you are done then shall we leave?

Vedsheree says to Mohana that I saw light in you, think as a mother not as a witch, Ansh’s betterment is to live with Piya. Mohana says I want to listen to you but I am a witch, you are Ansh’s mother and I am davansh’s mother and I cant let him meet a devik, never, Ansh and Piya can never become one with me here. Vedsheree looks at door and says God’s will stop any witch. Mohana turns and sees Piya and Ansh standing near gate. All family members smile. Mohana is miffed. Vedsheree runs to Ansh.

Sushant says to Priest that if Divya was alive then she would have found Piya, I cant find my daughter, I couldnt find that my daughter was alive, I cant even help her now. Priest says dont worry, lets find your daughter. Sushant sees a river and says how it came here? Priest cant see river. Sushant sees it gone and is stunned. Priest says I think you should take rest. Sushant says you are right, I think I am imagining it.


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