Twist of fate update Monday 5 February 2024

Twist of fate 5 February 2024: Aryan comes to Kohli house and wonders where did everyone go. He calls Ranbir. Ranbir says I will stay here for few days. Aryan says you shall be happy. Ranbir says I am tensed as Mihika is in love with me. He says I have seen love in her eyes, and says she was welcoming me with aarti and was getting my proper grah pravesh done. He says she loves me a lot, and this can become a big problem later on. Aryan asks him to just think about Prachi and says Mihika might love you, but it is just a start and not intense love. Ranbir says I don’t want to do anything bad with Mihika, and has to leave with Prachi at the earliest. He says Mihika shall not be hurt. Aryan asks him not to think about Mihika, and asks him to think what Akshay will do now. He says Akshay must be planning for the next attack and asks him to plan to beat him. He sees Pallavi standing and ends the call.

Ranbir thinks I don’t care even if Akshay comes to know about the truth. He says I shall be ready, as Akshay will do something bad or very big. Aryan tells Pallavi that he was talking to Ranbir. Dida asks him to call him and tell that she will have dinner with him. She says he had come here, and then went back. Aryan says I will call him. Pallavi says Ranbir will stay there, as Mihika’s family is there, and he shall stay there, as Mihika wanted him to stay there. She asks them not to be stubborn and asks him to come back. Dida goes to have lunch.

Pallavi asks Aryan what you was telling Ranbir that how Akshay will react? Aryan says he didn’t understand. Prachi asks where did you both go in the night? Aryan tells that they went to the business meeting and Akshay was there too, and they turned Akshay’s success into his defeat. Pallavi asks what is your problem with him. Aryan thinks Akshay’s relation with the family will end soon. Prachi is cutting bottle gourd and injures her hand. Ranbir gets concerned and asks her to show her hand. Prachi looks on.

Ranbir coming to Prachi seeing her injuring her finger. Prachi says nothing has happened, I was cutting bottle gourd. Ranbir asks her to show her hand and says blood is coming out. Prachi takes back her hand from his hand. Rabba Jaanda plays…..She turns to go and collides with him. Ranbir holds her hand and she falls on him, as if they have a hug. Akshay is going from there and misunderstands them to be hugging each other. He asks Prachi to come with him. Ranbir asks where you are taking Prachi. He hits his foot on the chair while trying to go behind them. Prachi asks Akshay where is he taking her? Akshay says he don’t want anyone to play blame game and says they will talk in room. Prachi asks him to talk normally and says you are hurting me. Akshay pushes her on the bed and goes out locking the door. Prachi says I will not bear this misbehavior and asks him to open the door. Akshay says if it was not misbehavior, what was happening in kitchen? Prachi knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Akshay goes from there. Vishaka hears Prachi knocking on the door and thinks what is happening? She comes to Akshay who comes to the hall. Vishaka asks why did you lock Prachi in the room. Akshay says why nobody takes me seriously and says there is some reason behind my words, and asks if you will believe what I will say. Ashok, Manpreet and Abhay come there. Akshay says you have proved me wrong infront of people. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Akshay says you have also come and asks him to answer, and asks if I come to your house, and roams around your wife, tries to touch her and kiss her, then what you will feel. Manpreet asks Akshay if he is not feeling ashamed to talk about all this, and says I am feeling ashamed to hear this and letting you say this. Akshay says he was trying to get closer to Prachi in the kitchen. He asks Ranbir to answer and asks him to say that he is wrong.

Prachi knocks on the door and says please open the door. Mihika opens the door and asks why you was locked inside. Prachi says your brother has locked me in the room, I will not bear this. She goes out.

Akshay asks Ashok, why he didn’t raise his hand on him today, just because I am in my senses and not drunk. He says they were closer to each other in the kitchen. Ashok says I didn’t raise my hand on you, if you had done misbehavior and if I had felt that you don’t regret your doings, then I would have slapped you, and brought you in your conscience, but you are in your senses and is not drunk, then also you are talking about this thing, and talking such vulgar things, as you think that you are saying right and nobody can break your trust, so I can only say that my head is lowered with shame like your mother. Akshay says what happened to you Dad. Ashok asks if you will agree after my death. Manpreet apologizes to Ranbir and says my son is having complex with you and may be he is thinking that you are better than me and that’s why…Akshay says Mom…why you are saying this. Manpreet says my heart is breaking, as Ranbir is also my son like you now. Akshay asks them to end the matter and says they don’t want to drag this further. She takes Akshay with her.

Ashok apologizes to Ranbir and tells that today Akshay made them felt strange. Ranbir says there is a reason for Akshay’s move. Vishaka asks Akshay why you are digging the dead bodies. Akshay says it is the fresh matter. Vishaka says your sister Mihika loves him and will go with him after marriage and Prachi is not running away with him. She says few things shall be inside the curtain and says how to make you understand. Akshay says you wouldn’t have done this foolish thing with Prachi and says she will go far from you and might leave you due to your doings, then neither yours nor your sister’s home will be set. She asks him to have patience for sometime, then Ranbir-Mihika will go to their house, and then Prachi and you shall stay happily, if you want then can go to some other city after that. Akshay says but he can’t let him stay here. Vishaka tries to stop him. Akshay asks him to get married to Mihika and leave from here.

Ranbir says what you have asked me, what I would have done if you had roam around my wife. He says I wouldn’t have let you come near my wife, and I did that. Akshay asks how dare you and hits him. He goes. Manpreet says I told you Didi to make him understand. Akshay brings gun and aims at Ranbir. Everyone panics. Ranbir says he wants to see what kind of man, he is and asks him to shoot.

Akshay is holding the gun still, aiming at him. Ranbir says you can’t shoot as you don’t have courage and your heart is dirty. He says when there is love in the heart, then heart is clear. Prachi and Mihika come there. Prachi asks what you are doing? Mihika runs to Akshay and pushes him making gun fall down. She then picks the gun and aims at him, asking how dare he to aim gun at her Ranbir. Akshay says he is not your Ranbir, but Prachi’s ex husband. Everyone looks at Ranbir and Prachi.

Pallavi and Dida come to Tandon house. Pallavi says we have to give shagun and asks her to come. Dida asks why did you let Ranbir stay here, and tells that everyone knows that you can’t stay away from Ranbir, and there is a big reason for not letting him stay here, ie, Prachi. She says how did you take this decision. Pallavi says she met Mihika’s Bua, who knows about Ranbir and Prachi’s past, and she said that let Ranbir stay here, and she will handle and keep eye on him. Dida says this means another woman like Pallavi is staying here in this house. Pallavi asks her to come. Dida says I don’t have any option.

Akshay asks everyone why they are shocked as truth came out, and says they have hidden so much from us. Prachi tries to talk to him. Akshay says I don’t have problem with you, you told me clearly, but I have problem with him. Prachi asks him to be quiet and asks him to see who is standing here, and apologizes to them. She says he has become unpredictable and is not seeing that elders are here, and says your way is very much wrong to express your anger. She says about Ranbir and me…Ranbir asks Prachi not to clarify to Akshay and tells that she can clarify to everyone. Akshay asks Manpreet to ask her new son, why did he come here as Mihika’s boyfriend and what was her aim. He says Ranbir wanted to be with Prachi and that’s why he said. He says even now Ranbir has……Mihika says Ranbir has respect for Prachi, as she is the mother of his child and their relation can’t break. Akshay asks her to see that they love each other.

Pallavi and Dida come there. Pallavi asks what happened? Dida asks if everything is fine. Akshay says guests have come and says all Kohli family are in Tandon house. He tells Pallavi that they have one problem, and asks how did you hide from us that Prachi and Ranbir are married. He says you would have shared this with us, that they are married. Mihika says they were married, but not married now. She says by the way, I know everything and tells Ranbir that she has to break the promise, and says she is helpless. She says when Pallavi aunty had come here and fixed our engagement, he told me everything. She says he wanted to refuse for engagement, but he agreed worrying that something can happen to Dad. She says he told me that night. She says you shall trust your wife, but what you are doing, you are doubting on her. She praises Ranbir and says he is good, truthful, and honest guy that you can’t even think of. Akshay says he is great person and we all shall clap for him. He says he is so great, that there is no place for him in this house, as he is not suitable to marry you. He announces that Mihika and Ranbir can’t marry, and that’s final.

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