Strings of love update Tuesday 8 August 2023

Strings of love 8 august 2023: Santosh informs Seerat that Brar family has 3 young boys and if even one of them selects Seerat, Seerat’s life would be settled. Seerat rejoices and hopes they arrange passes somehow. Turban tying competition starts at Brar House. Javjot bebe asks all 4 competitors to get ready sa they have only 3 minutes to complete a task. Kiara live records the event. Dadaji/Daariji asks Angad to help him correct the turban cloth. Angad says he will lose competition if he helps him. Daarji emotionally blackmails him and takes his help. Jaspal says he will win for sure. Competition starts. Rangde Basanti.. song plays in the background. Three minutes end. Bebe interacts with all 4 competitors. Darji flirts with her and says he wong the competition.

Bebe says his shadow Angad has tied a better turban than him and announces Agad as winner.Daarji feels sad after losing the competition. Bebe says its okay if he lost against his own grandson. Angad loosens his turban silently. Bebe is about to apply tilk to Angad when Gurleen stops her and says Angad’s turban end is loose. Bebe says Daarji won again. Daarji feels happy and says he feels proud of Angad and Angad is always better than his father. Barfeer feels sad and tries to leave. Angad cheers her up. Kiara says its strange that Angad easily accepted defeat. Jasleen wishes Angad agrees to marry son as he rejects every girl. On the other side, Sahiba is busy painting pots. Santosh calls Ajit’s cousin and requests him for passes, but he denies. Cousin’s mother/Taiji feels bad and says her son left his widow mother alone at someone else’s house. Sahiba cheers her up.

Angad’s cousin Bikka questions him why did he losen his turban during competition. Angad asks him not inform anyone about it. Bikka asks him to tell about the deocration at least. Angad asks him to wait and watch. Angad later shows his 17.5 carat diamond which he ordered from Belgium to Jaspal. Jaspal asks hits price. Angad asks him to guess and says its 25 crores which he bought to decoration and hopes Daarji likes it. Jaspal asks him not to worry as his decoration is perfect. Seerat feels sad that she couldn’t arrange party passes. Sahiba says they should be happy with whatever they have and describes her aspiration of becoming famous via her art.

Seerat jokes on her. Santosh applies face pack on Seerat’s face and asks Sahiba to arrange passes. Sahiba asks how will she. Seerat says even if they get passes, she can’t go there without a new dress. Sahiba offers her 2500 rs. Seerat says she will not even get a chunri in 2500 rs. Someone calls Sahiba and she leaves giving money to Santosh. Santosh says sometimes she feels that Sahiba is a breadwinner of their house.

Garry returns home. Darji asks where was he last night. Jaspal also questions Garry. Garry gets nervous. Angad says he had sent Garry to meet Neitherland clients and asks everyone to walk in to see decoration. He takes them to their decorated home temple. Bebe and others praise his decoration. Gurleen says its too over. Garry backs her. Jaspal sys one who don’t do anything comment on other’s work. Bikka says he is right. Angda asks Daarji if he didn’t like it. Daarji criticizes his decoration. Jaspal says Angad worked hard for this decoration and bought 25 crores worth diamond from Belgium. Darji says god is same for both old and young generation, it lacks Punjab’s soil, Angad ruined it.

He shows last year’s arrangement and says this is their real culture. Gurleen sends decoration pics to Garry and asks him to show his thought decoration to Daarji. She criticizes Angad and says today prayers/paat won’t happen today. A kid feels sad hearing that. Angad promises to fix things right and says he has 3 hours left for that. Someone suggests him that he will get such decoration at Tilaknagar. Sahiba reaches her shop and walks with her decorated pot towards it. Angad opens his car door and breaks the pot. Sahiba gets angry. Voiceover says their love story started now.

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