Strings of love Starlife update Monday 7 August 2023

Strings of love 7 august 2023: A sikh religious group is seen heading towards a gurudwara. A voiceover says once a clever person told what is in a name and himself wrote his name down as name is an identity just like Punjab which means 5 rivers, where a number 5 is special like 5 rivers, Guru Maharaj’s 5 beloved ones, five K’s, 5 famous love stories named Sohni Mahiwal, Sassi Punnu, Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiba, and a 5th one which nobody has heard of till now and will be revealed soon. Angad wakes up hearing alarm sound and leaves in his car. His bodyguard follow him. Angad messages Sahiba that they will meet in 20 minutes. Sahiba gets a message and leaves home silently while her family is asleep. She replies Angad that she will meet in 10 minutes.

Angad replies that she doesn’t have any idea that he was waiting for this day since long. Sahiba replies even she was. She apologizes Babaji for leaving home without informing her father. They both stop their vehicles at a cross road, look at each other and drive away. Voiceover says whose destiny was same didn’t meet now, maybe its god’s wish.

Angad reaches airport. A helicopter lands and someone hands him over a small briefcase. Sahiba notices a place locked, gets into it by climbing a gate and sets a pot kiln on fire. Vocieover introduces her as Sahiba Kaur Monga. Sahiba’s uncle walks in and asks why didn’t she wait till he came. She says its a special day. Angad says his gift is super special. Voiceover says gifted reached Delhi from Belgium and then via chopper to Ludhiana. Chopper driver says he would have ordered it via courier instead of spending so much. Angad says today is a special day. Sahiba’s uncle says Sahiba is special instead who works hard for her family. Angad says family means god’s gift. Voiceover says Angad and Sahiba can do anything for their family, let us see what their families are doing for them.

Sahiba’s mother Santosh stands in a queue for milk. A woman from a queue falls on her colliding their vessels and apologizes. Santosh scolds her that if vehicles collide, her children will not get a good alliances. Nimmi says she told her daughter are getting good alliances. Santosh says her elder daughter is a beauty queen and fashionista and she will get her married into a rich family. Ladies show her a boy in a sports car and says she found a king for her queen. Santosh walks to the boy and asks if this car belongs to him. Boy says if she thinks he is a driver, he is an owner of this diary farm. Santosh thinks this rich boy can be his son-in-law and questions him if he is married. Boy gets irritated and asks his employee to send 100 liters milk to Brar’s house. Nimmi taunts Santosh. Santosh says that boy is unfit for her Seerat and asks who is Brar. Nimmi says Ludiana’s rich man Akal Singh Brar who has 3 sons like Santosh has 3 daughters.

Angad returns home. His security head orders team not to let anyone attend today’s party without a pass. He notices Angad asks if he can carry it. Angad asks him to just perform his duty and walks in. He slips on a wet floor and breaks his precious watch. Staff apologizes him. Angad hands over his broken watch to employee and says he wants perfect things in his life, asks staff not to apologize for performing their duty diligently. Santosh asks Nimmi how would be Angad for Seerat. Nimmi jokes that Seerat deserves Ranbir Kabir and informs today is senior Brars’ 55th anniversary and hence there si a lavish party. Santosh decides to visit Brar house today. Nimmi warns that nobody can enter Brar house without a pass. Santosh decides to visit Brar house with Seerat at any cost.

At Brar House Veeer Singh Brar announces a competition during party. Kaira live on social media informs that today is her grandparents’ 55th anniversary and there is a competition at their house, the first contender is his uncle Akal Singh Brar, second one is Jaspal Singh Brar, and third one is Angad Singh Brar. Angad with Jaspal takes Akal’s blessings and says he will with the competition today. Akal says not this time as nobody can tie a turban faster than him. Angad says let us see. Jaspal says lets see. Kiara says grandmother Javjot Kaur Brar will judge the competition. Barfeer suggests Angad to concentrate on winning and not defeating his opponent. Angad asks if his dad Inder didn’t come. Barfeer says he didn’t, but she will not let him miss his dad. Jasleen wishes happy anniversary to her parents. Javjot walks away. Javjot thanks her and asks why didn’t Garr come. Jasleen says he was doing some important work last night. Gurleen says Garry doesn’t tie a turban, so he won’t come. Jasleen says even Inder doesn’t tie a turban, she never saw a stubborn man like Inder who didn’t come to cheer up his son. Barfeer and Gurleen’s argument starts. Navjot scolds Jasleen not to create a scene today. Jasleen thinks Garry always humiliates her, where he must be now. Garry busy with a girl picks Jasleen’s car and says he is coming soon. His girlfriend asks where eis he going. Their discussion continues, describing Garry is a playboy.

Sahiba finishes painting pots. Uncle tells her that her father Ajit’s debt is cleared now and he paid 200 rs per pot to her. Sahiba demands 250 rs and asks him to respect her art. Uncle denies but later agrees and pays her 2500 rs, asks her to tell her father Ajit to meet him if he needs money again. Sahiba says her father will not need money until she is there. Ajit prepares food at home singing a song. He tries to pour milk into a vessel for boiling. Santosh stops him and asks him to keep a bowl aside for Seerat’s facepack. Ajit says if a color can get fair with milk, then buffallo wouldn’t have been black. Santosh says she is taking Seerat to Ludhiana’s richest jeweler Brar family’s house for an anniversary party. Their argument starts and she determines to get her daughters married in a rich family and not a poor man like Ajit. Ajit sadly walks out and set up his food cart.

Sahiba returns home and interacts with him. She informs him that she cleared Sharmaji uncle’s debt. He gets emotional and says he wanted see Sahiba in a fine arts college, but she is painting pots because of his incompetency. Sahiba gets also emotional and says he taught her painting and everyone don’t get such a loving father. Ashiyana Haina.. song plays in on FM radio. Santosh wakes up Seerat and applies milk pack on her face saying its a special day today. Seerat says she will not upload her photo at any matrimonial site. Santosh says
she doesn’t have to as they are going to Brar’s. Seerat feels excited hearing that. Santosh says she will fix her alliance at Brar’s at any cost and hopes she arranges passes somehow.

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