Faltu starlife update Wednesday 9 August 2023

Faltu 9 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw Rajjo sitting on the sand crying while she blames her destiny. She recalls her conversation with the doctor who told her to inform her family about her blurry vision and get her treated in a good hospital. The doctor told him that she only has three months and she can go blind if she does not receive proper treatment.

Su and Ayaan are wandering in the village trying to find the Ratan guesthouse. Su does not want to stay in a guest house but Ayaan tells him that they will have to stay in the guesthouse in order to understand the ways of the village. He says that if they want to do business here they will first have to understand the village and its people.Tanu is getting ready and wants to look perfect for the day. Her mother

comes and says that she is already glowing since the day she arranged for her marriage with Ayaan. Tanu is super excited about the marriage but says that she does not love Ayaan yet. She adds that she is hopeful and knows that they will slowly fall in love with time. Her mother appreciates the dedication and honesty of Ayaan and says that she never bets on the wrong horse.

On the other hand, Su and Ayaan are still looking for the guesthouse. Su searches for it on the phone but her phone gets switched off before she could find the address. Someone tries to pick up Ayaan’s phone. Ayaan sees it and catches him. He blames him for stealing his phone. Faltu oversees all of this and stops Ayaan.

At home, Savita asks Janardhan to tell Ayaan’s further inlaws about the reality. Janardhan says that nothing can change the fact that Ayaan is his son and there is no need for any revelations.

Su blames Faltu also for stealing their mobile. Faltu gets irked and is all set to fight Su. Ayaan says sorry to Faltu and says that he misunderstood. Faltu on the other hand is in no mood to forgive and asks them to take their words back. Su interviews and asks Faltu to guide them to reach the guesthouse. Faltu thinks of a plan to teach them a lesson and sends them on the wrong way.

Siddharth sees Tanisha’s picture and thinks about his love for her. He says that he can never let Ayaan marry her. His mother comes into the room and says that he is wasting his life in the room while Janardhan has decided to make Ayaan the CEO of the company. She asks him to devise a plan. Siddharth says that he will defeat Ayaan at every step of his life.

Faltu narrates her meeting with Ayaan to Pratap and has a hearty laugh. Ayaan reaches the Ratan guesthouse finally. Faltu enters the hall where Ayaan was sitting with Su. She tells Pratap that these are the same guys she fooled. Ayaan tells Ratan that some stupid girl told them the wrong directions which lead them to wander in the desert.

Kaki supports Ayaan and says that girls are like that only. She says that if she finds the girl she will teach her a lesson. Ayaan and Su are shocked to see a woman talking so badly about other women. Kaki sees Faltu standing in the corner and commands her to come forward. Ayaan sees her and is about to tell the family about her but Faltu stuff their mouth with laddoo and requests them not to tell anyone about what happened today.

In the morning Faltu is arranging the bed in the room when she sees Ayaan shirtless. She falls but Ayaan hold her. Rahe Mud Gayi Hain plays in the background.

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