Faltu starlife update Tuesday 8 August 2023

Faltu 8 august 2023: In yesterday’s episode we see that Faltu steps up to play for Ittarpur’s cricket team. Everyone tries to break her morale and tell her that a girl cannot represent their team. But faltu gives everyone the reasoning that she only belongs to this village and there is no such rule that a girl cannot represent it. After protesting against her, people agree to let her have a chance. When the moment comes for Faltu to pick up her bat, she recalls all the humiliation she has faced all throughout her life.

On the other hand Ayan’s sister asks him to pursue cricket as it is his destiny. Ayan says that he will fulfill his promise to dad and will make his business soar to new heights. He says that only then he will return to Mumbai to marry Tanisha.
On the very first ball, Faltu gets startled and doesn’t hit. Everyone makes fun of her. But she gathers her courage and hits two sixes in a row. Because of the heat stroke she loses her balance but her brother reminds her to be strong. She again hits a six and makes her team win. Her balls hits Ayan’s phone and it falls on the ground shattering to pieces. When she goes to the administration to give her the we’ll deserved money they refuse. This is that there is nothing much she can do with the money and she will only spend it and buying makeup. They say that this money should rather go to the team as they will get their sports supplies with it. But faltu keeps consisting and administration ends up giving her only 250 rupees.
Meanwhile in Mumbai Ayan’s family members are angry with his father as he gives everyone the money for their monthly expenses and they feel he behaves as if he is the king and they work for him. But then he gives everyone the money and announces that from next year onwards it will be Ayan who will give everyone the money. He announces his retirement and says that Ayan will be the new CEO of JM retail.

In Ittarpur the Panch of the village reaches the home of Faltu and accuses her of defaming the entire village. He tells her father that she has made him and her entire village ashamed of her heinous act. He tells them that she has played with the boys and brought them shame. With money she had won, she bought a new name plate for her father’s guest house. In anger her uncle burns the nameplate.

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