Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 19 June 2024

Strings of love 19 June 2024: Angad scolds hotel’s bodyguard for letting Sahiba get out of the suite. Sahiba asks him to talk to her and says a lot happened and he wants her to sit in a room, she came to check if someone is troubling him calling him Sunny Sood.

Angad says only she troubles him. She insists him to return to Ludhiana as she feels all the problems are because of the diamond. Angad says he can’t return without diamond. Sahiba says his life is more important to her than diamond. Angad asks what if the problem had emerged in Ludhiana, would she have taken him somewhere else. She says yes and would have protected him like a true sikhni. Angad asks her to stop overthinking and let’s have dinner at a restaurant. Sahiba says they will have dinner in room. He says he wants to have dinner in a restaurant. She picks a butter knife and says it’s her order and not request. He agrees.

Angad sleeps after having dinner. Sahiba recalls trying to propose him and thinks she will propose him after returning to Ludhiana; worried for him seeing the issues happening in Mumbai, and once they return to Ludiana after he finishes his diamond deal, he will have his junoon-e-dil diamond and she will have his heart. Next morning, Angad calls hotel reception and asks them to arrange him a car as he wants to go out. Sahiba gets ready to accompany him. Angad says he is going for diamond delivery and not on a picnic. She says she will protect him and they both will fight when someone troubles them. Their nok jhok continues. She emotionally blackmails him. He agrees to take her along.

Manager calls his boss and assures him that Angad won’t reach for diamond delivery on time. Angad with Sahiba walks down and asks if car is ready. Manager says 10 more minutes. Angad gets angry. Manager says he will call driver right now and signals at his aides who act as surprised seeing Brar jeweler’s CEO and insists for a selfie with him to waste his time. Angad hesitantly agrees and they continue to click multiple selfies. Sahiba stops them and takes Angad from there. In car, Sahiba gets suspicious seeing 2 cars driving along their car. She asks Angad to stop the car aside for some time. Angad refuses and says he needs to reach his destination on time. Driver acts as car breakdown to waste time. Angad panics. Driver informs manager that he is trying waste time. Sahiba brings cab and they both leave. Driver informs manager. Manager scolds him for letting Angad go and fears Angad will reach the destination on time and have diamond delivery.

Keerat learns that her name is removed from the championship list and confronts coach. Coach says she is unfit for this game and he doesn’t have to answer her. She notices him touching another trainee inappropriately and confronts him again. Fellow trainees refuse to help her. Angad continues to panic. Sahiba continues her nok jhok. They reach destination.

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