Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 18 June 2024

Strings of love 18 June 2024: Angad walks to a canopy at a beach and reads mera gabru sardar plank. He thinks Sahiba nicknamed him again. He hears Sahiba singing Chupke se Lagja Gale.. song nearby and searches for her. Sahiba hides and continues to sing.

She then walks in front of him wearing Maharastrian attire and sings Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezar… song. Angad silently looks at her. She holds him and their eyes lock.

A few goons with weapons search for Angad. A foreigner says he knows where he is and asks them to follow him. Sahiba asks Angad how is she looking. Angad says she is looking good, then says he means what is special today. Sahiba says it’s special today; he had a complaint that she didn’t respect their relationship, now she wants to take their relationship to a new level and prove him how important their relationship is to her. She apologizes him for mistrusting him and going away from him. She holds his hand and says she wants to express her heart out to him.

She says when she married him, she thought it was her life’s biggest mistake, but now she realized it was the best decision of their life; she wants to spend rest of her life and experience life with him, does he feel same for him. Goons kick Angad and says he left them in trouble and is enjoying here with his wife. Angad says they are confused that he is Sunny Sood, he is Angad Singh Brar. Goons refuse to trust him and try to beat him again. Sahiba interferes and says they have to go through her. Goon attacks her. Angad rescues her and fights with goons. Hotel manager with staff reaches there and catches goons. He assures Angad and Sahiba that goons will not trouble them again. Sahiba asks how can goons enter hotel’s private beach.

Angad asks how can someone barge into hotel room without permission. Manager apologizes them and says what can we do when people are identifying him as Sunny Sood, they will be disturbed even if they shift to another hotel. Angad holds Sahiba’s hand and walks away from there.

Back in room, Sahiba recalls people calling Angad as Sunny Sood and thinks if Angad and Sunny’s faces match so much, it’s dangerous for Angad. Manager brings 2 bodyguards and tells Angad that they will guard Angad and Sahiba outside their room and will accompany them everywhere to protect them from people who pester Angad as Sunny.

Angad calls Angad and informs that a person named Kanav Agarwal who will give him passcode tomorrow’s diamond delivery is waiting for him at the hotel reception. Angad informs same to Sahiba and takes a guard along asking another guard to guard Sahiba outside the room. Sahiba refuses to stay in the room and walks behind Angad.

Angad meets Kanav who checks his ID and gives his vault’s password. Angad then notices Sahiba in lobby and asks what is she doing here. Sahiba insists him to return to Ludhiana tonight. Angad says it’s a bad idea. Sahiba says they can’t risk his life and should leave Mumbai.

Angad says he can’t go without taking diamond. Sahiba says she feels all this is happening because of diamond. Angad asks if she would have reacted same if they were in Ludiana and someone misidentified him. Sahiba says she would have done same as she is very important to him.

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