Imlie Starlife update Tuesday 18 June 2024

Imlie 18 June 2024: Imlie bumps on Agastya while walking towards her room. He tries to clear mehandi from her hair. She nervously warns him to dare not try to touch her and walks away. Agastya has if she lost her brain while shampooing her hair.

Vishwa suspiciously gets into a gift room and steals a watch meant to gift Avinash. Daadi asks Jugnu and Dolly to switch on lights outside as its getting dark. Imlie says she will and walks to outhouse and switches on light blabbering. Her blouse lace gets stuck to a nail and she tries to free it. Killer waalks towards her to attack her and hides when Agastya walks in calling Imlie. Agastya asks Imlie what is she doing here. Imlie says her blouse. He helps her free the lace and ties it. Imlie experiences bubbles in her heart with his touch. She feels crying and runs away from there. Agastya asks why is she crying and behaving weird since morning.

Chaudhry’s find watch missing and search of it. Agastya walks to Daadi and asks if she called him. Daadi’s a watch meant to gift Avinash is missing. Imlie says she will go and get another watch in her cycle. Shivani says she has mehandi on her hands and can’t ride bicycle. Daadi says it’s night now and asks Agastya to accompany Imlie. Agastya asks Imlie why she is behaving weird. Imlie doesn’t reply anything and walks towards car.

Vishwa watches them going. Navya tells him that she saw him stealing watch. Vishwa says he is trying to get Imlie out of this house. Navya says she saw the way he was looking at Imlie and now feels his focus is diverted towards Imlie instead of his mission to get justice to his father. Vishwa says his focus is still on his mission.

After buying watch, Agastya drives car fast towards home. Imlie asks him to slow down. Agastya says they need to return home soon. He applies brakes sensing crashing his car on someone and gets out to check. He finds no one and relaxes. He hugs Imlie thanking god. Imlie feels bubbles from her heart again. They drive away again. Vishwa walks from behind and over phone tells Navya that he found a way to destroy Chaudhrys. Agastya and Imlie return home. Chaudhrys perform ritual and gift watch to Avinash. Imlie continues to act weird. Agastya tells Sonali that Imlie is behaving weirdly since morning. Imlie says his and Imlie’s marriage contract is ending, so he should connect both things together to get an answer.

Agastya says he understood, walks to Imlie, offers her job contract, and asks her to sign it soon and free herself from worries. Imlie fumes and says he will never understand her issue and will be a walnut shell always. She goes to sleep. After some time, killer who is hiding in the room gets down and walks towards Imlie. Imlie wakes up. He hides. Agastya also wakes up and asks what happened now. Imlie says she is going out to sleep in balcony. He asks her to wait and walks away saying she is weird. Imlie sleeps back on her bed. Killer looks at her from balcony.

Imlie switches off light and sleeps. Killer hides in a balcony. Meera watches him from outside and recalls thinking the one who is caught is not the real killer. She shouts at him to go away from there. Killer heads towards Imlie and is about to attack her when Meera throws stone at the window glass.

Imlie wakes up in a shock. Killer hides. Imlie notices a stone and broken window. Agastya with family rushes in and asks if she is fine. Imlie says someone threw a stone here. Vishwa comes for investigation and says he checked everything and couldn’t find anyone, someone played a prank on him. Imlie asks Sonali can she sleep in her room today. Sonali looks at Agastya and nods okay. Caterer cover his injured hand and hides killer’s knife, revealing he can be the killer.

Next morning, Chaudhry’s dance practice. Agastya and Imlie struggle to sync together. Imlie argues with him. Rajni asks what is happening between them, did they fight, Imlie slept in Sonali’s room last night. Imlie says Agastya acts smart, but can’t understand anything. Govind takes all boys aside and gives them moral gyaan to handle girls. In the evening, Imlie gets ready for the function. Agastya helps her select an earring, praises her beauty, and promises to listen to her hereon without any argument and even she shouldn’t hide anything from him. Teri Meri Kahani Hai Ye… song plays in the background.

Vishwa calls Imlie. Imlie meets Vishwa and asks if he wants to talk about yesterday night’s event. Vishwa asks if she knows who is he. Imlie stands confuses. Vishwa reveals that he is Tej Pratap’s son who used to run Singh Sweets which is now Chauhdry Sweets, Chaudhrys snatched his father’s shop and house and killed him, he is here to take revenge from Chaudhrys. Imlie stands shocked. Agastya searches for Imlie during sangeet ceremony. Karan stops him saying it’s their performance next. Shivani announces Govind’s performance. Govind dances energetically on Bachna Aye Hasino.. song. Agastya and Karan join him. Imlie returns home lost in thoughts. Agastya walks to her and dances with her on Jab Koi Baat Bigadjaye.. song. Everyone clap for them.

Agastya asks Imlie to tell what is bothering her as he is getting to know her slowly. Imlie tries to speak but stops seeing Vishwa. She recalls threatening Vishwa to tell truth to Chaudhrys and stop Shivani and Avinash’s marriage. Vishwa says she will not tell anything to anyone. Imlie says he is so confident, did he get her and Agastya’s marriage contract, she has come a long way with her hard work and is not afraid of anything, she will not let an innocent Shivani being sacrificed in his revenge saga. Vishwa says he knew she would say same, so he got a video for her. Imlie is shocked to see the video. Out of flashback, Vishwa makes announcement that he wants to open a shop seeing Imlie completing his sweets order. Agastya says it’s a fantastic idea. Vishwa says along with help, he needs Imlie.

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