Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 20 June 2024

Strings of love 20 June 2024: Sahiba brings taxi and asks Angad to get in. Driver asks Angad if he will go via local taxi, mechanic is on the way. Sahiba tells Angad that he doesn’t have any other option. Angad gets in and they both leave. Driver informs hotel manager that Angad left in a car. Manager scolds him for letting him go and not wasting his time, says there would be a big problems if Angad reaches his destiny on time.

Angad and Sahiba’s nok jhok continue in a cab. They reach destination. Sahiba asks him to go in while she pays money to the cab driver.

Angad reaches office vault and tells delivery man that he is Angad Singh Brar who has come here for diamond delivery with passcode and shows is ID. Delivery man says someone showed him Angad Singh’s ID and passcode and already took diamond delivery. Angad panics and gets angry on the man for giving delivery to someone else, he threatens to sue him and his company. Man presses alarm. Guards enter and hold Angad. Sahiba asks him what happened. Man says her husband has gone mad. Angad says this man says someone else took his diamond delivery. Guards throw Angad away.

Angad calls agent Malhotra via whom he ordered diamond and threatens to sue him for delivering diamond to someone else. Malhotra says they have proof that they delivered to him and says they will file case against him instead and disconnects call. Mysterious man is seeing receiving diamond showing ID and passcode and leaving in his car. Angad reaches hotel. Manager informs mysterious man that Angad and Sahiba have returned looking tensed. Man asks him to send Angad’s pic. Manager sends him pic, then walks to Angad and asks if he needs any help. Angad asks him about nearby police station. Manager asks for what. Angad says he can’t understand and goes to his room.

Manager brings police and says he is Angad Singh Brar. Inspector asks if he had dealt with African company for a diamond. Angad says yes, he was about to come to police station to file complaint against the company for delivery diamond to someone else. Inspector says usually in such big deals, people receive diamond and then deny it’s delivery to receive insurance amount and then sell the diamond in black market for a huge sum, so he needs to do proper investigation. Manager asks Angad to vacate the hotel as they have a police not to let a guest with police case stay in their hotel. Sahiba reacts, but Angad says they will leave. They walk out of hotel. Sahiba says she feels Sunny Sood took diamond delivery as everyone misunderstood him as Sunny. Angad refuses to buy her theory and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Manager calls mysterious man and says his work is done and thanks him for the money offered for the job.

Brars decorate house for diwali celebration and welcome Angad. Japjot asks Manveer if she made diwali arrangements. Manveer says yes. Seerat walks to Manveer and asks if she can help them as she also wants to be part of the celebration. Manveer asks her to stop her drama of acting good as everyone can sense it. Seerat insists. Manveer says Angad is coming tonight, she will welcome Angad and Seerat can welcome Sahiba. She asks Japjot not to spoil her mood because of these sisters. She calls Veer and asks him to pick up Angad from airport in the evening. After sometime, Manveer asks Veer if he didn’t go to pick up Angad. Veer says Angad says he will return home by himself. Inder says they all will welcome Angad in a grand way. Jasleen taunts them that Angad is not Ramji that he should be welcomed and celebrate diwali. Manveer says her son did a great job and deserves a grand welcome. Angad calls manager and asks if the insurance company approved his claim.

Manager says insurance company will investigate the matter first. Angad gets Veer’s call and tells Sahiba that family have found out about the diamond loss, he risked all his wealth for the diamond and is feeling guilty now. Sahiba says everything will be alright.

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