Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 13 December 2023

Strings of love 13 December 2023: Seerat asks Garry to clearly answer him what he wants. Shanaya asks what nonsense Seerat is talking. Pamela asks if he has any relationship with Seerat. Akaal says Garry’s silence says Seerat is right. Jaspal asks Garry to open his mouth. Pamela says she made a mistake by fixing her daughter’s alliance with Angad. Jasleen says its Sahiba and her sisters’ conspiracy against her son. Garry says Seerat is wrongly accusing him and is just trying to grab wealth from him and shouts at her to get out. Jasleen says her son cleared his point and asks Sahiba to take her sisters from there. She pushes Seerat away.

Sahiba warns her to dare not touch her sister and asks Seerat to expose Garry’s truth in detail. Seerat says Garry is the one whom she eloped with during her wedding with Angad. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Angad asks if she had mentioned Garry in her letter. Seerat says yes, Garry is the one whom she used to speak, etc. Jasleen tells Pamela again that Seerat is lying. Pamela warns her to dare not speak word now. Angad asks Seerat why didn’t she inform them before. Seerat says Garry was confusing her with a promise to marry her. Sahiba says Seerat gathered great courage to expose Garry’s heinous acts. Garry says why would he do that when Angad himself told him that he would back off if Garry likes Seerat. Sahiba says he wouldn’t have snatched Seerat from Angad and hurt her and asks Manveer if she knows why Garry did that. Manveer says Angad considers Garry as his brother, but Garry hates Angad and wants to humiliate him; she wouldn’t believe Seerat, but Sahiba is 100% correct.

Drama continues. Garry continues that Seerat is lying and tells Jasleen that the family doesn’t believe them, so they should go to dad’s house and complete engagement there. He holds Shanaya’s hand and walks towards door when Sahiba stops him and says he is unfit to marry any girl and asks Jasleen if she wants to listen to the list of his son’s sins. Garry challenges to prove her point. Sahiba leaves. Garry boasts that nobody can prove him wrong. Sahiba returns with reporter Sona and resort Manager Mallik. Sona reveals how Garry misused and abused her in lieu of making her business and life partner and how he gave her news during Angad’s wedding to defame Brar family, etc. Jasleen says these are fake evidences. Angad says he knows resort manager Malik and asks why did he like that Seerat alone booked a room in his resort.

Malik says he had to lie as Garry had threatened to get him out of job, there is a room booked in Garry’s name for 365 days of a year. Sahiba Angad had gone to same room in search of Seerat. Angad says he didn’t believe Sahiba then. Garry says booking a room is common and asks Angad not to believe her. Angad gets angry and slaps Garry saying booking a room is common, but spending nights with his fiance in a resort room is not common.

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