Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 13 December 2023

Faltu 13 December 2023:  Episode starts with Rajan asking where is that girl, call her friends and find out if she is coming, players aren’t coming because of holi. The guy gets a call and says tell Rajan that we are coming. Faltu says we should go there quickly. She gets the lady’s call. The lady says Ayaan came here to find you, I have lied to him, he was in tension and was asking for you, I didn’t tell him anything. Faltu thanks her. She says Ayaan came to chawl to find me, did he find me there. The guy asks her to focus on match. She rushes. The cricket academy selectors also come there. The other team players insult Faltu and call her a gold digger. Rajan says you got late. The man says she was ousted for trapping her coach, didn’t you see her viral video, her coach said she can’t play so she was taking a shortcut.

She says that video was a lie, give me a chance and I will prove my talent. He says we don’t trust you, you can become the 12th player, if you get a chance, then you can play. She begs him for a chance. Rajan says I can’t make her play and upset the team, I can’t take risk. She gets upset. The match goes on. Faltu says give me a chance, I can change the game in our favor. Rajan doesn’t listen and asks her to sit quiet.

Rajan scolds his team. He asks why are you playing so badly, you are getting me insulted. He asks Faltu to go and play. She asks me? He asks yes, go and play. He asks her to just go. She gets happy. He says it will be your last chance to prove that video was wrong, you are a good player, show them. She nods. She plays. The committee members see her and shout. They ask her to leave, she can’t play the m atch. Faltu says sorry, tell me why can’t I play this match, it’s a local tournament, not any academy match, academy rules won’t work here. Rajan says she is saying the truth, cricket academy rules won’t work here, we paid money and we can play here.

The committee members say we will let you play, we will give the rewards to them and leave, we won’t give much footage to this girl. They go. Faltu hits a sixer. Everyone is surprised seeing her talent. The team claps for her. Faltu continues the game. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. He says no one knows her, I was close to her, she had the cricket kit, where would she go today, she would be playing some match, some tournament. He checks the match details online. He sees Faltu playing the match well. The reporter praises her game. Tanisha stops Ayaan and asks where are you going. Savita asks him to say. Ayaan says I feel better, I have some urgent work, I will go and come. Tanisha says good, we planned something for you. Savita says she planned barbecue, you make it the best, you will make it for us. Harsh says amazing, it will be fun.

Ayaan says cancel this plan today, we will do it tomorrow. Harsh says everything is set, we will arrange all the things, just come and cook the food, Dadi and Govind are also coming, don’t break their hearts. Everyone claps for Faltu. She scores 50 runs in 18 balls. The man says she really plays well, she doesn’t need to do anything with coach to make her place. The other man says maybe she is saying the truth, someone made the video to defame her. She gets out. Rajan says you should have stayed calm and played well. She recalls Ayaan. The team members praise her. She thanks her. She thinks I m praised because of Ayaan, I wish everything was fine, Ayaan would have been my coach, and he would have got praised as well.

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