Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 12 December 2023

Strings of love 12 December 2023: Manveer asks Sahiba to take her sister from here as she doesn’t want to see her inauspicious face. Pamela is shock to learn that Seerat is Sahiba’s friend. Sahiba requests Manveer to let Seerat speak what she wants to first. Seerat walks to Garry. Hansraj taunts that unwanted DIL’s unwanted relatives gate crashed to have free food. Jaspal stops him. Jasleen asks Maveer to send Seerat from here as she doesn’t want any drama at her son’s engagement and calls security. Akaal stops her and says let Seerat speak.

Japjyoth stops him and says she doesn’t want any drama in front of guests and asks to find out why Seerat is here. Jasleen asks Sahiba to go away with her sisters.Seerat says enough of the drama now, she should listen to her son’s heinous acts. Garry shouts at her to stop misbehaving with his mother and get out of here. Seerat says she will not go without exposing his truth. Jasleen asks to send media away as its an attempt to defame her son. Keerat asks her to let everyone see her son’s truth.

Jaspal asks Garry to speak. Seerat says what will he say after betraying her. She reveals how Garry lured her and promised to marry her. Drama continues. Inder accuses Seerat of ruining Angad’s life first and now trying to ruin Garry’s life. Seerat further reveals how Garry fooled her with fake promises. Jasleen tells Akaal that he trusted Sahiba and she is trying to defame them. Sahiba asks if revealing truth is defamation and describes how she tried to show Angad his brother’s acts, but he wasn’t ready to listen to her. Seerat continues to describe Garry’s vile acts in detail. Drama continues.

Santosh panics after realizing that Seerat eloped again. Taiji tries to calm her down. Groom Karam and his baraatis ask Ajith to call the bride. Keerat calls Santosh. Santosh cries that Seerat eloped again. Keerat reveals that she brought Seerat out to shut the mouth of the people who insulted them. Santosh asks where are they right now. Jasleen says again its a drama to defame her son.

Keerat says she doesn’t know her son’s complete sins. Angad questions Seerat if Garry was the boy she mentioned in her letter. Seerat says yes and describes how she tried to commit suicide when Garry rejected her and how he lured her again to keep her mouth shut and trying to marry Shanaya now. Shanaya asks Garry if Seerat is telling truth. Sahiba says every word is truth.

Seerat says she left her wedding as her parents fixed her marriage to some other guy and asks Garry if he will marry her or not.

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