Faltu Starlife update Thursday 7 March 2024

Faltu 7 march 2024: The Episode starts with the family worrying. Faltu says Ayaan will get the money. Govind says it will be a big problem if he doesn’t come on time. Dadi and Janardhan are taken to OT. Faltu calls Ayaan. She says where are you… Ayaan fights the goons.

The goons hit him on his head. Ayaan gets beaten up. The goons snatch the bag from him. Ayaan falls on the road. The goons flee. Ayaan says my bag, I have to save my dad and Dadi’s lives. He faints.

Faltu calls him. The phone is fallen away. Faltu worries. Doctor asks the family to rush and arrange money. Sid asks Govind to take money from Tanu, its not the time to show ego. Savita says no, we won’t take help from Tanu and Kanika, Sid you cheated the family, Janardhan will never forgive you. The people help Ayaan and wake him up. Ayaan looks around.

He asks the people about the bag. He says Faltu would be waiting, I have to take money, where is my phone.

He borrows a phone and calls Faltu. He says her number is busy, everyone would be waiting for me, I have to reach the hospital. Faltu calls Ruhaan. Tanu cries and recalls everything. Kanika comes and asks her to have food. Tanu says my family is suffering, and you are asking me to have food. She gets angry. Ayaan comes to the hospital. He gets dizzy. Nurse says you have to come to the emergency ward. Ayaan says no, I want to go to my dad and Dadi. Ward boy informs the family. Savita worries seeing Ayaan. Ayaan says I have failed you, I couldn’t get the money, how will the operation happen now. Govind says it will happen, but who did this to you. Ayaan tells them everything. He gets fainting. Kinshuk says operation can’t happen if we don’t deposit the money. Ayaan says the goons snatched my phone, or maybe it fell down, give me your phone, where is Faltu.

Kanika says you are punishing yourself for their sake, and you don’t worry for me. Tanu says you go home, I don’t want to talk to you, how can you be my big enemy. She argues with Kanika. She says I don’t want to waste my time. Ruhaan says Faltu should have accepted my offer. Shanaya says she isn’t answering my call, I have to meet her. He says she will train you very soon. He sends Shanaya. Faltu comes to meet him. He asks her not to worry so much and just sit. She says I don’t know about Ayaan. He asks what is your decision, nothing will happen if you cry, will you play for Shanaya, don’t delay and tell me. She says my answer is yes, I beg you to save my family, give me money. He asks her to sign the contract, you can deny your promise later. She recalls her dreams and her family. She thinks of Ayaan. She cries and signs the papers.

Ruhaan calls and says deal is signed, transfer the money, no one should know about it. He says you can’t tell Ayaan or anyone about this, else you have to pay a lot of money to me, and your family will come on the road. She thinks how will I hide this from him.

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