Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Tuesday 5 March 2024

Radha Mohan 5 March 2024: In the cold storage, Radha is shivering while wondering what can she do now, she thinks she could not lose hope because if she dies today then Mohan jee would also die. Radha exclaims she has to remain safe and her Mohan jee would die each and every day, she thinks she would have to do it so cannot accept defeat.

Radha sees the card board box on the floor, she thinks she has to find some other way, Radha sees the duct tape so staring at the blower kneels to pick it up, she thinks she has to use it not like a tape but as a rope. Radha tries to cover her ear before pulling out the tape, she once again holds the blower outlet, not knowing that the base of the shelf is lose and might break free. Radha tries to hold the blower outlet with her hand while placing the tape around its edges, she keeps cutting the tape trying her best to cover it, Radha finally covers it so breathes a sigh of relief but the temperature has reached minus eighteen degrees.

Mohan is angrily walking when Radha stops him pleading that he should listen to her as she truly feels that Radha is in some sort of trouble as it has never happened that Radha does not talk to her for so long. Mohan blames that Radha has even made her like her, she is also a liar and actor. Kaveri exclaims this was the plan of Radha, she desired to use Gungun so Mohan would always believe her. Gungun once again requests him to listen to her as she is not lying, Ketki explains he knows how much Gungun loves Radha so would she lie to him, Ajeet also asks if he believes the tears of Gungun are false, while Radha also loves him so why would she irritate him. Mohan says it is because she feels good when he is upset, either be marrying him by force or the first time when she cooked and even when she came to stay with him in the room, he thinks it is enough as he will not to go look for her.

Radha seeing that the other blower is still open gets down from the shelf, she slowly removes the card board coves that she placed on the shelf to prevent her hands from sticking, she starts pushing it to the side which causes the bottom part of the shelf to become even more weak. Radha tries to keep her hands warm, she is slowly climbing to the top of the shelf which keeps swinging.

Radha finally manages to reach on the top of the shelf, she gets to the outlet which is blowing straight at her face. Radha is not even able to open her eyes, the nut from the base of the shelf is also about to come out while the tape that she placed on the first blower is also removed, the nut from the shelf finally comes out which causes Radha to lose her balance and she falls from the top of the shelf. Radha starts screaming from pain, she is shocked to see that the shelf is also falling over her, she is left stunned and so tries to stop it using her wrist however the shelf still falls over her, Radha starts screaming from pain, she is not able to stop crying but uses her other wrist to try and break free from it. Radha starts praying to Bihari jee for help, she mentions she knows Mohan jee would come to save her.

Mohan says he will not become part of the plan of Radha and vows that he will not come to save her. Radha meanwhile is only calling Mohan for help while being stuck in the cold storage.

Ketki says Mohan is making the same mistake, he asks what does she mean. Ketki mentions Radha told her everything about what happened in the office and even how he refused to believe her, she says he is doing the same thing, Ketki mentions she along with Ajeet will go to save Radha. Kaveri and Rahul both are stunned.

Mohan agrees but threatens however leaves to look for Radha should not come back to this house, Tulsi angrily calls Mohan. Ketki still agrees to his desires explaining she will go to the house of her in laws house, Mohan asks the same house which she left, he asks if she forgot how much she scolded them all. Ketki says this is his old pattern because he tends to say such things when he is angry. Ketki replies she still knows he does not think wrong for her and neither Radha whom he loves a lot, Mohan says he does not love Radha but Ketki replies he is telling a lie. Kaveri questions if she has lost her mind as Mohan just loves Damini.

Ketki informs Kaveri that this matter relates to their house so she should not talk, Mohan says it also implies to her and if she stop interfering in their matter hen it would mean the most, Tulsi asks why is he not able to understand that he is hurting the sentiments of those who love him. Ketki asks if Mohan made her a stranger in a single moment, she asks him to listen that she along with Ajeet will go to save Radha, even if he throws them out of the house.

Mohan angrily threatens to also remove the person from his heart and soul who go to look for Radha. He says whoever tries to hold any sort of relation with Radha will not be associated with him, even if it is either his sister or her husband. Ketki asks Mohan what is he saying.

Gungun questions if Mohan is also going to be angry with her if she goes with Ketki and Ajeet. Mohan scolds her however is stunned when Kadambari standing at the door exclaims it is enough.

Radha starts coughing while being trapped under the shelf, she requests Mohan to forgive her and even seeks apology from Gungun mentioning she tried a lot to save herself but was not able to do it. Radha starts breathing heavily but mentions this is what fate had in store for them and this is the end of her relationship with Mohan. Radha closes her eyes, thinking about her first meeting with Mohan and how he had always helped her, while she tried to improve his relationship with the rest of his family. Radha starts smiling recalling all of her memories spent with Mohan and Gungun but finally she loses her breath.

Kadambari questions if Mohan is in his senses asking what is he saying, she explains that Radha is truly in some sort of problem mentioning she does not want to know what Damini has done to Radha but just that she cannot be found. Mohan mentions it is all the plan of Radha since she is trying to use their emotions against them, Mohan says is a mother which is why she cannot see her cleverness, he says Radha is just trying to do all this so he accepts it and goes to office, but he mentions he will not accept her desire. Kadambari questions if Mohan is the one being adamant, asking what if Radha is in some sort of trouble. Mohan is forced to think.

Radha is not even able to breathe properly while the blood keeps flowing from the back of her head, she greets both Mohan jee and Gungun while breathing heavily. Radha’s hands finally stop moving and even she is not able to breathe properly while her eyes finally close, the Diya in the mandir also dies down. Mohan is forced to think while Radha stops moving in the cold storage.

Radha while being trapped is not able to breathe under the shelf. Mohan asks how would Radha be in any sort of trouble when it was all just an act, he says she just knows how to ruin the lives of other people and not anything else. Kadambari asks Mohan what if she is in a real trouble this time, Kaveri whispers to Damini that Kadambari should also be trapped in the cold storage, Damini angrily exclaims she will make sure Kadambari suffers a death after which she will wonder who did she confront.

Tulsi requests Mohan to place his hand on the heart, she is shocked after seeing all of the blood and wonders why is she seeing it, she prays to Bihari jee for help and holding her Mangal Sutur she is finally able to see the blood so screams the name of Radha.

Tulsi covers her eyes after seeing a
bright light and when she opens it she is shocked to see that she is in a spirit world and Radha is walking right in front of her. Tulsi yells the name of Radha but she does not listen to anything, Tulsi asks Radha how did she come here when she is the mother of Gungun and the wife of Mohan, informing she is her last hope to she keeps calling her but Radha does not respond at al so Tulsi is forced to stop her by holding her hand, Radha is shocked seeing Tulsi.
Gungun requests Mohan to come and look for Radha informing she is not lying nor acting at all, informing that Radha is actually in some problem which even her Grandmother is saying so he should listen to her. Kadambari requests her to listen to what everyone is saying because if anything happens to Radha then he would not be able to forgive himself. Mohan apologizes to Kadambari, but he refuses to go and search for her. Damini agrees with Mohan mentioning Radha has ruined his life and she wants him to always listen to everything that she says, Damini explains she does not feel Mohan should believe anything that Radha is planning.

Ketki angrily stands up asking has anyone asked for her advice mentioning she is always interfering in the matters of Mohan and Radha, Damini replies this is the plan of Radha and she has once again tried to blame her. Ketki mentions that only Damini knows how to force everyone to do her dirty work and there is no one more cunning in this house then her. Gungun asks everyone to stop fighting informing that they must search for Radha. Mohan says that he has said it and neither will he go to look for Radha nor let anyone else leave, Kadambari gets really tensed.

Gungun getting scared hugs Ketki informing that she is not lying and Radha is really in some sort of problem. Kadambari notices how Gungun is very scared when she informs that she believes her, she assures they are going to find Radha before hugging Gungun requesting her to stop crying. Kadambari also showers her love on Gungun trying to calm her down.

Tulsi informs Radha that she cannot die right now as the love of Mohan and the mother to Gungun cannot die. Radha asks Tulsi if she can see and touch her mentioning Tulsi was bound by the vow which Mohan forced her to accept. Tulsi replies because Radha is in the same place where she was all those years ago, meaning the place between life and death. Tulsi explains that Radha cannot die and has to go back because she is the reason for their smiles and happiness and they tend to have a beautiful morning just because of her, Radha recalls when Mohan jee was sleeping on the bed with her. Tulsi informs that when she died Mohan just go angry with the world but mentions if Radha dies then he would get frustrated with life. Radha recalls how Mohan informed her that he has a lot of bad memories from that office because he lost Tulsi there. Radha remembers when Mohan mentioned that he does not love Damini but only loves her. Tulsi explains Gungun is so young that she does not know the meaning of a mother and only has ever seen Radha in that position. Radha remembers when she informed Gungun she is her Yashoda Maa on the bus.

Tulsi touches Radha wen she feels her blood so gets shocked as she is able to find out that Radha is trapped in the cold storage. Tulsi is shocked seeing the blood so asks Radha if she got injured informing that she is slowly losing her life due to the head injury, Tulsi requests Radha to tell her where she is trapped.

Damini and Kaveri both are drinking alcohol, Kaveri praises that Damini finally succeeded in killing Radha but she is wondering if she dies due to happiness, she explains the biggest problem in her life is going to end. Damini questions Kaveri from where did she bring this bottle, Kaveri informs she stole it from the room of Vishwanath’s room because he does not drink anymore. Damini informs that alcohol has no expiry date, but she felt really good when Mohan stood for her in front of everyone and blamed Radha for everything. Damini explains that it would be the reason which will once again cause differences between Mohan and Gungun after which he would be left alone, and then she will act as his partner. Kaveri informs her to talk slowly as Tulsi might harm them, Damini informs that Tulsi would never leave Mohan and Gungun so will only protect them. Damini informs after today she is going to deal with each useless member, she will first deal with Kadambari and send her to a mental asylum while after that she will also send Ketki and Ajeet back to their own house. Damini plans to make Rahul as her driver while she plans to make Vishwanath as her cook in the day while the bartender in the night. Kaveri starts screaming when Damini asks the reason so she informs that Damini herself said she would enjoy with Mohan in this house. Damini assures that she would not let her mother leave this house, Kaveri gets excited so starts dancing.

Mohan angrily enters the room when Ketki and Gungun both come to him requesting that he should look for Radha, Gungun apologizes to Mohan for pranking him all these times but she assures that Radha is in some sort of trouble. Ketki explains to Mohan that he must notice how Radha is some sort of trouble. Kadambari coming into the room informs to Mohan that Radha is in some sort of problem. Mohan asks Kadambari why did Radha not call her if she was in any sort of problem but she only called him and Gungun, who then is forcing him to go search for her. Mohan mentions that it is all their plan to force him to go back to the office.

Tulsi request Radha to tell her where she is now, Radha replies she will not get a better chance explaining that Tulsi must tell her the truth about how she died, Tulsi however asks if she has gotten mad, but Radha is adamant to know the truth about Tulsi’s death. Tulsi then starts explaining the events of that night to Radha who is really shocked.

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