Lost in love starlife update Friday 26 January 2024

Ishan gathers students and asks Shukla to start video recording. He tells students that he called them to question about the ragging incident happened with Savi Chavan. He says he is shocked to hear that his students are wasting their time in a menace like ragging, he needs a honest answer from them and asks them to be honest.

He asks Savi to describe what happened yesterday. Savi says after classes, she was leaving for home with other students when Durva stopped her. She describes the whole incident happened and blames Durva and Ayush for ragging her with their friend’s support. Durva says Savi is lying, she left for home immediately after lecture. Avni and all other friends back her. Savi says Ayush tries to harass her, tried to touch her inappropriately, and tried to kiss her. Ishan is shocked to hear that and asks why didn’t she inform him yesterday. Savi says she was locked in a dark room and was in a panic state, so she just wanted to return home.

Ishan questions Navya and Kajal who say Durva and her team harassed Savi and they even saw Ayush heading towards Savi, but then Durva forcefully sent them away. Shukla says they frightened her with a fake ghost story and stopped him from checking class rooms. Ishan tongue lashes Durva and team for their cheap behavior. They all apologize and say they were just trying to befriend Savi, but Ayush never s*xually harassed Savi and she is just lying. Savi says they are lying. Ishan says ragging is a serious crime and says he will deduct 10 marks from year exam from all the students involved, but without any proper evidence, he can’t punish Ayush for s*xual harassment. Durva’s team apologize and walk away grinning at Savi.

Savi question Ishan if this was his justice, he easily spared them. Ishan says deducting 10 marks is a big punishment. Savi says they are from rich families and even deducting 10 points will not affect them. Ishan says he can’t do anything without evidence and he will wait till the other board of directors return. Savi asks him to think what he would have done if his sister Durva was harassed and then take any decision. She walks out of college. Durva, Ayush, and friends stop their car in front of her and verbally harass her again. He laugh that her complaint didn’t affect them at all. They threaten her to not spare her easily. Savi warns them of dire consequences and leaves from there.

Asmita and Shikha get out of the house for the temple. They learn that driver is on leave. Shikha says she knows to drive and insists Asmita to let her drive. Asmita agrees. Savi reaches Harini’s house and notices it locked. She finds her mobile missing and calls Harini from a neighbor’s call. Harini says she doesn’t know where her in-laws have gone and asks her to visit a doctor nearby and return later, maybe her in-laws will come by then. Neighbor offers water to Harini and says she would have let her stay n her house if she wasn’t going somewhere. Savi says it’s okay and thanks her for her help. She walks on street feeling drowsy. Anvi tells Durva that they should accept their crime in front of Ishan and apologize her. Durva warns her not to or else Ishan will restricate them from college and send them far away. She agrees to apologize though.

After visiting temple, Asmita wishes to drive the car home. Shikha encourages her. Asmita drives car and crashes it on Savi. Savi falls down unconscious. They both panic and decide to take her home.

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