Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 27 January 2024

Strings of love 27 January 2024: Angad wakes up in the morning and doesn’t find Sahiba in the room. He gets a call from his secretary Pam that international clients are arriving in some time. Sahiba reaches fine arts college and questions a support staff about admission who informs that she came at the right time as its a last day of form submission.

Sahiba stands in a que for form. Form finish when her turn comes. She requests form issuer to check if at least one form is left somewhere. He says she should try next year. She notices a form hidden under a file and informs him. He gives her a form. She feels very happy and calls Angad to inform him, finds his number not reachable, and enquires Pam about him.

Japjyoth reads news paper and informs family that their yesterday’s party news is all over the news paper. She says Sahiba managed the party really well. Akaal says Sahiba proved herself that she molded herself into a Brar DIL really well by saving Kiara’s dignity and rest of the incidents, its good that Menaka taught her a nice lesson yesterday. Japjyoth says if everything goes well, Sahiba will them her pregnancy news soon. Jasleen asks Seerat if she talked to Garry about having a baby. Seerat says Jasleen that Garry is not ready to become a father.

Sahiba returns home. Japjyoth asks Sahiba to have a seat and asks where she had been to. Sahiba says to get an admission form of fine arts college. Japjyoth asks if she heard right? Manveer yells that she showed her true colors again. Akaal says she is going against him again. Veer asks when Kiara can do her diploma in fine arts, why can’t Sahiba do her graduation. Manveer says Kiara is unmarried and her in-laws will decide if she will work or not after marriage, but Sahiba is married and they don’t want her to work. Veer requests Akaal to change his rules for the sake of new generation.

Akaal refuses and says Menaka humiliated Sahiba a nice lesson, even then she hasn’t learnt a lesson. Sahiba says Menaka spoke a bitter truth and make her realize that she should pursue her childhood dream.

Prabjyoth accuses Sahiba that she is jealous of Kiara and wants degrade her. Jasleen says Prabjyoth got it right, Sahiba helping Kiara was just a drama. Sahiba says Jasleen should write a script with her imaginative stories, she helped Angad and Kiara for her sake and not out of jealousy. Family continues to shout at Sahiba. Manveer burns Sahiba’s file. Sahiba is shocked and tries to set off fire with her bare hands saying she has her certificates in it. Angad returns home and seeing that asks Sahiba what is happening.

Sahiba says all her her certificates and hard work are in it. Angad sets off fire. Manveer says Sahiba wants to do graduation against Family’s wish.

Angad asks what is wrong it, he is surprised with their backward thinking while everyone are graduates here and Jasleen a postgraduate. Manveer shouts that Sahiba will work after graduation. Angad says they shall think about it later, let Sahiba complete her graduation first. He signs admission form and says he has his approval. Akaal yells at Sahiba that Angad went against him for the first time. Manveer starts yelling again. Angad says let us think about it late and let Sahiba complete her graduation first. Family stands fuming with Angad’s act.

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