Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 16 June 2024

Strings of love 16 June 2024: Sahiba tells Japjot that she and Angad were against each other always even after being together and her misunderstanding created distance between them, but she is trying her best to clear the distance between them and if god wills she will succeed. Japjot asks why she called her.

Sahiba says she prepared carrot and pumpkin soup for Angad as she can’t keep him hungry and wants something for his acidity. Japjot suggests her to give saunf/fennel seed tadka to the soup to calm down acidity. Sahiba thanks her. She hears waiter discussing with his colleague how he spied on Angad on manager’s order and saved manager. She confronts waiter who gets nervous and tries to leave. Manager comes there calling chef as Angad and says their chef’s name is Angad and he had asked waiter

to keep an eye on a new chef. Sahiba leaves with soup. Manager slaps waiter and says he managed the situation, but Sahiba got suspicious.

Sahiba returns to her room and sees Angad still feeling restless due to acidity. She offers him soup, but he refuses to have it. She says it’s a tasty soup with saunf tadka from Ludhiana. Angad asks if it came from Ludhiana. She says acidity has made him dumb, she prepared it in hotel’s kitchen. He tastes it and likes it. Manager fails to hear their conversation and tries to hear them standing at the door. Sahiba notices a shadow and opens doorr. She finds a man running away. She gets more suspicious and thinks if she shall share it with Angad or not. Next morning, Sahiba wakes up hearing a sound, sees men, and asks who are they and how did they enter her room. Angad says he had called them. Sahiba informs him about her suspicion Angad says she is overthinking.

Seerat visits a mysterious man and asks why he chose her for the task while he can choose someone else. Man sits silently. She refuses to do his work. He holds her hand and twists it. Angad and Sahiba go to hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. Waiter delivers them a gift parcel. Sahiba reads a note that it’s for the world’s best couple. Angad reads further that a man who identified him as Angad sent it. He gets angry and refuses to accept it, but Sahiba insists to keep it. Angad confronts her for mistrusting him and leaving him and then getting ready to sign divorce papers. Sahiba tries to explain.

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