Strings of Love starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

Strings of love 15 June 2024: Agastya gets busy over phone and notices Sahiba missing. Hotel manager fixes microphones in Angad’s suite. Angad asks waiter if he saw his wife. Waiter says no. Angad gets worried for Sahiba and calls her, but she doesn’t pick call. Manager asks him if there is any problem. Angad says his wife is missing. Manager asks staff who inform that Sahiba went towards beach.

Angad walks towards beach. Manager asks his aide to execute their plan. Angad finds Sahiba getting mehandi applied on her hand. He asks what is he doing here, he was worried for her. Mehandi artist asks Sahiba what name shall she write on her hand. An old beggar lady walks to Angad and says Sunny Sood. She tells Angad that he had promised last time to meet her when he revisits Mumbai. She asks if the girl

is his wife, she is very pretty. Sahiba says he is Angad Singh Brar and not Sunny Sood. Old lady her old eyes can’t mistake and walks away from there. Angad offers her money. Lady asks him why he is giving her money when he is not Sunny Sood. Angad says she called him a son and blessed him, so she should keep this money and celebrate diwali.

Angad and Shiba return home and are shocked to find a man already present in the room. Angad asks who is he. Man calls Angad as Sunny Sood and asks him not to joke, he learnt about his visit via his friend and came here; he can prank his other friends but not him. Angad calls manager and tongue lashes him for letting a stranger inside the room. Man introduces himself and says he is Sunny’s old friend and mentor and when he learnt about his visit in this hotel, he took access from staff saying he wants to surprise his friend. Angad asks the manager to get the man out immediately. Staff takes man away. Sahiba thinks if Angad’s face really resembles Sunny Sood.

Yash’s staff informs him that the doctor informed that Rumi’s condition is worsening and he is continuously blabbering Sahiba’s name. Yash says he will look at it. He gets Jasleen’s call who asks why did he call back. He asks why she is behaving restless like a teenager. Jasleen says they both have lost their sons and are alone. Yash says he had learnt to live alone years ago and he didn’t want to promise her and not meet. She says they can be at least friends and asks if he can have dinner with her tonight. He says he is busy tonight and can meet her for a lunch. She feels happy.

Angad feels acidity and fumes that any random person can barge into his room without permission, they will vacate this hotel room tomorrow morning. Manager hears their conversation over hidden microphone and thinks his boss will kill him if Angad leaves hotel. Sahiba tells Angad that he should have something. Angad says he got acidity after having spicy pasta and doesn’t want to have anything. Manager knocks the door. Sahiba opens door. Manager asks Sahiba if he can speak to Angad for a minute. Sahiba lets him in. Manager walks in and asks Angad if he is fine. Angad asks if he found out who let that man in. Manager says he found out that staff and removed him from work immediately. Angad says they are checking out in the morning. Manager requests Angad not to do that and allow him to serve better. He requests Sahiba to convince Angad. Sahiba convinces Angad. Manager walks out and thanks god that Angad agreed or else his boss would have killed him.

Sahiba tries to help Angad calm down his acidity, but Angad doesn’t and feels restless. Sahiba goes to hotel kitchen and prepares carrot and pumpkin soup for Angad. She calls Japjot and apologizes her for disturbing her at this time. Japjot says anything for Angad and asks if Angad is having acidity. Sahiba asks how does she know. Japjot says Angad gets acidity whenever he has spicy food. Sahiba hopes she also understand Angad better like Japjot. Japjot says it needs time and effort to understand one’s life partner and if Sahiba had invested time in staying with Angad and understanding him than going away from him. Sahiba thanks her again for disturbing her at this time.

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