My desire update Saturday 15 June 2024

My desire 15 June 2024: Arjun is locked in the cold storage room. The goon tells the other goon that if someone came from the guy’s family then it will be a problem. The other goon says we will be trapped. The goon says I will talk to Mahima. They wonder wy Kashvi didn’t come till now.

Kashvi reaches there and says there is no temple here, then why did that man called me. She shouts calling Arjun. The goon tells the other tell that she is our prey and says lets go and catch her. They come to her and ask if she wants to meet Arjun, then come with them. Kashvi gets worried and thinks if they have done something with him. She thinks to go with them, but be careful. They ask her to come with them. Kashvi goes inside the gate, when the goons who are posing themselves as guards, make her smell chloroform and brings her to cold storage room.

Dadi comes to Jagdish’s house and asks if I can do aarti. Jagdish says yes, you can do aarti. Mahima comes there with Nitya and asks where is Kashvi? Dadi says Kashvi is in the office. Mahima asks where you are staying and how you are? Dadi says you don’t need to act infront of me. Mahima says if there was someone of my age then I would have replied. Nitya says we shall do the aarti. The goons come out after locking Kashvi and calls Mahima, but she doesn’t pick the call.

The goon says Mahima will call seeing the missed call. He says Kashvi is unconscious, nobody can save her. Kashvi opens her eyes and thinks it is good that she stopped her breath and acted to faint.

She starts walking and thinks this is cold storage unit, why did they lock me here. She sees Arjun there and gets shocked. She checks his breath and heart beat, and asks him to come in his conscience, and says she loves him a lot and says I love you. She prays to God to save Arjun. Dadi does the God’s aarti and prays for Arjun and Kashvi’s union. Jagdish offers to drop Dadi. Dadi says she will go by herself. Mahima asks Dadi to tell her if she needs anything. Dadi asks her not to touch or talk to her. She says I am not Arjun to melt down with your sweets talks, and says you have spit poison already. She says today is Vijay Dashmi and I am sure that Mata Rani will listen to me, and your sweet poison will be over soon, Arjun and Kashvi will solve their misunderstanding and will unite, and your bad intentions will not succeed. She goes. Mahima thinks Kashvi will be dead and then Arjun will be mine. She thinks why did the goons haven’t called till now.

Kashvi rubs Arjun’s hands and feet. She asks him to take breath, and asks him to look at her. She thinks what to do, as his lips are turning blue with cold. Arjun opens his eyes, and then closes it. She thinks she has to give her body warmth to him, and removes his shirt and hugs him. He is still cold. Kashvi hugs him. Yeh Hai Chahatein plays….Nitya asks Mahima if they called. Mahima says their missed call came. She calls the goon. The goon tells the other goon that they shall tell about the guy whom they have locked there. The goon says after we get the money. He picks the call and says work is done and asks for money. Mahima says she will give the money in 1 hour. She tells Nitya that she will go and do her visarjan. She comes to the factory and is about to give the money to the goons. She says she wants to see Kashvi dying. They tell her that they have locked a guy named Arjun, who had come with Kashvi. Mahima gets angry and slaps him. He asks them to take her here. Nitya is about to take the key from the khetri, when Jagdish comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder.

She panics and drops the keys back. He asks if you are fine. She says yes, just tiredness. He asks about Arjun. Mahima asks the goon to stop the freezer and asks the other goon to open the door. They get inside and sees Kashvi and Arjun unconscious and hugging each other. Mahima is shocked and goes out.

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