Strings of Love update Friday 19 April 2024

Strings of love 19 April 2024: Angad tells Manveer that nothing happened to him, he wanted to spend some time alone and hence came here. He says he can’t change whatever happened but can keep himself busy; he doesn’t want to answer family’s question, so it’s better she leaves him here. Manveer asks why did she go to meet Sahiba who did so wrong to him.

Angad says it was his mistake, he shouldn’t have gone there. He asks Pam for the jewelry designs and scolds her for showing such poor designs, he asks her to contact designer and ask him to make designs of Brar jewelry’s standards. Manveer tries to speak. Angad asks her to stop requesting him repeatedly as he will come home whenever he wants to.

Manveer says he doesn’t want to stay in a house if Sahiba is not staying there, by the way if Sahiba’s lover sent her those flowers. Angad says he doesn’t know who sent those flowers, but knows Sahiba has nothing to do with it. Manveer asks if he trusts that girl so much. Angad asks her not to pester him that he says something hurting, so please let him be by himself.

At Sahiba’s college, teacher gathers students and informs them that they are sending 4 student’s painting for exhibition with renowned paintings and unveils selected paintings.

Sahiba is lost in thought while Rumi stares at her. Riddhi feels happy thinking her painting will be selected, but teacher selects Sahiba’s painting without her signature on it. Teacher asks whose painting is it. Sahiba lost in thoughts doesn’t reply. Manveer tells Seerat that she feels helpless seeing Angad in this condition and curses Sahiba. Seerat asks Pam that Angad would be staying at office for a few days and she should take care of his food, she will send Angad’s necessary stuff via driver and wants Pam to inform her if Angad tries to contact Sahiba or Sahiba contacts him. Pam says Sahiba is Angad’s wife, then why these restrictions. Manveer says it’s for Angad’s goodness and asks her to do as they say.

Teacher says if the painter doesn’t come forward, he will reject the painting. Rumi says it’s Sahiba’s painting and alerts her. Sahiba accepts it’s her painting and apologizes teacher for not signing it. Teacher congratulates her for getting selected followed by other while Riddhi gets jealous. Out of college, Sahiba’s friends tell her that she should thank a boy who alerted them and got her selected. Sahiba notices Rumi and thanks him. He talks to her nervously. She asks him how did he knew it’s her painting. She says she saw everyone looking around only she standing silently, so he realized it’s her painting. Sahiba says she has seen him somewhere before. He says he must have passed in front of her.

Sahiba asks how does he know her name. He says he got it from her classmate. Sahiba says he doesn’t seem to be from her class, which course he is in. He says he just joined a photography course, his name is Karthik and she can call him Rumi. She says just because she told him he got philosophical, he changed his name to Rumi. He says his mother calls him Rumi. Teacher walks to Sahiba and congratulates her, asks her to keep smiling forgetting her problems. Riddhi walks to Sahiba next and humiliates her saying she got selected out of pity as teacher learnt that she is being kicked out of Brar mansion, etc. Teacher warns her to not cross her limits and tongue lashes her for her shameless behavior.

He announces that he will select a few volunteer photographer students for a photo session of selected students. Rumi requests him to select him, clicks Riddhi’s photo, and shows it to teacher. Teacher selects him. Riddhi yells at Rumi for clicking her pic without her permission. Rumi says she should thank him instead and deletes photo, murmuring she is troubling Sahiba a lot. Pam arranges a photography session with models to showcase Brar jewelry designs. Angad rejects designs. Veer says he himself had selected these and now rejecting them. Seerat walks to Angad like a model.


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