Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 1 June 2024

Strings of love 1 June 2024: Sahiba informs Brars that inspector Gagan didn’t shoot Angad, it was Rumi who shot Angad; Rumi shot at her, but Angad pushed her away and bore the bullet on himself. Japjot says she can’t believe her children suffered so much.

Manveer says she knew Angad would be in trouble because of Sahiba like usual. Inder warns her to stop blaming Sahiba as it’s not her mistake. Seerat says even last time Angad got injured trying to save Sahiba from a fire accident. Yash is shocked to see Rumi’s condition and asks doctor what happened to him. Doctor says it looks like his mental condition is not stable, he can only say something after the reports are back. Yash asks why Rumi is handcuffed. SI Balwant says his son is charged with kidnapping and attempt to murder.

Mongas visit hospital and show their concern for Sahiba. Keerat notices Sahiba’s leg injury and asks what happened to her. Sahiba says Rumi had shot her, but right now she is worried for Angad. Manveer yells at Mongas that Angad’s condition is because of their curse. Ajith says he is not talking to her and tongue lashes her trying to get Angad remarried and ruin Sahiba’s life. He apologizes Inder, Akal, and Japjot for not trusting Angad.

Rumi continues to call Sahiba and hallucinate her presence. Doctor informs Yash that Rumi is suffering from severe psychosis where he is imaging Sahiba. Yash says he should have got Rumi treated long ago. Gagan walks in and informs Yash that Sahiba has accused Rumi of kidnapping her and attempting to murder and Angad. Yash says Rumi is a very calm and reserved boy and can’t harm anyone. He asks who is Sahiba. Gagan says she is Angad Singh Brar’s wife. Yash is shocked to hear that. Gagan asks if he knows Angad. He asks doctor if he can meet Rumi and take his statement. Doctor says he can’t as Rumi is mentally unstable. Gagan says that means Angad is in deep trouble as court will not accept Rumi’s stable.

Angad’s doctor informs Sahiba that Angad’s condition is stable now, he has lost lots of blood and needs rest. Angad’s lawyer returns and informs that he couldn’t get Angad’s bail as Rumi’s doctor pronounced him mentally unstable. Sahiba says Rumi is acting like he did before, she will meet Rumi and expose him. Lawyer says nobody can meet Rumi. Sahiba says Rumi confessed to have murdered a girl. Lawyer says police have caught Angad red-handed with the girl’s dead body and considers him a murderer. Seerat blames Sahiba again as usual for Angad’s trouble. Brars request lawyer to do something. Doctor informs Brars that they can meet Angad, but not to overstress him. They all walk into Angad’s room. Angad looks at them and asks about Sahiba. Sahiba walks to him. They both look at each other emotionally.

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