Strings of love starlife update Friday 31 May 2024

Rumi snatches SI Balwant’s gun and points it at Sahiba. He expresses his love for Sahiba and says he knows it’s wrong to love a married girl, it’s not his mistake that Angad came in his life before him, but he loves her more than Angad and if not in this world, he will live with her in another world. He shoots at her.

Angad pushes her away and bears the bullet on his shoulder and falls down. Sahiba rushes to him concerned. Rumi says he sent Sahiba to another world and will reach her now. He tries to shoot himself. Inspector Gagan pushes his hand away and says Sahiba is stil alive. Rumi continues to murmur that he and Sahiba are dead and they are in another world. Sahiba pleads inspector to take Angad to hospital as he is profusely bleeding. Gagan asks Balwinder to take Rumi to police station while he takes Angad to hospital.

He removes Angad’s handcuffs. Angad says as promise after finding Sahiba, he is surrendering himself. Gagan rushes Angad towards the hospital in his jeep. Sahiba apologizes Angad for not trusting him. Angad asks her to give him phone. Sahiba takes Gagan’s phone and calls Manveer.

Seerat serves tea to family, but they all refused to have it worried for Angad. Manveer gets a call from an unknown number. Inder asks him to pick it as it must be of Angad. Manveer picks call. Angad speaks. Family asks if he is fine and where is he. Angad says he wants to introduce her to someone and focuses camera at Sahiba. Family is shocked to see Sahiba alive. Inder gets happy while Manveer and Seerat feel jealous. Inder asks Sahiba where was she till now.

Sahiba says she will explain him later and informs that Angad is shot and she is taking him to City Hospital. Manveer as usual blames Sahiba for Angad’s condition. Brars head towars City hospital. Sahiba then calls Ajith. Ajith is shocked to see her alive. Keerat says they had considered her dead, only Angad was sure that she is alive. Sahiba says Angad suffered critical injuries trying to save her and she is taking him to City Hospital. Mongas head towards City Hospital.

Angad tells Sahiba that he reached her hostel to clear her misunderstanding and got trapped in Rumu’s crime. He collapses. They reach hospital, and doctor rushes Angad to the ICU. Nurse notices Sahiba bleeding. Sahiba informs that Rumi shot her leg, bullet touched her leg and escaped. Gagan insists her to get treatment.

Doctor’s try to treat Rumi. Rumi hallucinates Sahiba and runs out of his room. Balwant informs Gagan that they brought Rumi to the hospital for treatment, but he seems to be mentally ill. Brars reach hospital. Inder tongue lashes Gagan for not trusting Angad and threatens to get him punished. Sahiba informs that Gagan didn’t shoot Angad and it’s someone else. Rumi’s father already present at the hospital is shocked to see Rumi’s condition. Doctor injects Rumi and takes him back to hospital room. Rumi murmurs Sahiba. His father asks who is Sahiba.


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